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    19 Clever Products That'll Make You Say "Why Didn't I Invent That?"

    Such simple (but very annoying) problems, such simple solutions.

    1. A buckle-free belt designed to hold up your pants without digging into your belly button. Hooray!

    2. A cookie dipper to prevent you from dropping an Oreo into the bottomless pit that is a full glass of milk.

    3. Fast Flats small enough to stick in your purse. Goodbye, painful heels. Have fun in hell.

    4. A dessert decorator guaranteed to transform you into the next Betty Crocker. Frosting cupcakes will become a breeze.

    5. A drain protector designed to prevent clogs by catching all the hair in your shower. Basically, it's your bathroom bodyguard.

    6. Moldable glue to save the poor technological souls in your home. This is perfect for fixing frayed wires.

    7. A before-you-go toilet spray to keep your loo from smelling like poo.

    8. An overflow drain cover that'll give you a deeper bath. Now excuse me while I run to Lush and buy 17 bath bombs.

    9. An auto shut-off outlet designed to ease all "did I turn off my straightener?" fears and panics.

    10. An ingenious hanger sent to us by the home improvement gods: You'll finally have a place to store all those tank tops.

    11. An egg separator for people who can't seem to bake without finding an egg shell in the mix...

    12. A set of suspenders to keep your sheets in place. No more sleeping in a tangled mess!

    13. A magnetic measuring spoon you'll actually be able to locate when you need it. Hooray!

    14. A handy-dandy ring to transform your finger into a beer bottle–opening savior. Probable scenario below.

    15. An earphone winder to prevent your headphones from getting tangled in the uncharted territories of your purse.

    16. Shaper inserts for boots that are made to stand up straight in your closet. And that's just what they'll do, damnit.

    17. A clever bracelet to hide your most prized possession. Because honestly? Hair ties look pretty terrible on their own.

    18. An all-in-one polish that applies the base coat, color, and top coat with just one swipe. Basically, it's a bottle of magic.

    19. A mount stand perfect for long, luxurious Neflix binges in your bathtub. Because Netflix in bed is so yesterday.

    My reaction to all of these products.