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    42 Products That People With Fine, Thin Hair Will Probably Say “Thank You” To

    Show me the volume.

    1. A silicone-free L’Oreal lamellar treatment that makes good on its promise of shine, shine, shine. This banishes dullness in eight seconds flat, giving your mane all that lustrous bounce but thankfully *none* of the weigh-down.

    2. An Oribe texturizing spray considered a holy grail amongst the ~thin hair~ community. It's all very simple: Spray this on dry hair for an immediate root lift — and buildable, non-greasy volume will be delivered with just a few spritzes.

    before and after of a reviewer's hair with minimal volume and definition and then their voluminous, wavy hair

    3. Sexy Hair volumizing hairspray so you can run your fingers through your hair (*cue passage from Nicholas Sparks novel*) with confidence. This provides ultimate hold without making your mane feel stiff, meaning you won't hear a crunch whenever you adjust a bang.

    red bottle with black spray nozzle labeled "big sexy hair"

    4. A Nexxus clarifying shampoo because that 10 pounds of dry shampoo you used two days ago is still trapped in your roots. Trust me. It didn't exactly run away. This anti-residue wash deep cleans build-up that would otherwise lead to lack of body, excessive grease, and *gulp* stringiness.

    Front and back of the Nexxus shampoo bottle

    5. An Herbal Essences volume shampoo capable of delighting your tresses *and* nose thanks to the invigorating scent of mint and citrus. Not only does a blend of essential antioxidants, aloe, and sea kelp promote hair health and body, but it's also free of icky dyes, parabens, and aluminum.

    an orange and clear plastic bottle with black cap labeled "Herbal Essences white grapefruit & mosa mint"

    6. An Elizavecca collagen protein treatment, because our ends have more split than a banana sundae. This tames frizzy hair and delivers ultimate smoothness — all without weighing it down. Your tresses will look as if they've never even *heard* of hot tools and hair dye.

    7. Kitsch transparent coils so you can achieve that quick updo without wrapping a single hair tie around your thin ponytail a minimum of, oh, 10 times to ensure a strong hold. This ouch-less design won't tug at your hair and doesn't leave any dents behind, either.

    8. An R+Co paste with all the benefits of your favorite dry shampoo (grease = a true arch nemesis), but all the benefits of a styling paste!? It's truly ludicrous how well this works at tackling two problems: absorbing oil whilst adding texture.

    9. A Sun Bum leave-in spray that enlists the hydrating benefits of coconut and sunflower seed oil to give hair what it needs this right this second: MOISTURE. Not only will this counteract the drying effects of sun and chlorine, but it even works as a lightweight de-tangler to help your brush glide right through each thin strand.

    hand spraying a plastic brown bottle with yellow cap that says "Sun Bum 3 in 1 Leave In"

    10. A teasing brush with tourmaline-enhanced nylon bristles to pump up the volume and truly thicken each strand of hair. A bonus worth noting: The tapered handle makes fixing (or switching) your part into a seamless process.

    11. A Hair Dance powder dry shampoo especially great at vacuuming up grease and adding body sans any leftover chalky white residue. Pro tip: If you add some into your roots before bed, you'll wake up with a completely refreshed scalp that looks like it was shampooed five minutes ago ( opposed to five days ago).

    on the left, a person with bangs and on the right, the same person with bangs that look less oily

    12. A Moroccanoil foam mousse that is ~step one~ on your quest for more defined curls. This lightweight formula enlists the help of argan oil (v. rich in antioxidants) to fight frizz, separate curls, and add bounce. And it won't weigh down your hair! Volume and locks that would make Shirley Temple jealous are now yours for the taking.

    hand holding blue plastic bottle with white cap

    13. A Kenra finishing spray for a mega dose of volume, shine, and hold. Feel confident knowing that the hour-long session you had straightening your humidity-hating hair this a.m. won’t be in vain: This stuff truly holds every fine strand and flyaway in place.

    silver can with black cap labeled "Kenra volume spray"

    14. Revlon one-step blow dryer and styler so your bombshell blowouts can be "bing bang boom"-level easy. This tool will streamline your hair drying and styling process and give your do the volume you only thought was achievable in a salon chair. 

    on left, reviewer with wet, medium-length brown hair. on right, same reviewer with hair blow-dried and styled with the dual dryer and brush above
    reviewer photo of them holding the black and pink blow dry brush

    Promising reviews: "OH MY LANTA. PURCHASE THIS NOW. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. I found this on TikTok and saw the gal's review and had to buy it. I have thick hair and this dries my hair in less than 15 minutes. PLUS I don’t have to fuss with a straightener or a curling iron if I don’t want to! It leaves my hair so soft and shiny and gives it SO MUCH VOLUME! I recommend this to ANYONE I talk to about it. Seriously my favorite styling tool. Seriously so in love." —Sydney

    "How have I lived without this so many years?!?! I have long thick, frizzy, wavy/curly hair. Between 2c and 3a curl type. I love my curls and embrace them. However, it's nice to have smooth hair that I can run a brush through daily....A friend of mine has a more expensive brand of blow drying brush and loves it. However; I can't spend $100+ on a hair tool right now. I dug into researching blow drying brushes and naturally the Revlon one kept popping up. The first time I used it, I only put a heat protector on my hair. I didn't use any smoothing/straightening serums. I was BLOWN AWAY by the results. In 12 minutes I had smooth, shiny, perfectly voluminous, blown out hair. It was AMAZING. Since then I have always used a heat protector and a smoothing serum to protect my hair. And I spend about 15 minutes really working it to style. I'll be damned — it looks salon quality. Another great thing is on my no-wash days I can run it back through my hair to freshen it up in the morning. No more unruly or overly flat hair!" –Jill

    Get it from Amazon for $39.65+ (available in two styles).

    15. An eco-friendly Ethique shampoo bar that adds a ton of body to even the finest of tresses *and* just one bar equals three bottles of liquid shampoo. Volume combined with money saved and avoided plastic = my definition of bliss.

    16. An Olaplex bonding oil that uses green tea and grape seed oil to give your hair some lightweight hydration while *also* providing protection against the ☀️. This, my friends, is like sunscreen for your haircare routine.

    17. A Sexy Hair texturizing powder you dab into your roots, spread through to the end, and bam! You've got body. This instantly liquifies to provide both fullness and slight tackiness, the latter of which makes your hot tool (and style staying power) so much more effective.

    18. An Aveda daily treatment with a 98% naturally-derived blend that works to combat four types of damage (environmental, chemical, physical, and heat), all while reducing breakage by up to 90% in about a week. And we all know that breakage = not easy to conceal when you have thin hair that enjoys displaying flyaways for fun.

    one hand holding white and grey bottle with white cap labeled "damage remedy" while the other holds ingredients found within the product

    19. A Herstyler repair serum infused with argan oil, vitamin e, and aloe vera to tame frizz with a vengeance. It's also blissfuly lightweight, meaning it won't weigh down your mane *or* make it look like you're wearing a vat of grease.

    a before-and-after image of straight light brown hair with the picture on the right looking slightly more shiny

    20. A Verb volume spray that uses polymer seed extract, patented copolymer, quinoa protein, and soy protein to deliver strength and volume for a commercial-worthy mane; all you'll have to do is, well, spritz your hair. *patiently waits for royalty check*

    white and orange bottle labeled "verb volume spray" with spray nozzle

    21. A refreshing OGX treatment that uses tea tree leaf oil, peppermint, and witch hazel extracts to hit the reset button on greasy roots (aka, the natural response to an overly dry scalp). TL;DR: this treats your scalp to a ~facial~ that will strengthen your mane and allow styling products to take more effectively.

    22. A deep clean shampoo brush to stimulate circulation via silicone massage, which contributes to speedier hair growth and prevents excess oil build-up. If your thin hair has grown one centimeter since your 2-inch trim last year (I know that feeling well), consider this the shower staple you didn't know you needed.

    23. A boar bristle brush designed to evenly distribute all 👏 that 👏 oil 👏 from root to tip because oil at your roots = super flat hair. I'm pretty sure that any product capable of detangling and volumizing at the same time should be investigated for sorcery.

    person gliding brown boar bristle brush through mid-length brown hair

    24. An Amika hair mousse formulated with hair-plumping polymers for adding body, volume, and weightless hold. In English? It'll help your "I spent 45 minutes with a hot tool in my hands" style hold all day, whether that style involves tight ringlets or stick-straight strands.

    a colorful bottle of hair mousse on top of white and orange balloons
    before and after of a model's straight hair and then their wavy hair, looking fuller
    @amika / Via, Amazon

    Promising review: "Does what I need it to do. It doesn't weigh down my hair and it adds the volume I am looking for. I use about half the amount the can recommends and I get the same results. I like the smell, very light, not overpowering." –MGottis 

    Get it from Amazon for $12+ (available in two sizes). 

    25. Moroccanoil volume conditioner to plump 👏 it 👏 up 👏. This blend of Linden bud extract and argan oil restores fried ends with a vengeance, taming dullness and adding fullness with each and every wash.

    hand holding white bottle with white cap labeled "moroccanoil" in blue text on the side

    26. A WetBrush with OmniFlex technology, an ingenious design that conforms to your scalp to painlessly detangle your 'do. This slides through hair in a jiffy, saving you a ton of post-shower styling time — *and* it won't yank out what little hair you have.

    27. NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Oil Mist delivers stunning shine with a single spritz. Platinum fiber, pearl extract, hyaluronic acid, and grape stem cells say ~be gone~ to dull hair for a glossy mane that won't feel weighed down (even if you have thin hair). We love that "I got a trim" look without chopping off inches of hair.

    hand holding clear bottle of shine mist

    28. An Xtava diffuser for the most *chef kisses* defined curls of your life. This tool is designed with 360 degree airflow, which is just a fancy way of saying that heat is evenly distribute to dry each strand to perfection without causing any unwanted frizz in the process.

    29. Mini hair pins to give you the ballerina bun of your pirouette-packed dreams. Just one of these little pins can do the work of up to *20* hair pins, ridding the need of those excessive random pins that would otherwise just dig into your scalp. (Plus, it's a ~fancy updo~ that implies real effort and not a way to hide the fact that you, for example, have not washed your hair in days.)

    30. A set of L’Oréal Paris sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that strengthens and bonds hair (particularly for anyone with color-treated locks). This fortifies your hair and keeps it nice and happy so it’ll continue to grow without breaking or thinning.

    Set of L'Oréal Everpure shampoo and conditioner

    31. A bottle of 100% cold-pressed castor oil to intensely nourish your hair and stimulate growth. It also works great for lashes, brows, and skin, so it’s safe to say this could revolutionize your entire self-care routine.

    32. biotin-rich shampoo and conditioner set designed for all hair types, from thin and oily to thick and frizzy. The formula of natural botanicals work together to increase thickness and volume, so you can rock your bounciest do to date - naturally!

    reviewer before and after of a bald spot on their head and their hair grown out
    the bottles of shampoo and conditioner

    Promising review: "Amazing product! The best I have tried this far! Shampoo and conditioner have spirulina agent in it which is very good for regeneration and growth of anything, in this case — hair. I absolutely love the smell this product leaves - not overpowering and modern, if I may say. The texture of shampoo and conditioner is high quality. This set is for any type of hair and fits me just great! After drying, I can feel my hair is not overworked with chemicals and doesn’t feel dry or freeze at all!!! It leaves my hair shined and super soft!! I am really impressed and this is my fav product so far and I decline to use anything else." –Luba

    Get the set from Amazon for $26.99.

    33. A pre-wash treatment oil formulated with clean, vegan ingredients, including Indian super-ingredient ashwagandha to strengthen your hair and combat thinning, dryness, and damage. This holistic blend will do your hair a whole lotta good.

    bottle of the pre-wash oil surrounded by botanicals
    before and after of a model's messy to sleek hair using the oil

    Promising review: "Smells amazing!! Makes your hair feel so soft and healthy! Improved growth, scalp health, and thickness! LOVE IT!" –