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The US Says Immigrants Can Be Denied Citizenship Over "Marijuana-Related Activities," Even In States Where It's Legal

"Federal law does not recognize the decriminalization of marijuana for any purpose, even in places where state or local law does.”

Adolfo Flores • 53 minutes ago

"They Killed Us": Crowdfunding Sites Have Cut Off An Armed Militia Detaining Migrants At The Border

The militia, which detained hundreds of migrants at gunpoint, is accused of violating the crowdfunding sites' policy on the promotion of hate or violence.

Salvador Hernandez • One hour ago

A Militia Group Detained Hundreds Of Migrants At Gunpoint At The Border

"These individuals should not attempt to exercise authority reserved for law enforcement," said New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas.

Salvador Hernandez • 23 hours ago

A Record Number Of Migrant Families Are Showing Up At The Border Despite Trump's Crackdown On Immigration

Officials said more than 53,000 families trying to cross the southern border were apprehended in March, the highest number since records began.

Adolfo Flores • 10 days ago

"This Is Not Something I Would Normally Do": People Are Scrambling To Help As Thousands Of Migrants Are Released At The Border

Overwhelmed by an unprecedented surge of migrants released at the southern border, volunteers and nonprofit groups are struggling to provide the most basic help.

Adolfo Flores • 12 days ago
Adolfo Flores • 14 days ago

“It’s Hell There”: This Is What It’s Like For Immigrants Being Held In A Pen Underneath An El Paso Bridge

US immigration officials are holding hundreds of people in a temporary outdoor detention camp under a Texas bridge, where migrants are surrounded by fencing and sleeping on dirt.

Adolfo Flores • 21 days ago

Trump Falsely Claimed A Migrant Father “Admitted Blame” After His 7-Year-Old Daughter Died In Border Patrol Custody

“I think it’s been very well stated that we’ve done a fantastic job,” Trump said from his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Salvador Hernandez • 21 days ago

Trump Is Threatening To Close The Southern Border. Experts Said That Would Cause An Economic Disaster.

The president’s threat comes as border authorities scramble to deal with an increasing number of immigrant families and children at the border.

Adolfo Flores • 21 days ago

Migrant Families Are Being Housed Under A Bridge As The Border Patrol Chief Warns Of An Immigration “Breaking Point”

CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan announced 750 officers will be reassigned to the southern border.

Hamed Aleaziz • 23 days ago

Trump's Policy Of Forcing Asylum-Seekers To Wait In Mexico Has Been Blocked By A Federal Judge

The decision represents the latest in a string of federal court rulings blocking sweeping immigration changes instituted by the Trump administration.

Hamed Aleaziz • 11 days ago

A 40-Year-Old Mexican Immigrant Died In US Custody — The Fourth Death In Recent Months

The unidentified man died after being diagnosed with flulike symptoms, liver failure, and renal failure.

Adolfo Flores • One month ago

ICE Can Access Hundreds Of Millions Of License Plate Scans To Follow Immigrants, These Documents Show

The ACLU says the technology "fuels [ICE's] deportation machine."

Adolfo Flores • One month ago

The Trump Administration Is Banning Most Transgender Troops From Serving In The Military. Here Are The Rules.

A directive issued Tuesday gives transgender troops and recruits until April 12 to enlist in their preferred gender or receive a diagnosis of "gender dysphoria."

Adolfo Flores • One month ago

Immigrants Who Were Rejected For Asylum Have The Right To A Federal Judge Review, A Court Ruled

"It’s the first case to hold that asylum-seekers in the border area are entitled to their day in court."

Hamed Aleaziz • One month ago

The Homeland Security Chief Says, Without Evidence, Children Are Being Recycled At The Border

"I've never seen an actual case of it despite the government bringing it up several times," a migrant rights advocate said.

Adolfo Flores • One month ago

A Record Number Of Migrant Families Are Showing Up At The US–Mexico Border

“This increased flow presents, currently at our highest levels in over a decade, both a border security and humanitarian crisis,” the CBP chief said.

Adolfo Flores • One month ago

At Least Nine Infants Are Being Detained By US Immigration Authorities, A Complaint Says

Immigration advocacy groups say they've seen more infants in US detention in recent weeks than in the past three years combined.

Adolfo Flores • One month ago

Thousands Of Immigrant Children Say They Have Been Sexually Abused While In US Custody

Over the past four years, 5,859 allegations of sexual abuse involving unaccompanied immigrant children in US custody have been reported.

Adolfo Flores • One month ago

A Transgender Woman Who Sought Asylum In The US Was Deported And Killed In El Salvador

"If my ultimate sin is to investigate what happened to her, so be it," a friend said.

Adolfo Flores • One month ago