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    Posted on Jul 26, 2017

    The Men Of "Grey's Anatomy" Ditched Their Scrubs And Honestly Hot Damn

    Take me out to the ball game.

    It's hard to imagine the hot doctors on Grey's Anatomy wearing anything other than scrubs and lab coats...

    ABC when they threw out the first pitch at last night's Seattle Mariners game, I had to do a double take. Because, DAMNNNNNNN they look good in baseball uniforms.

    Ben Vanhouten/Seattle Mariners

    That's Justin Chambers, Jason George, Jesse Williams, and Kevin McKidd.

    Honestly, I'm pretty sure all Grey's fans are thinking one thing right now... PLAY BALL!

    #42 played for everybody #heroesneverdie #jackierobinson #mariners #seattle #greysanatomy @GreysABC

    I mean, these guys know how to play the field, amirite?!

    Ben Vanhouten/Seattle Mariners

    Okay, I'm out of thirsty baseball puns so I'll leave you on this perfect Boomerang of Jesse Williams in his uniform. Have a great day!

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