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October 6, 2012

"Gas Station For Obama" Prices Are Up 62 Cents From 2008

The Obama-themed gas station starred in the Obama campaign's web video in October 2008. Four years later, prices have risen by $0.62.

Cheat: A Man's Guide To Infidelity

Most men cheat at some point in their lives. Here's how to do it.

What Does This Cartoon Mean? @

The latest viral buzz from

Ninja Dodgeball Dodge And Kill Of The Day And Friday Morning Links

Want to see a guy spin into the air with a dodgeball dodge, then snipe his opponent? Warning: you will never be this athletic.

If "Looper" Was A '90s Disney Movie

And you thought it couldn't have been more awesome.

Presidential Debate: Celebrities React On Twitter

Only time will tell whether it was Barack Obama or Mitt Romney who walked away the winner of last night's presidential debate, but one thing's for sure: People have a lot to say about the candidates' performances!

Lil Wayne Eulogizes Steve Jobs

Simple yet powerful. Thank you, Lil Wayne.

Watch Ducks Who Spent Their Entire Lives In A Pen Experience Water For The First Time

An incredibly heartwarming look at instincts kicking (and splashing and swimming) in. These two dozen ducks were kept by an animal hoarder in pens without water or proper food, and they were recently rescued by Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

'Taken 2's' Liam Neeson: A Week's Worth Of Action

With his new movie "Taken 2" opening this weekend, Liam Neeson was all over the internet this week. Here's some the best stuff.

Nathan Fillion For "Geek Magazine"

In his geekiest (and probably hottest) photo shoot yet.

Best Time To Accomplish Anything

The WSJ had a good piece last weekend listing the optimal times to do certain activities. Some notable highlights: Best time to send emails you want read: 6 a.m. Best time for thinking: Late morning. Best time for creative thinking: Creativity c…

Now Mitt Romney Wants You To Love Him

Moving stories, a compelling biopic, and a wife who defends her husband's character. How Romney is trying to reintroduce himself on the road.

Iconic Album Covers Gone Lego Photo

These are so creative and cool! Which album covers would you like to see made into legos?

The 17 Best Twitter Reactions To The Braves Getting Screwed

The Braves didn't play their best game, but their comeback was spoiled by one of the worst calls you can imagine.

Braves Fans Attack After The Worst Call Baseball's Seen In Years

It was a call so bad that the fans threw bottles onto the field. Did the umpires cost Atlanta their playoffs?

Fall And Winter Beauty Trends From The Runway

Runway: Blue liner went high-voltage on the Anna Sui runway. The designer swept cream shadow into feline-fierce cat eyes and punctuated the look with pupil-mirroring dots below models’ lower lashes. Real life: Showing up for work wearing Sui’s…

That Face! The Uncanny Art Of Studio Photography’s Heyday

No product of human industry is infinite, but photography comes close. In 1976, John Szarkowski, the longtime curator of photography at the Museum of Modern Art, announced, somewhat gnomically, that "the world now contains more photographs than bric…

American Idol Feud: Keith Urban & Ryan Seacrest Explain

If we're supposed to take away anything from the recent American Idol spat between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, it's that heated discussions are a good thing for Fox's hit reality show.

Were Rihanna And Chris Brown Making Out At A Club?

Here they go again. Rihanna and Chris Brown, the couple who should under no circumstances be together but can't seem to stay apart, were reportedly spotted making out at a New York City club. The two singers didn't arrive at the nightclub togeth…

Nicki Minaj: I Didn't Threaten To Shoot Mariah Carey

Nicki Minaj wants fans to know that her feud with Mariah Carey is strictly nonviolent. The two new American Idol judges were caught on tape this week having an intense argument at auditions. On Thursday morning, Barbara Walters added fuel to the fir…

Truth For Sale! Top 6 Lies Romney Sold As Facts During The Debate

The truth was apparently for sale last night at the first presidential debate — and its major supplier? You guessed it! Mitt Romney. We might be used to politicians bending the truth at times, but during last night’s debate between Romney and Presid…

Former Teacher Liam Neeson Punched Out Kid Who Pulled Knife On Him

Yesterday, I posted Liam Neeson’s memorable appearance on Sportscenter where he admitted not knowing anything about football, swore, and instantly made the whole show look silly just by being his candid and honest self. Well it turns out, Liam Neeso…

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