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June 18, 2010

Fellowship Of The Vuvuzela

Gandalf goes to the World Cup.

How Do You Get a Spider Out of Your Vagina?

on the bright side, maybe she'll give birth to a SPIDER BABY.

Guys, This Editor Rivalry Is Starting To Piss Off The Captain

Time to stop or it's to the brig with you. They have brigs in space, right? [Ed. note: GO TANNER!]

Super Mario Beatbox

A god amongst mushrooms. Frighteningly skilled Japanese beatboxer Hikakin drops some old school knowledge, Mushroom Kingdom-style.

12 Impressively Active Animal Fathers

Bird's Day is June 20th.

Screw The Nut (Game Battle)

This delightful physics game is more than just a sexy title. Use your skillz to screw the screw onto the nut.


When a location has one iconic photo opportunity, is there anyone who isn’t trying to snap it?

Loved [Game Battle]

LISTEN UP, BUZZPOKES! We can't let that bastard Jack win Game Battle this week. Luckily, I found an awesome game for you all. Loved is a moody and stylish game that emphasizes story-telling over the gimmicky techniques that some nefarious editors rely on.

Wedding's Off!

What a princess she turned out to be!

USA vs. England... in Lego! - Urlesque

The latest viral buzz from

28 Pairs of Weird Shoes - Urlesque

The latest viral buzz from

28 Awesome and Crazy X-Rays - Urlesque

The latest viral buzz from

Lea Michele to Star in 3D 'Oz' Musical

The Lea Michele 3D movie that everyone has been requesting is finally happening.

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