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39 Dressy Pieces Of Fall Clothing For When A Sweater Isn't An Option

Your college sweater = perhaps not appropriate for a dinner in which the phrase "prix fixe menu" is tossed around a lot.

AnaMaria Glavan 6 hours ago
AnaMaria Glavan 2 days ago

35 Cheap Things That Probably Belong In Your Amazon Cart

Brace yourselves for volcano science kits, butt masks, toothbrush holders, and wine aerators that are worth every single dollar.

AnaMaria Glavan 3 days ago

14 Of The Best Ice Cream Spots In NYC

It was excruciating on my sweet tooth to put this post together.

AnaMaria Glavan 3 days ago

33 Problem-Solving Products For Your Makeup Routine

Just think: clump-free lashes and no more raccoon eyes. *palms begin to sweat*

AnaMaria Glavan 6 days ago

37 Beauty Products Under $10 That Feel Like They Should Cost More

My love language = effective beauty products that don't drain my bank account.

AnaMaria Glavan 6 days ago

Here's How To Have A Perfect Weekend In Atlanta, Georgia

Biscuits, brews, botanical gardens, bicycle tours. Oh, and very tiny doors.

AnaMaria Glavan 7 days ago
AnaMaria Glavan 9 days ago

17 Airbnb's In Latin America You'll Probably Want To Book

Brace yourself for tree houses, infinity pools, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

AnaMaria Glavan 10 days ago

42 Magical Harry Potter Products You Can Get On Amazon

Let's take a walk through the muggle-friendly version of Diagon Alley, also known as Amazon.

AnaMaria Glavan 10 days ago

Brace Your Cheeks For Comfort Because MeUndies Is Having A Sale

You'll get 15% off extremely cozy undergarments and loungewear when you use our ~BuzzFeed exclusive~ promo code.

AnaMaria Glavan 11 days ago

37 Tips And Products To Help You Have The Best Trip Ever

Because you know what ruins a trip before you've even boarded your first flight? Unexpected baggage fees.

AnaMaria Glavan 13 days ago

54 Pieces Of Clothing That Are Oh-So-Perfect For Fall

Things that are perfect: crunchy leaves, the return of hot apple cider, and all fall clothing.

AnaMaria Glavan 13 days ago

29 Things To Wear On An Airplane So Your Flight Isn't As Terrible

Because itchy sweaters and uncomfortable denim shouldn't ruin the sheer joy that is an in-flight movie.

AnaMaria Glavan 14 days ago

If You Hate Being On A Plane, These 23 Products Just Might Help

What I need is for a teleportation device to exist because, frankly, turbulence is not ok.

AnaMaria Glavan 17 days ago

Time To Refresh Your Wardrobe Via This Amazing AllSaints Sale

Nothing has my heart quite like this discounted suede biker jacket does.

AnaMaria Glavan 19 days ago

13 Spooky-Themed Food And Drink Spots In The US

Eats and drinks more lit than the black flame candle.

AnaMaria Glavan 20 days ago

29 Cheap Things That'll Probably Make You Even More Excited For Fall

Sorry, I can't. I have a date with my pumpkin-scented candle and whatever Halloween classic is playing on Freeform tonight.

AnaMaria Glavan 28 days ago

21 Things From Walmart That’ll Help Keep Your Bedroom Neat

Paradise = coming home to a tidy bedroom.

AnaMaria Glavan 28 days ago