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Energy Secretary Rick Perry Is Quitting After Being Subpoenaed In The Impeachment Probe

Perry played a key role in US–Ukraine relations and is now a person of interest in the Congressional impeachment inquiry.

Zahra Hirji 2 days ago

Facebook Said Politicians Can Lie In Ads. It's Taking Down Ads From Warren, Biden, And Trump For Other Reasons.

A BuzzFeed News examination found that in the first half of October, the social network has canned more than 160 ads from Biden, Warren, Sanders, Steyer, and Trump for breaking rules around profanity and fake buttons.

Ryan Mac 4 days ago

The Sunrise Movement Is Building An Army In The Early 2020 States

“Our top priority is to build an army of young people to elect a candidate in the caucuses who will be a champion of the Green New Deal,” said one organizer.

Zahra Hirji 18 days ago

Teenage Girls Are Leading The Climate Movement — And Getting Attacked For It

A new movement of teenage climate activists — most of whom are girls — are getting dragged, doxed, hacked, and harassed online.

Zahra Hirji 24 days ago

Greta Thunberg Delivered A Powerful Speech And Then Shot Trump A Death Stare At The UN Climate Summit

"You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words."

Ellie Hall 26 days ago

Millions Of Young People Around The World Are Leading Strikes To Call Attention To The Climate Crisis

Students skipped school, made signs, and took to the streets in more than 3,600 planned strikes around the globe, part of a huge youth-led movement to protest inaction on climate change.

Zahra Hirji One month ago

“This Is The Time To Wake Up”: Greta Thunberg Just Called Out Congress On Climate Change

Thunberg called out the US, the largest historical emitter of greenhouse gases, for its intention to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

Zahra Hirji One month ago

Democratic Presidential Candidates Are Embracing Bigger Ideas To Tackle The Climate Crisis Than Ever Before

Vowing to keep the US in the Paris agreement is “the cost of entry” into the Democratic presidential race.

Zahra Hirji One month ago

Google Is Promoting Climate Change Denialism On Its Apps And Mobile Homepage

“Google is aiding and abetting the promulgation of climate science misinformation.”

Ryan Mac One month ago

This Is What You Should Watch For In The First-Ever Climate Crisis Presidential Town Hall

Each of the top 10 candidates will have 40 minutes to talk exclusively about the climate crisis.

Zahra Hirji One month ago

Pete Buttigieg Wants To Make Solving The Climate Crisis “A National Project”

“I’ve seen what happens if we don’t act, and I’m determined to make sure Americans understand this isn’t just a coastal issue, and it’s not a distant issue only — this is a nationwide issue,” Buttigieg said.

Zahra Hirji One month ago

These Scientists Know How Bad The Amazon Fires Could Get. They Saw It Burn 20 Years Ago

“I’ve just tried to tell them the story — it’s a bad year,” one expert said. “This is what happens when deforestation gets out of hand.”

Zahra Hirji One month ago

The DNC Voted Against Holding A Climate Debate, Despite Top Candidates’ Support For The Idea

The contentious vote comes after presidential candidates overwhelmingly endorsed the debate and young activists rallied for one at Democratic National Committee offices nationwide.

Zahra Hirji One month ago

Bernie Sanders’ Sweeping Plan To Address Climate Change Will Cost $16 Trillion

Sanders calls for a ban on fracking, mountaintop removal coal mining, and imports and exports of coal, oil, and natural gas.

Zahra Hirji One month ago

Jay Inslee Is Ending His Climate Change–Driven Campaign For President

Inslee leaves the race after elevating climate change issues in the primary, despite not cutting through in polling himself.

Matt Berman One month ago

Climate Change Is Triggering More Heat Waves, Droughts, And Crop Yield Declines, Study Says

“The temperature over land is warming at twice the speed of the global average,” one scientist said.

Zahra Hirji 2 months ago

After Being Harassed And Pushed Out Of A Shell Oil Refinery, This Woman Pushed Back

Ciara Newton had her dream job at a Shell refinery. But she was fired after enduring months of harassment, including sexist comments from supervisors and a lewd sticker.

Zahra Hirji 2 months ago

Trump’s EPA Picked Science Advisers By A Secret Process

There are more industry members and fewer academic experts on the EPA’s main science review board since Trump took office, according to a government watchdog report.

Zahra Hirji 3 months ago

Climate Change Is Making Hurricanes Like Barry Wetter And More Dangerous

Barry’s rain threat is no surprise to climate researchers, who say that the warming of the planet has contributed to the costliest hurricanes in US history.

Zahra Hirji 3 months ago