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25 Solo Female Travel Tips You Need To Know Before Planning A Trip

Solo travel is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.


14 Major Mistakes I Made On My First Solo Trip

From a solo traveler who's been there and done that.


If You Can Finish These 12 Phrases Then You Definitely Grew Up In The Country

Are you from a small town? How many of these phrases can you complete?

19 Tips For Anyone Who Dreams Of Road-Tripping In The USA

Camp for free, and save that money for snacks and coffee.


If You Get 8/10 On This Quiz, You Can Call Yourself A Chicagoan

If you haven't had Italian beef, have you lived?

18 Photos Every Single Person Who's Traveled Will Recognize

Why did I need 800 photos of that plate of pasta????

22 Mistakes People Probably Make When Visiting Japan For The First Time

School yourself now before you book that Japan flight and thank me later.

The Top 20 Places To Travel In 2020, According To Airbnb

Book your trip before everyone else does!


A 9-Pound Japanese Katsu Curry Exists And Here's Where You Can Get It

"Have you ever been so full that you start thinking about life?"


This Woman Pretended To Be Pregnant To Get Out Of Paying Airline Baggage Fees But Got Caught

"It shows how similar we all are and how much we all dislike excess baggage fees."

11 "Instagram Vs. Reality" Photos Of Europe To See Before Your Next Trip

These places are still beautiful — they're just different than you might expect.


Can You Guess Which Cities These Are Based Only On Their Skyline?

Guys this was hard for me and I made the quiz...

Halloween In The Midwest: A True List Of Unfortunate Events

Happy Halloween, it's going to be 23 degrees with snow!

9 Edgar Allan Poe Sites You'd Be Remiss To Miss

Drop by during spooky szn... or any szn. They're worth your macabre-loving time.

Save This List If You Ever Think You'll Visit Walt Disney World

I'm prepared to be your personal Disney trip planning Fairy Godmother✨

21 Photos That Prove Tokyo Is Literally Living In The Year 3000

Conveyor belt sushi! Robot shows! Singing toilets!


If You Get At Least 45/50 On This State Capitals Quiz, Then You're A Geography Whiz

How well do you know your USA geography? It’s harder than you think!


19 People Told Us The Unfortunate Things That Happened On Their Family Vacations

"My brother got bitten in the balls by a crab and it latched onto him."


Can You Guess Which Country Doesn't Have These Popular Fast-Food Chains?

In a shock to no one, the United States has all of them.

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