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June 1, 2010

Miranda Kerr: Topless and Making Out with a Nun

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Sorority Girls Trash Ballroom

I mean, not to take the side of the bad guys here, but that does sound like a pretty memorable party. ... (The art center is seeking $47,000 in damages.) (From, via.)

9 People Hearing For The First Time

A cochlear implant (CI) is a relatively new technology that's given thousands of profoundly deaf individuals the ability to hear. There's controversy about this procedure within the deaf community, but it's pretty amazing to watch the experiences of people hearing for the first time after a successful CI activation. Here are nine. (Inspired by Veronica's post.)

Grandma Bieber

I love me some Granny Biebs.

Miley Cyrus Comes Forward as a 'Glee' Hater

Duh guys. Miley's like totally too cool for Glee.

If Only the 80s Had Been Like This

The 80s were much cooler when they were THE FUTURE!

Portrait of Vincent Van Gogh Made Out of Polo Shirts

Japanese apparel maker Onward Kashiyama had staffers arrange 2,700 polo shirts in 24 colors into a portrait of Vincent Van Gogh.

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