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Let's Settle This Debate Once And For All: How Do You Pronounce "AF"?

Honestly, I'm confused AF right now.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past five years, you're probably familiar with the term "AF".

It stands for "as fuck" in case you actually were living under a rock and didn't now that.

If you're an avid BuzzFeed reader, you probably know that it is used A LOT here.

It's used a lot on Twitter, too.

Here's the problem though — HOW IS "AF" PRONOUNCED?

Some people pronounce it by saying the individual letters "A" and "F" instead of saying it like a word.

Others literally say "Af" which sounds like the beginning of "afro".

Twitter users have been talking about this for a while. Many have created polls to survey opinions.

How would you pronounce “af” if saying it aloud? Ex: “Same af” or “Relatable af”

People have turned to Reddit...

They've resorted to Yahoo Answers...

It's even discussed on Urban Dictionary...


Thank you for participating in this scientific survey.

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