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October 1, 2012

The Massachusetts Senate debate gets contentious.

Boy emperor Justin Bieber—having arrived in Arizona to begin the mad, hormonal orgy that is his Believe tour—paused his first song to call for a gold-tipped feather to tickle his esophagus, and spewed forth all the pheasant and honeyed milk he had g…

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“Kim Kardashian competing with her family in The 2012 South Florida Dragon Boat Festival in Miami.”

OR: 4 Reasons You're Not Going To Believe Any Of These 4 Reasons

Fab or drab?

Bronies, let's just forget this happened.

The Hotel Transylvania star got “LXXVI” (76 in Roman numerals) tattooed on the back of her neck over the weekend. So who could it be for?

So yesterday, Anne Hathaway got married to Adam Shulman in Big Sur, CA yesterday. As a person who personally never pays attention to celebrity weddings or even knows they’ve happened (except when they’re somehow for-profit and annoy the shit out of …

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The author of the bestselling children’s series has put great effort into making The Casual Vacancy different.

Surprisingly, networks, studios or publishers are in a rush to give away the endings to their own creations.

The Oscar nominated star, 29, wed her love of more than four years in Big Sur, Calif. Saturday, Us Weekly confirms.

Here she is in Milan with Donatella Versace. Fab or drab?

A Monday afternoon protest in Illinois gets heated. Workers at Walmart contractor Roadlink have been on strike since Sept. 15.

Some of the men's rights posters were surprisingly supportive.

Tom Hanks is beautiful.

Cancer survivors and activists of all ages are protesting the politician who recently called her a "slut" for smoking marijuana on stage at a concert.

Seth MacFarlane will take his first turn as host of the Oscars, the Academy announced on Monday. The show will be produced by Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, who said, "We are thrilled to have Seth MacFarlane host the Oscars. His performing skills blen…

TOKYO – It’s probably just a coincidence; no need to worry yet. But the U.S. has quietly assembled a powerful air, land and sea armada not far from where Japan and China are squaring off over disputed islands in the East China Sea.

Rachel is a 23-year-old model who’s looking to return to the stage after taking a little time off. While she restarts her modeling career and studies for nursing school, Rachel pays the bills by working as a bartender.

For the best Reviews of FIFA 13 for PS3, 360, check out this page on

Aw, DB! Mazel tov. Drew Barrymore and her husband, Will Kopelman, have just announced the birth of their daughter....

• "Sorry, Mom, I can't talk long. Terry Gross is likely to call at any time and I imagine will want instructions on how to pronounce my name."

Let’s talk about the stuff he made aboard the boat. It definitely had paint thinner in it. Right. The paint thinner is pretty plausible. There are a lot of different things you can use as a paint thinner: acetone (which is more commonly nail polish…

Chatting with fans at a Washington state casino Friday, Bonaduce, 53, encountered the woman during a meet-and-greet and she asked for a kiss after lavishing him with praise for his Partridge Family role. "They were tiny little Chucky teeth. Man, the…

Don't tweet about it.

Another career achievement for the Miami Heat star.

And to make matters worse, the cover art is an erect penis with the title scrawled on it with Sharpie. Has anyone wanted to get dropped or sued more than these dudes?

Maybe you'd like a recipe for the smallest of Bloody Marys rimmed with crumbled bacon?

Brandon Lloyd is catching footballs and kisses from the crowd.

The quotes — widely, erroneously attributed to Billboard magazine — ran in major outlets like E!, ABC, Fox, and many more, who couldn't pass up the highly clickable headline.

It's that time of year again! Surf City Surf Dog returned this weekend, and the competition was derpier than ever.

Reese Witherspoon is once again honoring her down-south heritage. The Sweet Home Alabama actress and husband Jim Toth welcomed a baby boy on Sept. 27. What's his name? Tennessee James Toth. Alth …

Chad Rochkind, senior strategist for the Synthesis Corporation and the brains behind “The Great Schlep” and “Wake the F*ck Up,” talks with Jennifer Granholm about the recent viral political videos that are both informing people and injecting a bit o…

All You Need Is Kill, the sci-fi thriller starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, will open March 14, 2014. The movie, based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka's book, is from Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures.  GALLERY: …

Totally worth it. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 …

Cat Deeley has married her fiance, comedian Patrick Kielty!

Former "American Idol" contestant Brittany Kerr has shut down her Twitter page ... after a gang of angry Jason Aldean fans BLASTED the singer online --…

(Newser) – In the middle of a larger piece about how the Kate Middleton topless photos are a moneymaker for porn websi…

Photos of the Season 11 American Idol contestant kissing married country singer Jason Aldean surfaced on TMZ Sunday. Rather than deny the photos, Aldean quickly admitted to his indiscretion on Facebook.

The most disturbing phobia you didn't know you probably have. Who knew clustered holes would make you feel physically ill?

Justin Turrentine shows us a brighter, more evil future in which our favorite big bads get their happy ending.

T-Swift explains why so many of her songs are about ex-boyfriends and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup.

They can't help it, they just love life.

It's a campaign produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire where several other very good looking celebrities tell you to vote for whatever the heck you want. And it's pretty funny.

Seeing them all together at L.A.'s Media Day is a bone-chilling experience for fans of any of the NBA's 29 other teams.

A teen movie plot basically came to life. And 16-year-old Whitney Kropp looked stunning.

Someone needs to publish all the Hogwarts school books because hey, free money. Plus, earthquakes rocked Texas over the weekend and Goyte talks unexpected viral fame.


It's the poll no one's talking about, but maybe we should.

Company releases statement admitting "regret."

As we've reminded you before, people in the past just didn't give a shit. They were too busy being crazy and taking pictures of it to be bothered with how those pictures would make them look in 80 or 90 years. It's like they're daring us to make sen…

But does it come with wheels?

Well this is nightmare fuel. Is Joker wearing Batman's cowl or did he staple his skin to poor Bruce Wayne's face? Questions you never thought you'd ponder.

If you don't want to spoil the season (football season, not Doctor Who season), don't click on this.

For starters, you could breed 200 flamingos and nurse your own sharks. But wait, there’s more!

There are some songs that are just waaaay too British to translate outside of the United Kingdom. Some of these are pretty good, and some are..."Mr. Blobby."

Researchers found that looking at certain objects can change whether we see faces as male or female. Test yourself below.

While Obama and Romney rhetorically slug it out tonight, you can go shot for shot at home!

A Happy Days star has fallen on tough times. Erin Moran, who played bobby soxer Joanie Cunningham on the long-running comedy, is reportedly broke and homeless at the age of 51. A National Enquirer story claims that Moran is living between motel…

Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, and Mike Bloomberg were among 20 public figures to tweet-blast a new study by the Center for American Progress. "We needed to try something out of the box," said a CAP spokeswoman.

"I had too much to drink," Aldean -- married to Jessica Ussery for over a decade -- admits after getting close to season 11 singer at an L.A. bar


He is Robert Downey Jr. Hear him roar.

For the New York Jets, the most embarrassing part of their disastrous loss to San Francisco wasn't the 34-0 score. It was how Jim Harbaugh took the Jets' strategy and improved on it in every way.

I know what you're thinking — Windows 95 was the shit!

See the amazing photos of Jamie Hilton's recovery — from the surgery that put a piece of her skull in her stomach to her inspiring appearance on the Today show.

Tom Brady cursing! Matt Ryan being a frat boy! The real refs being adorable!

What’s in a name? Would a recession by any other name be as painful? That’s the debate that raged a few years ago as economists and commentators debated whether we were officially in a recession or not. As economist Paul Krugman argued in 2007:

The food guide to end all food guides: here are the healthy foods you should be eating now

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There are great things, bad things, and crazy things said about love. But there are also a ton of hilarious things that put it all in perspective. Here are 38 tidbits to make you laugh when you (and your love life) need it most.

You may have read Gary Shteyngart's endlessly amusing New York Times op-ed about a nightmare experience on American Airlines over the weekend, but he's such an entertaining writer and air travel horror stories are so common that I'm afraid some peop…

June Shannon, Honey Boo Boo and the rest of the clan got an enormous salary raise from TLC after the second episode and they didn't even ask for it ...…

Sample lyric from Sister Deborah's dancehall jam out of Ghana: "Uncle Obama, I like the size of your banana. Can I give it to my monkey? It will be so very happy!"

The liberal blog Blue Mass Group got a copy of a police blotter report, published in the Natick Sun newspaper in 1981. Romney previously gave a version of the events in 1994 that excluded the charge of operating an unregistered motorboat and had said he was let go without bail.

Lucky for you guys I managed to get then President Bill Clinton (1992-2000) to explain them all for us! Side note: you will need to read the whole list in order to understand some of the definitions.

An actor playing a horrible character named "Juan Sheet" looks more than a little like him.

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