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June 29, 2010

Alice Eve Is Cast as Emma Frost: Let the Drooling Commence!

She's hot, she's British, and she can act.

Today Is Caps Lock Day


Retail Rage

Giving a new meaning to the word WHY? Either this guy's a shopping addict or he's just having a REALLY bad day. I hope it's the latter.

Playdoh Porn

BLUE: An Erotic Life is a stop motion narrative created by Parsons' student Tibo Charroppin about the life and times of a blob of clay dealing with chronic sexual addiction.

Hello Kitty Mini Pizza

Hello Pizza.

30 Crazy Playing Card Constructions - Urlesque

The latest viral buzz from

Hipster Fashion Cycle

Trends come and go, but according to this graph we will never be lucky enough to get rid of American Apparel ads or tacky hipster headbands. They'll haunt us for years to come.

Report: Bullock-James Divorce Finalized

When lovely woman stoops to folly and paces about her room again, alone, she smoothes her hair with automatic hand, and puts a record on the gramophone.

Horse Boy on Google Street View

Horse Boy is all up in your Street View. Be very afraid.

How Long Is the Best Sex? Seven Minutes

According to a new study, the perfect amount of time for sexual intercourse is only 7 to thirteen minutes long.

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