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    23 Quick And Affordable Weekend Trips You Can Easily Take From London

    Flights to Copenhagen for $27? I suppose I'll take it.

    One of the great perks of London living? Traveling throughout Europe is easy.

    Plane tickets are affordable and time spent en route is reasonable — which means you can spend three days in, say, Sweden without feeling like you've lost two days traveling.

    Below, we've rounded up some of the *best* destinations for a quick weekend (or long weekend) getaway.

    Just a note that the below prices are in USD and the trip times are approximate!

    1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

    2. Zadar, Croatia

    3. Zürich, Switzerland

    4. Copenhagen, Denmark

    5. Brighton, England

    6. Brussels, Belgium

    7. Valletta, Malta

    8. Stockholm, Sweden

    9. Bath, England

    10. Edinburgh, Scotland

    11. Seville, Spain

    12. Dublin, Ireland

    13. Berlin, Germany

    14. Oxford, England

    15. Paris, France

    16. Athens, Greece

    17. Barcelona, Spain

    18. Rome, Italy

    19. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

    20. Zagreb, Croatia

    21. Lisbon, Portugal

    22. Reykjavík, Iceland

    23. Prague, Czech Republic

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