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The Best 2010 World Cup Anthems

Don't forget that the World Cup is coming up really soon! With that in mind, here is a list of the best, most inspiring World Cup anthems for the international 2010 tournament. Let's all come together as citizens of the world!

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  • 1. Dizzee Rascal and James Corden: "Shout"

    British rap prodigy Dizzee Rascal and actor James Corden have combined to produce this anthem, apparently inspired by Tears for Fears (yikes!), to help their home country, England, win World Cup Glory. Here's "Shout":

  • 2. We Are Scientists: "Goal! England!"

    We Are Scientists are an American band, but their newest member, ex-Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows, persuaded them to record this rousing track for his home side, England. Here's "Goal! England!":

  • 3. Fabio World Cup Song

    A homegrown hit from a fan, this GarageBandesque anthem has become a minor YouTube sensation. Don't be surprised if you hear it chanted during matches by the scrappy island nation it was written for.

  • 4. Young Stanley: "Sing It For England"

    Relative unknowns Young Stanley had a nominal hit in 2006 with their catchy single "Sing It For England," which has been repackaged and re-released just in time for the World Cup run by their home nation.

  • 5. New Order: World In Motion

    Although this song hasn't been re-released for 2010, it's too much of a classic not to include on this list. Written for the 1990 World Cup by New Order, World In Motion is an infectious, electro-pop celebration of New Order's national squad, England.

  • 6. The Skatoons: "World Cup's Waiting for You"

    Although they originated in Germany, Ska punk veterans the Skatoons have dedicated their uptempo 2010 effort to a different nation's World Cup campaign. "World Cup's Waiting for You" is an unofficial anthem for Fabio Capello's team of English nationals.

  • 7. Robbie Williams and Russell Brand: Three Lions 2010

    Robbie Williams and Russell Brand have teamed up to reprise a classic World Cup anthem (The Lightning Seeds' 1996 smash hit "Three Lions") in a bid to help cheer on their home nation, England. Here's "Three Lions 2010". Football's coming home!