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June 27, 2010

Karaoke with Guns

A hauntingly beautiful rendition of Lionel Richie's "Hello," performed with an AK-47.

Kim Kardashian Wears Tight Spandex

They say that spandex is butt-enhancing.


Here's the awesomely bizarre trailer for a Greek movie that came out this weekend.

A Tragic Case of Horse-Humping

A mounted horse tries to mount another mounted horse. Shrieking ensues.

Facebook Photo of Baby with Bong Sparks Outrage

I've seen worse things on the internet.

Jimmy Kimmel & Jersey Shore Cast in 'Friggin Twilight'

Jimmy Kimmel aired a spoof of Twilight called The Jersey Shore Saga: Friggin' Twilight.

$196,000 Pedestrian Crossing Unusable

This is in Britain, where no one knows how to walk or drive anyway.

Oprah May Have Rigged Votes against Zach Anner

New rivalry! Which team are you on?

World Cup Soccer as Played by Cats

That cat is an AMAZING goalie.

Bathtub Carved from a Single Slab of Quartz

The ultimate in luxury, basically.

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