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25 Things That Were So Normal To Do In 1995 That Gen Z Will Never Understand

We used to talk to humans on the phone a lot back in the day.

Teachers Shared The Most Ridiculous In-Classroom Experience They've Ever Had And OH BOY

"A student pooped on the furnace vent in my classroom. I discovered it when I stuck my hand in it as I was moving books around on the vent."


17 Parents Share The Moment They Knew They Were Ready For Another Kid

"When my first kid set-up a tea party outside my bathroom door because I was her only playmate."


25 Things That Were Just Oh-So-Satisfying To '90s Kids

Those things from your childhood that made you go, "ahhhhhh!"

The World Is Burning And These Kids Aren’t Going To Take It Anymore

Thousands of teens have been striking across Europe for months. Tomorrow’s big event could fuel the movement in the US.


19 More "Mom Catchphrases" That Are Entirely Too Relatable

"If I find it, can I hit you with it?"

This Photographer Took Stunning Photos Of The Exact Moment Her Son Was Born

"I tucked my chin to my chest, I balanced my camera on my stomach, I looked in my viewfinder, and started shooting."

21 Married Women Share What They Wish They Could Tell Their Single Friends

"Checking with my husband before making plans with you is not a control thing, it's a respect thing."

25 Smells No '80s Girl Will Ever Forget

TBH, it just seems like everything smelled like plastic in the '80s!


13 School Lunches That Literally No Parent Has Time To Make

They're super cute, super creative, and super not happening.

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