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June 8, 2010

How To Park In Beijing

It helps to be just incredibly resourceful. (Via.)

DIY Poseable Paper Pope

The “Poseable Paper Pope” is by a talented illustrator named Rob Nance.

Portrait of a BP Exec

"I'm With Coco" artist, Mike Mitchell has certainly been on a roll with his recent illustrations of BP Oil Sponge Bob, and now his portrait of a BP executive.

Taking Laziness to a New Level

It's like a drive-thru, but without the car.

Draco Slaughter Drops The Bomb

A 75-year-old man named Draco Slaughter jokingly told a flight attendant on Southwest Airlines he had a bomb in his carry-on luggage.

Pile of Kittens

Here’s a pile of insanely cute kittens.

Moms Love Twilight, Too!

Teenage vampires and the mothers who love them.

The Real "Iron" Man

Did you ever wonder how jeans get the perfect faded look? This man in China might be the source of the trend.

What's Your Summer Song Of 2010?

With so many to choose from, it may be difficult to find the song that will define your summer. We'll help discover the song that suits your unique personality (as long as your personality falls into one of ten stock archetypes).

The Best 2010 World Cup Anthems

Don't forget that the World Cup is coming up really soon! With that in mind, here is a list of the best, most inspiring World Cup anthems for the international 2010 tournament. Let's all come together as citizens of the world!

Lexi Bee Loves Pink!

This is a completely normal video by a complete normal girl who has a completely healthy relationship with the color pink.

Obama Puts Kid to Sleep at Commencement

This student from Kalamazoo, MI demonstrates his enthusiasm for Obama's historic visit by struggling to stay awake.Enjoy. (

John Wooden's Best Players

A follow-up to John Wooden's Best Playas.

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