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    15 Of The Best Bath Bombs You Can Get On Amazon

    Fill up that tub, ASAP.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A 12-pack of bath bombs so pretty, you might have a hard time actually using them in the bath, because it'll break your heart watching these gorg babes fizzle away. Don't worry, you can always order more!

    the 12 bath bombs in various colors nestled into a box

    2. A three-pack of Pokémon bath fizzers with a toy inside for the cutest (and genius, TBH) bath bomb concept you ever did see.

    three pokeball bath bombs in pink, red, and blue

    3. An eight-pack of macaron fizzies to help you have a relaxing AF bath, although they might make you kinda hungry. So get yourself some REAL macarons to snack on while you're in the tub.

    eight multicolored macaron bath bombs on a table

    4. A 10-pack of gorgine galaxy-looking bath bombs that'll help transport you to another world — one where stress and real-life responsibilities do not exist.

    5. An eight-pack of fizzies as a perfect gift for the kiddo or teen in your life who enjoys pampering themselves. Cheers to the fab people who know how to practice some at-home spa treatments at an early age!

    6. A birthday cake bomb to get if it's your birthday, a friend's birthday, a family member's birthday, or if you just freaking love birthday cake, damnit.

    a pink birthday cake bath bomb with rainbow sprinkle decorations

    7. A 12-pack of bath bombs with 12 candles that'll make for the ultimate relaxation experience. All you gotta do is sit in the tub, grab a book or perhaps a glass of wine, and CTFO.

    8. A lavender bath bomb with a ring surprise in the middle for those who are ready to take the next step with their one true love, bath bombs. Don't worry, the fizzer will do the proposing.

    a bath bomb wrapped in purple foil next to a ring

    9. A 10-pack of assorted fizzers with a free bar of handmade soap to seriously spice up your bathroom — sorry, is this a five star spa or your restroom? I can't tell.

    assorted multicolored bath bombs in a bowl

    10. A four-pack of colorful bath bombs that'll make you fall in love with how pretty they make the bath water look. You're never going to want to unplug the drain.

    11. A black bath bomb with gold glitter you may think is gonna be a nightmare clean-up job, but according to reviewers, it's not at all. So go ahead and buy five, WE KNOW YOU WANT TO!

    12. A six-pack of bath fizzies in a pretty gift box for showing your loved ones how much you care about them by giving them an excuse to tune you out for like, a half hour. Just kidding, you could easily gift these to yourself and enjoy a half hour away from them.

    13. A set of kid's bath bombs that'll put a smile on their face when they realize these fizzers with delish names have surprise toys in the middle.

    assorted multicolored bath bombs

    14. A 50-pack of bath bombs so you can stock up on ALL the bath bombs at a great price. For real, at this price, each is about a dollar. Hellz to the yeah.

    15. A bath bomb making kit to get if you're a DIY-loving human who'd rather get crafty and make 12 of your own, rather than buy them. Plus, this is supes fun!

    the bath bomb kit

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