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June 1, 2010

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Pick your poison. Either way, the party's probably ruined.

Brangelina gets closer and closer to a real-life imitation of Cheaper By The Dozen.

A cochlear implant (CI) is a relatively new technology that's given thousands of profoundly deaf individuals the ability to hear. There's controversy about this procedure within the deaf community, but it's pretty amazing to watch the experiences of people hearing for the first time after a successful CI activation. Here are nine. (Inspired by Veronica's post.)

I love me some Granny Biebs.

Pretty damn accurate.

So, so scary.

"I KNOW Sailor Moon is for kids, that's why I'm going to the playground now..."


Duh guys. Miley's like totally too cool for Glee.

Celebs going to the gym together... cute!

Were the old ones not?

Or, like, 300 of them.


Breakfast is scary.

The 80s were much cooler when they were THE FUTURE!

Japanese apparel maker Onward Kashiyama had staffers arrange 2,700 polo shirts in 24 colors into a portrait of Vincent Van Gogh.

Or really anyone except Madonna.


Your mom was right about holiday weekend drunk-drivers.

American Idol ruins lives.

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