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Tell Us About Your Abortion Experience

Everyone's experiences and circumstances are different.


19 Funny Mental Health Tweets For Anyone Who Could Use A Laugh Right About Now

"Bold of me to constantly use the phrase 'No worries!' when I am, in fact, constantly full of many worries."

15 Charts That'll Make Going Keto Sooo Much Easier

From keto-friendly substitutes to a guide on correctly customizing your Starbucks order.

18 Self-Care Hacks That People Actually Swear By

"Lying in my hammock is so relaxing and allows me to detox my mind and just let all my thoughts happen and pass."

27 Diagrams That Make Going Vegan Way More Approachable

Here's everything you need, from cooking and baking swaps to super-simple recipes.


21 Period Jokes That Will Make Anyone Who Bleeds Laugh Until It Hurts

"When you fart on your period and it bubbles: A story by me."

Gender Dysphoria Isn’t A “Social Contagion,” According To A New Study

A Brown researcher slams the 2018 study — from a different researcher at Brown — which found teenagers were identifying as trans due to “rapid-onset gender dysphoria.”

These 21 Moms Described What Childbirth Feels Like And I'm About To Pass Out

"It felt like I swallowed a cheese grater, then shat it out whole."

Some Google Employees Are Worried For Their Families Following A Measles Case On Campus

“A bit upsetting that I had to find out about this through this Group, via a BuzzFeed News article, rather than from some official Google internal comms,” one employee wrote.


Do Your Food Opinions Actually Suck?

Opinions are like as— never mind.

A Measles Case Has Hit Google's Silicon Valley Headquarters

In the midst of a historic US measles outbreak, at least one Google employee walking around the tech giant’s main Silicon Valley campus has been diagnosed.


US Measles Outbreaks Are The “New Normal” Thanks To Europe’s Epidemic And Anti-Vaccine Campaigns, Experts Say

“Under-vaccinated areas in the US are the kindling and the huge numbers of infections overseas are the spark that ignites outbreaks here.”

This Dad Says Father/Daughter Dances Are "Sexual" And He Refuses To Take His Kid To One

"I love my daughter with all my heart, but I don't want to date her."

16 Jaw-Dropping Pictures From Inside Japan's Penis Festival

"A hundred thousand revelers come here to celebrate one thing: the male organ."

23 People Who Really Don't Understand How The Female Body Works

"I knew a guy who thought women could 'just hold in their period blood,' like holding pee in your bladder or something."

Reminder: Pregnancy Is NOT A Funny April Fools' Joke

Six million women in the US struggle with infertility.

25 Tweets About The Important Lessons People Have Learned In Therapy

"You don't have to say yes to every argument you're invited to."

Dozens Of Women Are Suing A Hospital That Secretly Recorded Their Gynecology Operations

Eighty-one women are suing Sharp Grossmont Hospital in San Diego, California, for secretly recording them during gynecological surgeries.

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