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June 15, 2010

Ten Reasons to Watch the World Cup

...even if you don't care about the World Cup.

St. Petersburg’s Bridge Hilariously Vandalized

An ambitious vandal managed to land himself the tag of a lifetime across the Saint Petersburg’s Liteyny Bridge.

Fashion Axes

Fashion axes are the hot new fashion trend this spring. Now anyone can look stunning while carrying around a dangerous weapon. Leave it to the fashion world to take something as manly as an axe and turn it into a piece of jewelry.

The Kitty Olympics

Where competition ignites the flames of passion, where greatness is born of fearless vision and unconditional devotions. In a land of mortals we salute their triumph over adversity, applaud their heroics and marvel at their gift to enthral. It is the dream of champions to aspire in excellence.

Confused Woman Calls Google Support

Funny tech support call of an older lady wanting to disable PacMan from her Google "homepage" because she can't figure out how to use her computer with it there.

Touchdown Jesus Statue Destroyed

The world's tackiest sculpture, an absurd 62-foot statue of Jesus celebrating some kind of metaphorical touchdown against the devil, was destroyed by lightning from Heaven yesterday in Ohio. Proving once and for all that while God may or may not be benevolent, he at least has a modicum of taste. RIP Touchdown Jesus.

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