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June 7, 2010

The Case For Mars

The sixth installment in the wonderful Symphony of Science (Carl Sagan autotuned) music series.

Titantic Sequel is Now Casting Actors

This could be the single greatest movie ever made. (

Alicia Keys, and Her Lovely Baby Bump

She's in an Infant State of Mind

Historic LOLs

Even before the internet, there were LOLs. (via:Cheezburger)

"Like, OMG Baby" Mashup

DJ Earworm, the man behind the United States of Pop 2009, is back with an awesome mashup for summer.

The Art of Pancakes

This is fantastic! I thought it was cool when my mom made initial pancakes when I was a kid, but this tops it. Jim has now raised the bar for dads everywhere. You can check out more of Jim's creative pancake art here.

Keyboard Cathy and Her Orgasmic Sashimi

Is this cool, or just weird?

The Best of Science Fiction Movies

The Rotten Tomatoes Show celebrates science fiction.

Top 10 Strongmen

AKA the top 10 bad asses in history.

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