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A Cuban Asylum-Seeker Died Of An Apparent Suicide After Spending Months In ICE Detention

"He told me he was going to participate in a hunger strike because of the abuse he endured in detention," his wife told BuzzFeed News.

Hamed Aleaziz 4 days ago

A British Family Said They Were Detained In The US In "Disgusting" Conditions After Accidentally Crossing The Border

"We are in disbelief that a government would do this to human beings," said the 24-year-old British woman, who was detained with her 3-month-old baby.

Adolfo Flores 5 days ago
Adolfo Flores 10 days ago

Julián Castro Escorted 12 Asylum-Seekers To The US Border. They Were All Sent Back To Mexico.

"It's a disaster," the presidential hopeful said of a Trump administration policy forcing asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico. "People should not live like this."

Adolfo Flores 13 days ago
Adolfo Flores 16 days ago

Asylum-Seekers Are Trying To Flee Violence In Mexico. The US Is Sending Them Right Back.

Turning away asylum-seekers at official border crossings and sending them back to the country they're fleeing is against US and international law, immigrant advocates said.

Adolfo Flores 20 days ago

The Trump Administration Can’t Detain Immigrant Children Indefinitely, A Federal Judge Has Ruled

If the Trump administration’s new rule is implemented, it will likely result in thousands of families being detained while their immigration cases play out.

Adolfo Flores 24 days ago
Adolfo Flores 24 days ago

The Trump Administration Has Created A Central American Barrier For Asylum-Seekers With A New Honduras Deal

Honduras is the third Central American country through which asylum-seekers will first have to apply for asylum before appealing to the United States.

Adolfo Flores 25 days ago

The Trump Administration Signed An Agreement That Could Force Asylum-Seekers To Ask For Refuge In El Salvador

The agreement is the latest attempt by the Trump administration to decrease the number of asylum-seekers showing up at the US border.

Adolfo Flores One month ago

More Immigrant Children Are Dying At The Border As The Trump Administration Sends People Back To Mexico

A 21-month-old immigrant boy's drowning is the latest in a growing number of child deaths at the border.

Adolfo Flores One month ago

The Trump Administration Spent $33 Million To Keep A Child Detention Center Open That Doesn’t House A Single Child

A member of Congress expressed disbelief at the price tag to keep the facility running for what he called "invisible, imaginary, nonexistent human beings."

Adolfo Flores One month ago

A Teen Girl Forced To Wait In Mexico Under Trump’s Asylum Policies Nearly Drowned While Waiting To Cross

The near-drowning in the same waters where a father and his daughter died just months ago highlights the danger asylum-seekers face while forced to wait in Mexico.

Adolfo Flores One month ago

The Trump Administration Opened Secretive Tent Courts At The Border. The Public Is Not Allowed Inside.

“I don’t know any other word to describe this other than a sham,” a lawyer said.

Adolfo Flores One month ago

ICE Agents Shot An Immigrant Trying To Flee. Now The FBI Is Investigating.

The 39-year-old Mexican national was not arrested or charged with a crime after surrendering to the FBI.

Adolfo Flores One month ago

When The Trump Administration Separated Kids From Their Parents It Increased Their Trauma And PTSD

One medical director said separated children felt physical manifestations of their psychological pain and made statements like “every heartbeat hurts” or “I can’t feel my heart.”

Adolfo Flores One month ago

A Gunman Killed 7 People In Texas In A Highway Shooting Rampage

A white man in his thirties shot a police officer during a traffic stop, took off, and randomly fired at other drivers, wreaking havoc and injuring 22 people near Odessa and Midland, Texas.

Brianna Sacks One month ago

An Asylum-Seeking Mom Who Applied For A Special Visa For Victims Of Violence Is About To Be Deported Anyway

"I just want a chance. ... I'm afraid I'll be killed if I'm sent back to El Salvador."

Adolfo Flores One month ago

In A Rare Prosecution, A Border Patrol Agent Has Resigned After Pleading Guilty To Assaulting An Immigrant

Jason Andrew McGilvray pleaded guilty to one count of deprivation of rights under color of law as part of a plea agreement.

Adolfo Flores One month ago

We Asked Asylum-Seeking Kids Forced To Wait In Mexico What They Hoped Their Futures Would Look Like In The US

“In my country, it’s hard to dream like that. You have to leave in order to reach your dream."

Adolfo Flores One month ago