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The best kind of dates involve eating food.

Audrey Worboys • 1 hour ago

Sourced from the Instant Pot community on Facebook, which is a kind, wholesome, helpful kind of place that gives me hope for the future of humanity.

Peggy Wang • 3 hours ago

What's in your cart is more revealing than you realize!

Brian Galindo • 3 hours ago

**inhales tortilla chips**

Sarah Aspler • 4 hours ago

"Office culture is having a panic attack when you're 30 minutes late but not noticing when you work an hour longer."

Christopher Hudspeth • 6 hours ago

You'd probably already know if you were, but just to double-check.

Andrea Hickey • 7 hours ago

Simple to make, delicious to eat.

Hannah Loewentheil • 9 hours ago

We are a nation of LAWS, people.

"I'm walking through the Christmas section at Target. I feel like I'm cheating on you."


I think it's time for us to have an adult sex-ed class because WHEW, child.

You heard that right — we said two hundred!!!


The eyes are the window to the soul.


I'm already ovary this.

"I witnessed a man take off his date's shoe, put her foot on the table, pour ketchup on her toes, and lick it off."

For anyone who still has the Chicken Tonight jingle stuck in their head!


A jiggly quiz.

The second-hand embarrassment is strong with this one.

After a lifetime of assuming I would never excel in a sport, my body is proving me wrong.

Looking to cook more Italian food but nervous it might be difficult? Then look no further than these simple Italian recipes that even novice cooks can ace.

"You know what sounds good right now?"


You open your tent. It snowed overnight. You can't see the trail anymore.

Help us, people: which one looks more like John?


Doo, doo, doo this quiz!

People are being advised to toss out the Perdue gluten-free nuggets after some consumers ended up chewing on bits of wood.

"Every time a sauce bottle got down to about a third full, he'd fill it up with water and shake it before using it to 'get his money's worth.'"

It turns out that injecting yourself with your own semen is not a good cure for anything.

*Dramatically prances around the room when the "Pure Moods" commercial comes on*

Older people who moved around more — as registered by a fitness tracker — were less likely to develop dementia than other people their age.

Grandparents are so pure, especially when using technology.

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