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It's Time To Get Honest About How Terrible Your Contact Lens Hygiene Is

Admit it: You've licked them before, haven't you?

15 CBD Products We Actually Use And Really Like

CBD products that are tried, tested, and loved by BuzzFeed employees.

I Started Vomiting While I Was Pregnant. Two Years Later, I’m Still Sick.

I know that the intense nausea and vomiting that started during my pregnancy is linked to my anxiety. What I don't know is how to make it stop.

I Trained Like A Cirque Du Soleil Performer And Here's What Happened

This was one of the hardest things I've ever done.

10 Super Useful Tips To Remember When Taking Care Of Babies

Pacifiers can help decrease the risk of SIDS.

100 Period Tweets That Will Make Anyone Who Has One Laugh Then Cry

"[arm falls off] probably cuz my period’s soon."

12 Screenshots That Prove Dating With A Disability Is A Nightmare

"Never seen someone with such nice hair in a wheelchair." Boy, what?

21 Wild Injury Stories That I'm Still Laughing At

"There were rumors I had died."

We Asked An Expert To Explain Lesser-Known Things That Happen After Childbirth

Varicose veins in your vulva is common after pregnancy.

15 People Who Need To Be Banned From The Gym For Life

You got to draw the line somewhere.

I Thought Wilderness Was A Place To Find Myself, Until I Spent Four Months Living In It

A summer working on trails in the burned-out Oregon backcountry taught me that while humans may find profound beauty in nature, it does not exist for us.


41 Gross Things Most Girls Have Done That Are Also Totally Normal

Because things that are gross and things that are normal are not mutually exclusive!

31 Stories From Women Whose Doctors Did Not Take Their Pain Seriously

"My pain of 'unknown origin' became emergency surgery and a 2.5-inch-diameter tumor in my freaking liver."

Sia Announced That She Is Living With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, And Her Message Inspired Others To Speak Out

"To those of you suffering from pain, whether physical or emotional, I love you, keep going."

22 Odd Things You Do That You May Think Nobody Else Does But Actually A Lot Of People Do

Okay, some of these things I may have to try out for myself.

Beyoncé's Father Just Shared How He Discovered He Had Breast Cancer This Summer

"It also means that my kids have a higher chance, a higher risk. Even my grandkids have a higher risk."


Let's Play "Who's The Vegan?" — Celebrity Edition

Can you pick the vegan from the rest of the crowd?

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