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    Posted on Jul 26, 2017

    These Are The Back-To-School Trends People Are Pinning Like Crazy

    How many of these have you pinned?

    Huzzah! Pinterest just released its annual Back-to-School Report, which shines a light on the most popular back-to-school trends on the site.


    Pinterest's Pinsights team compiled the data by analyzing searches and saves related to back-to-school content.

    So what back-to-school stuff are people most interested in this year? Here are 12 of the year's top trends:

    1. Pre-planning outfits for the week has been searched and saved a lot — up 47% over last year!

    Organize your kid's outfits for the week on Sunday night and you'll have one less thing to think about in the morning rush.

    2. Hair accessories organization and bow holders — like the one below — are up 20%.

    Little barrettes, little hair ties, little headbands = big mess. Organize them!

    3. Drop zones for your kids' stuff — like this garage mudroom — are up 48% over last year.

    Keep your kids' school stuff from cluttering up your entryway.

    4. Painted rocks may sound kind of random, but they're up 220%!

    Your kids will love making painted rock paperweights for their homework desk, and likely increase their enthusiasm for the new school year in the process!

    5. Scrabble tiles — up 73% over last year — are being used for a lot of back-to-school activities (like this magnet board).

    Your kids can shake off the summer brain drain — and learn some new words.

    6. Breakfasts to go — like these egg muffin cups (which are up 40% over last year) — are getting Pinned left and right.

    These are great when you're in a hurry because they can be eaten on the way to school. Other popular on-the-go breakfasts include energy balls ( up 24%) and yogurt bark (up 27%).

    7. School lunches in a pocket — like these drool-worthy taco pop tarts — are up 47% over last year.

    Take your kids' favorite foods and put them in less messy pocket-form. You can find the recipe for taco pop tarts over at Babble.

    8. Lunch kabobs — up 67% — are another much-searched alternative to the usual school lunch.

    Forget the boring sandwiches and put the basics on a stick. No bread is required, which means you don't have to cut off the crust (you're welcome).

    9. Pizzadillas are also popular — up 77%!

    What kid wouldn't want a pizza/quesadilla mashup in their school lunch (or for dinner)?

    10. Car activities — like this word building travel kit — are also popular this year (up 50%).

    Car games don't have to be reserved for long road trips. They can get your child's mind warmed up for class, and take your mind off traffic.

    11. Stress-relieving thinking putty is up 55% over last year.

    Forget the fidget spinners — make thinking putty!

    12. Finally, child meditation and yoga are up 25%.

    Meditation and yoga can help anxious children adjust to the new school year and even improve their grades. You can introduce your child to mindfulness with guided meditation or calm-down yoga.

    Check out Pinterest's Back to School 2017 board for more fun back to school ideas.

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