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I'd say this post is just for parents, but at this point we've all been affected.


You can never have too much cake, dear.

I say a lot of things are the best thing you'll see today but this time I *truly* mean it.

The tennis court is her runway.

Sometimes exercise — whether it's walking, running, dance, hiking, or any other type of activity — can save your life.

“It’s not your father’s drug market,” said one expert. “We have a synthetic drug crisis caused by stronger and more potent drugs.”

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's two-month-old baby, Kaavia James, goes by #ShadyBaby on Instagram and we agree with everything she says.

It was time when DVDs were a technological marvel.

As the youngest of three queer siblings, I'm my parents' last chance for grandkids. But I worry that by not having children, I'm robbing them of potential happiness.


Maybe you know the words for this stuff.


The truth is in the toaster.

"When I'm in the car, I talk to myself as if I'm being interviewed."

“Had this been banned when it should have been banned, my son would still be here,” Lauren Atkins told BuzzFeed News.


Egg boyfriend is ready to love you.


This counts as meal prep right??

"I went from having milk and sugar in my coffee to straight black with an espresso shot."


Being a parent is so easy until you become one.

These pictures are the best. THE BEST.

So beautiful. 💜

From the different packaging to discontinued menu items!

There's a reason his hashtags always trend worldwide.


You probably think about this all day long.

Because no one glows up quite like gays glow up.

The cadavers my medical classmates and I have learned to dissect remind us of the debt we owe to everyone who places their body in our hands.

For when you know you're way too angry, but can't seem to turn it off.

Step 1: Put everything in your slow cooker. Step 2: Walk away.

This is happening.


A perfectly al dente quiz!


God, you're such a vibrator.

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