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June 23, 2010

Well That's Timely: New Pac-Man TV Show

Did you know there was an old Pac-Man TV show? In the 80s.

James Van Der Beek and Girlfriend Expecting a Daughter

Oh so THAT's why he got divorced.

Japan Builds Machine That Can Shape Water

Presumably before it's frozen.

Amber Rose Booty Pics

Uncensored, just like Kanye sees it.

The Passive-Aggressive Lost Cat Poster

More genius graphic design from David Thorne. You'll need to read the whole email exchange for context.

Naked Rock Band


Ceddybu, the Sumo Rapper

A rapper with COLOSSAL MAN BOOBS is part of a genre of music called "sumo rap."

Anti-Rape Female Condom

A South African doctor has invented a female condom with teeth to help discourage rape. The rape-aXe's tooth-like hooks "clamp onto an attacker’s penis upon penetration."

Baby Racing

This is a real sport in Russia.

Speedos: Gift or Curse? - Photo Gallery - LIFE

The latest viral buzz from

Check Out The Oil On Our Beach

A wonderfully tone-deaf ad from Spirit Airlines reminding viewers that beaches in San Juan have oiled-up babes on them rather than the oil-ridden pelicans in the Gulf. These are the same guys who brought you the Muff-Diving ad campaign a little while back, so they know what they're up to.

USA Beats Algeria: The Remix

My tribute to the greatest country EVER.

The Faceplant Compilation

Go down in style - there are a million and one ways to faceplant!

Shovelman Saves Women From Stray Dog Attack

Introducing Russia's newest superhero .... Shovelman!

Human Centipede Cat Toy

It's 100% medically accurate, for the discerning cat.

Moms with Guns

Well this is certainly an interesting approach to make communities aware of threats against children.

Happy Meals' Toys Provoke Lawsuit

The Center for Science in the Public Interest needs to FUCK OFF.

Taste the Bacon Rainbow

It's beautiful.

Who Should Bang Kourtney Kardashian for a Ring?

The Kardashians bring success wherever they fuck.

Father Makes Son a Pizza Smoothie in Ad

Pizza shake... why not?

Human LCD

This is how they cheer for soccer games in Korea.

The Best Booze Values

Let's all take a minute to remember Mr. Franzia.

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