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April 1, 2010

Tim’s and Eric’s Old Spice commercials.

But not anymore. Oh revenge, you're even more delicious on the Internet.

An inspiring Photoshop contest going on over at Fark.

Spring’s pretty prints—whether worn head-to-toe or mixed with solids—look chic on Sienna Miller, Kristen Stewart, Scarlett Johansson, and more. Vote for your favorite.

Happy April from the Mayor of Newark.

Hey, Justin Bieber "bought" Funny or Die.

...and a bunch of other new punctuation marks in Grammar Level 2: the Platinum Prestige Edition.

Mindy McCready's sex tape is coming out from Vivid, and a teaser clip has leaked online.

In episode 2 of Sound Builders, we travel to Burbank, CA to hang out with sound designer and composer Diego Stocco.

Captain James T. Kirk is rocking this shirt. Bitch please.

Robert Pattinson is photographed on the set of the film, 'Bel Ami', in Budapest, Hungary.

The latest viral buzz from

Demand is growing, and car companies are working to meet that demand.

Nick Jonas flaunts his arm muscles in a fitted tanktop at the San Pedro Harbor on Sunday morning (March 28) in Long Beach, Calif.

A Canadian commercial income tax preparation service in Vancouver was tidying up Monday after an enraged customer caused more than $10,000 damage.

Dozens of Glenn Beck fans who emerged from an event at the University of Central Florida to find their cars gone say they were the victims of a fraternity prank.

Where is she now?

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