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These Are The Back-To-School Trends People Are Pinning Like Crazy

How many of these have you pinned?

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Huzzah! Pinterest just released its annual Back-to-School Report, which shines a light on the most popular back-to-school trends on the site.


Pinterest's Pinsights team compiled the data by analyzing searches and saves related to back-to-school content.

So what back-to-school stuff are people most interested in this year? Here are 12 of the year's top trends:


6. Breakfasts to go — like these egg muffin cups (which are up 40% over last year) — are getting Pinned left and right.

These are great when you're in a hurry because they can be eaten on the way to school. Other popular on-the-go breakfasts include energy balls ( up 24%) and yogurt bark (up 27%).


8. Lunch kabobs — up 67% — are another much-searched alternative to the usual school lunch.

Forget the boring sandwiches and put the basics on a stick. No bread is required, which means you don't have to cut off the crust (you're welcome).