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Amy Schumer Responds To Anne Hathaway Taking Over The Role Of A Live-Action Barbie

Sounds like Anne is about to find out if life in plastic is indeed fantastic!

In case you didn't know, everyone's favorite 11.5-inch doll, Barbie, is getting her very own live-action movie.

Of course, filling those pink plastic shoes is no small task. So, in what seemed like a moment of genius casting, it was announced late last year that Amy Schumer would play Barbie.

Amy also made changes to the script, which revolves around Barbie being kicked out of Barbieland for not being perfect enough and being forced to live in the real world.

But a few months ago, it was announced that Amy was no longer attached to the project because of scheduling issues, and that producers were eyeing Anne Hathaway for the role.

Well, yesterday Amy took to her Instagram to sort of confirm the casting news in her caption and to support Anne in the most Amy way possible.