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June 24, 2010

Dinosaur Security System

Redditor alanstanwyk arrived home from work to find that his 4 year old son had installed a new dino-proof security system on their house. How could this NOT keep dinosaurs out?

Shy Guy's Reaction to a Naked Woman

Shy Guy just isn't ready for this jelly.

Doodle God [Game Battle]

I decided to get a head start on Jack and Scott this week, mostly cause Scott was about to steal my game.

Missing Missy

If your cat ever goes missing, the last person you want to ask for help is David Thorne from 27b/6 (of spider drawing fame).

Leno Has Lower Ratings than Conan Did

He also has more cars than Conan does.

How To Quit Your Job

What a classic exit! There are no other terms for this, this should be how everyone quits their job.

Jersey Shore Cast Re-Enacts Twilight

Jimmy Kimmel aired a spoof of Twilight called The Jersey Shore Saga: Friggin' Twilight.

PBR Water!

I might be the last one to jump on the Pabst Blue Ribbon Water train, but I, for one, am really excited about this. I forsee the perfect hangover cure.

Barack Obama is Margarita Man

I knew Obama was cool after he had that cameo in the "Whoomp (There It Is)" music video, but I had no idea he was working a stint on the side as Margarita Man's spokesperson.

States That Pay the Most for Gas

Another reason Oklahoma sucks.

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