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We Know Who You'll Take To Prom Based On Your Taste In Prom Dresses

Let me look into my crystal ball:cracks knuckles:


Pick A Place To Have Sex And We'll Tell You What Kind Of Lover You Are

On the kitchen counter, in the LA-Z-Boy, next to a roaring fireplace....The possibilities are endless!


The Reason "Crazy Rich Asians" Star Constance Wu Wore Yellow To The Oscars Almost Made Me Cry

"My whole life I've had a complicated relationship with the color yellow."

All The Looks On The Oscars Red Carpet

See what everyone wore on the Academy Awards red carpet. Updating live!

We Tried Cheap Vs. Expensive Workout Bras

"It feels like a wet swimsuit"

24 Pictures People Over 24 Haven't Seen In Years And Years

The early 2000s were the peak of pop culture and that's that on that.

18 TV Characters That'll Give You So Much Style Inspiration

Style stalking all of our favorite celebs!

We Tried Sephora's Newest Makeup Products

"Now I just have to get the other eye to match"

19 Rihanna Watching Basketball Pictures You Have To See Before You Die

These pictures will bring you good luck and good fortune, guaranteed.

26 Emo Kids Who Have Seriously Glowed-Up

Though, to be honest, once an emo, always an emo.

These 25 Gay Glow-Ups Are The Most Inspiring Thing You'll See Today

I say a lot of things are the best thing you'll see today but this time I *truly* mean it.

Show Us Pictures Of Your 10-Year Gay Glow-Up

Because no one glows up quite like gays glow up.

All The Looks At The Critics' Choice Awards Red Carpet

Here's what everyone wore tonight.

Bootcut Jeans With Flip Flops Were The Worst Trend Of All-Time

Now let's do our best to not let it come back.

24 Tweets That Anyone Who Has Ever Worn A Bra Will Find Hilarious And True

"I took off my bra and forgot what I was mad about."

Poll: Rate These Golden Globes Fashion Choices

Time to channel your inner fashion critic.

We Found Out How Much We Spent On Our Closets

Shila and Nina relive old purchases and find out just how much cash they've shelled out for their clothes.

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