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June 22, 2010

Fauquier Health Commercial - Baby Factory!

Did no one, at any point, ever, in the history of this hospital's construction, promotion, or operation, see or hear anything that might lend them to believe this is the worst name for a hospital, ever?

Gymnastics Boy Freaks Out

Stephen must take gymnastics to improve his wrestling and MMA skills, but what he really needs is an anger management class.

Star Trek- High School Never Ends

Dammit all to hell. It's so true.

The Girl With The Double Dragon Tattoo...

... And five other book ideas that would be way more interesting than that godawful book by Stieg Larsson that everybody won't stop reading on the subway. Add your own concepts in the comments! (Thanks, Joel! Also, thanks, Tanner, for being good at PhotoShop.)

Cat Version of the World Cup

These cats have formed their own league using a ping pong ball and a cardboard box.

Sandy Kane, The Naked Cowgirl

Times Square's Naked Cowboy is issuing a cease-and-desist letter to the Naked Cowgirl.

Celebrating Stupid Guy Thing Day

What is it with guys? Why do they sometimes do such stupid things? Well, we may not have the answer but we finally have a day to commemorate them. In honor of this day here are the top ten worst marriage proposals.....

Awesome Video Game Violinist

Violin Hero coming soon.

Curved Yellow Fruit

Sounds like somebody’s planning to get out of shelf-stacking by taking a night-school course in creative writing.

Your Local Newspaper: Click Here

One more reason why newspapers are becoming archaic historical artifacts.

NYC Subway Compasses

An anonymous group has sprayed compass roses outside the entrances of NYC subway stations to help people get their bearings when they come up from underground. How has this not been standard at stations before now?

How Secure Is Your Password? - Urlesque

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