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What's Your Best Family Recipe?

Do you have a family recipe that's the stuff of potluck legend? Submit your recipe to Tasty and see if you end up in our Hall of Fame.

Emma Tyler • 48 minutes ago

Can You Guess Baskin-Robbins' Original 31 Flavors Sold The Day They Opened?

These were the flavors sold the day they first opened their doors in 1953.

Mike Spohr • 1 hour ago

19 Tweets That Only Hot Mess Moms Will Laugh Out Loud At

"A baby shower game requested everyone write parenting advice on a notecard, so I wrote down my favorite margarita recipe."


Everyone Has A Fast Food Mascot That Matches Their Personality — Here's Yours

*changes name on license to Ronald McDonald*

Meghan Markle Is Taking Her Pregnancy Into Her Own Hands

The royal couple’s decision to keep their pregnancy private is part of their broader strategy to control their own public narrative — media be damned.

19 Weird Rules People Actually Had To Follow While Growing Up

"When we ate fast food, everyone HAD to give their bottom buns to Dad..."

14 Celebrities Who Gave Their Voices To Nature And Environmental Documentaries

Let their soothing voices teach you all the ways the world is burning. JK, but only kinda!

24 Jokes For Anyone Who Loves The Planet

For anyone who loves nature, recycling, and mother earth.

What's The Most Game-Changing Fast-Food Hack You've Ever Come Up With?

Taking your meal from ordinary to extraordinary.

Gender Dysphoria Isn’t A “Social Contagion,” According To A New Study

A Brown researcher slams the 2018 study — from a different researcher at Brown — which found teenagers were identifying as trans due to “rapid-onset gender dysphoria.”

15 Hilarious Bosses Who Should Probably Have Their Phones Taken Away

"I'm sitting in your chair and accidentally passed gas on purpose."


We Can Guess With 99.9% Accuracy Which Condiment You Hate The Most

There's a reason mayo and toilets share the same color.


Grocery Store Employees Are Sharing Their Darkest Secrets And It's Honestly Kinda Shocking

"It's crazy how often giant spiders come out of the banana boxes."

24 Terribly Wrong Misconceptions About Americans That Will Make You Laugh

Someone tell me where I can get one of these "spooky baskets" Americans have.

20 Packable Lunch Ideas For People Avoiding Carbs

So good you'll want it again for dinner.


This Snack Quiz Will Separate The Millennials From The Gen Z'ers

Each generation's preferences are different!

19 Common '90s Things That We Would NEVER Put Up With Today

Gen Z could never endure what we had to go through!


Here's How Wedding Photographers Know If The Couple Will End Up Divorced

"I can tell how in love a couple is by whether they're paying attention to each other during the shoot or me."

23 Hilariously Dumb Tweets That Are Perfect In How Stupid They Are

Guaranteed to shave off a few I.Q. points.


We Can Guess With 99.9% Accuracy Which Vegetable You Hate The Most

"Pea" and "pee" sound the same for a reason.


17 Cakes That Failed So Hard They Almost Won

RIP, you beautiful disasters.

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