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June 17, 2010

Another Katy Perry Upskirt

California Gurls Edition.

Tell Someone

Who better to encourage children to turn on their abusive parents than a trio of creepy hell-puppets? (Via.)

Gospel Shoes

If I were Jesus I’d be a little disappointed in my line of shoes.

Dog Hates Being Flipped Off!

At least this is more reasonable than hating kisses.

Immortal Dog

Ever wish your dog was IMMORTAL?

Possessed Cat Sings

It sings! and It's way better than Justin Bieber.

Obama's Signature Is An Ejaculating Penis

President Obama has been signing every document to come across his desk with a big ejaculating dick.

Wackiest Pet Names 2010

Fido and Fluffy are nice, predictable pet names. But how do Barnaby Bones or Cleocatra strike you? Here are the results of an annual contest to find the most unusual dog and cat names in the United States. (via:msnbc)


Hey, it's time for another round of Ctrl+V! Hit Ctrl+V (or Command+V if you're a Mac) and post whatever you have saved to your clipboard in the comments.

The Sarah Palin Song

SP in 2012, y'all. Get excited! (In, like, a sexytime kind of way.) [Via TurtleFeed.]

Geography of Lost

The most accurate geographical map of the Lost island ever illustrated.

Top 10 Samuel L. Jackson Speeches

This could also just be called "Top 10 Speeches."

How to Filter Out Those Annoying Vuvuzelas

This vuvuzela hack will let you watch the World Cup in peace.

Five Worst Bank Stocks since Flash Crash

The market sell-off since the May 6 "flash crash" has spared none of the country's 50 largest banks.

Flipper Bridge

People in Hong Kong drive on the left side of the road, but people in mainland China drive on the right side of the road. How do you switch them when they cross the Pearl River?

Tiffani Thiessen Welcomes a Baby Girl!

The world has been blessed with another Thiessen.

Nicki Minaj Doesn't Get High in Black Men's Magazine Preview

Nicki Minaj is hooking up with Swizz Beatz for her her upcoming debut album entitled, Catch Me.

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