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October 19, 2012

Rumors Say Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Are Getting Engaged

So could it be true. Could Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez be getting faux-engaged for real publicity? Or could they be getting real engaged for real love? (As if real love still exists in Hollywood. That’s a laugh. #RIPArnettPoehler) Or could these…

Drunk Girls Motorboating 2012 [100 PHOTOS]

From the mouth of someone in this very office, “Who doesn’t love motorboats?” As the woman in this photo can demonstrate, there’s more than some truth to that statement. In celebration of National Breast Cancer Awareness month, we tip our hat to…

2012 Polls Offer Mixed Message: Barack Obama Holds Edge In Swing States, Close Contest Nationwide

WASHINGTON -- As they often do, the new polls released on Thursday sent something of a mixed message on where the presidential race now stands. Two new NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist College polls gave President Barack Obama comfortable leads in two…

The 10 Best Films Of The 1890s

Last week, The A.V. Club took a look at the best films of the 1990s (a look that proved unexpectedly controversial). As a lark, we started talking about a companion list covering the best films of the 1890s. But the more we talked about it, the more…

Faizon Love -- Katt Williams PULLED A GUN ON ME!

Faizon Love tells TMZ ... Katt Williams PULLED A GUN ON HIM during a heated argument outside a Hollywood nightclub Tuesday night ... shortly before…

What Happens When Kristin Cavallari Judges A Costume Contest?

The former reality TV star now has a baby, a fiancé, and, apparently, a thing for bright green Spandex.

Here's What Young Carrie Bradshaw's Going To Look Like

More shots from the upcoming Sex and the City prequel. A lot of bright colors, even for the 80s.

Stealth Halloween Costume: Black Light Makeup

Here's a guide for using glow-in-the-black-light makeup that will surprise (and could really freak out) your friends.

The iPad Mini

Word is it could be released just in time to eclipse Microsoft's Surface.

Donna, Radio Caller, Wants Deer Crossing Signs Moved So Deer Won't Cross Highways (AUDIO)

If we moved deer crossing signs off of highways, deer would finally stop running into oncoming traffic. That's the complaint one caller in North Dakota aired to the Y94 Playhouse radio station earlier this month.

Arizona Candidate Calls Debate Moderator ‘Prettier’ Than CNN Anchor

Richard Carmona, the Democratic candidate for the Arizona senate seat being vacated by Jon Kyl, is a former U.S. surgeon general and decorated military veteran. A Hispanic American, he overcame childhood homelessness and has deep roots in the Tucson…

Alison Brie In Nylon Magazine Will Make You Forget About The Delayed Community Premiere [PHOTOS]

Back when Nylon Magazine first shot Alison Brie for an issue back in 2009, people had just started to pay attention to the actress. Now it’s fair to say that she’s a tad more popular… So popular that the fact that only two images from the upcoming…

Wii U Headset Issue Further Contributes To Online Concerns

As for the 360-esque Pro Controller -- the one I suspect anyone serious about playing a game like Black Ops 2 will be using -- it doesn't even have a headset jack. What this seemingly unthinkable omission means is you'll need to plug your…

Fan Runs Onto The Soccer Pitch, Hits Goalkeeper

At Friday's Leeds-Sheffield Wednesday game a Leeds fan decided to express his displeasure with the opposing goalie.

This Dog Is The Cutest Zombie Ever

A Jack Russell terrier survives being poisoned and buried alive. WOOF.

This Couple Has Been Married 26 Times Around The World And They're Not Done Yet

They say it's about true love, not publicity. "We're not doing this so that we go viral."

Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Got Married

Ol' ramen noodle hair is a married man now and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

9 Amazing Recipes That Will Rot Your Teeth Out

If you're gonna make a dessert, MAKE A DESSERT, you feel me?

The Rolling Stones Cover The Beatles In 1965

Here are the Rolling Stones touring Ireland in 1965, messing around in what looks like a hotel room, playing a couple of Beatles tunes, I've Just Seen a Face and Eight Days a Week.

Christian Ponder Revealed On Twitter That He Is Dating Samantha Steele

For the past few days, some of our Interweb bloggy peers have been speculating that the recent Twitter activity between Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder and ESPN college football reporter Samantha Steele made it seem like they had something…

Adorable Photos Of A Cute French Bulldog Dressed For Halloween

Every day is Halloween for the adorable French bulldog, Trotter. The one-year-old pup is an Instagram star with admirable patience and a love for costumes. Owner Sonya Yu is a San Francisco photographer — who describes herself as a “professional…

Will Blacks Vote For Obama “Because He’s Black”?

Instead, the idea that blacks support Obama just because he’s black is itself racist because it suggests a lack of political sophistication and brain power, as if blacks would vote for anyone who shares their skin color, even though most blacks…

Chelsea Handler Pokes Fun At Jennifer Aniston's Nipples & Makes Her Cry

Jennifer Aniston helped Chelsea Handler kick off the new season of her hit talk show Chelsea Lately Monday night, and the comedienne was quick to poke fun at the Friends star's often "pronounced" nipples. "I'm very excited because you play a…

How Would Obama React To An Electoral College/Popular Vote Split?

As pundits look at the possibility of Electoral College-popular vote split, a look back at Obama's comment on Bush v. Gore and eliminating the Electoral College. He said Bush's win was legitimate.

What's Up With Jessica Biel's Weird Hand In All Of Her Topless Pics?

They're basically T-Rex arms. It kind of ruins the point, right?

Garey Busey Was Missing A Front Tooth In High School

It's Garey Busey Friday! (I just made that up) so here are some photos of him in high school.

7 Logos Ruined By Comic Sans

No known logo is strong enough to withstand it. Designer Oleg Tarasov tried a few out.

How To Be Good At Knives

Instant slicing and dicing mastery in one handy graphic guide.

Miraculous Recovery For The 14-Year-Old Pakistani Girl Shot By Taliban

See the first photo of Malala Yousafzai with her eyes open since she was shot in the head 10 days ago.

Bad Exercise Machines That Cause Injuries And Safer Equipment To Try

There’s a reason why you're required to fill out a consent form when you join a gym: Some of the equipment can be dangerous if you don't use it properly. Here are a few bad exercise machines you should avoid and the safer alternatives to use instead (16 Photos)

Jessica Biel's Greatest Hits

A tribute to the woman who just married Justin Timberlake. I mean, the whole point of Jessica Biel is that she's hot, right?

Barack Obama On Benghazi Attack: Mother Of Diplomat Criticises President's 'Optimal' Comment

During an interview shown on Comedy Central, Obama responded to a question about his administration's confused communication after the assault by saying: 'If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal.'

Dog Wakes Up From Surgery, Sounds Like Chewbacca

Anesthesia + video camera + dog = hilarity.

Fantasy Football Dos And Don'ts Week 7

Ladies and gentlemen, the return of Aaron Rodgers.

Gaze Into The Eyes Of The Cutest Lion Cub Of All Time

This one-month-old white lion lives at the Leon's Zoo in Guanajuato, Mexico. He is really something else.

22 Best Questions People Have Asked About Animals

"Is it legal to have a pet leech?" And other questions (and helpful answers) animal-lovers have posted on Wiki Answers.

Here Is Brooke Shields With A Mullet

It's for the show The Middle. Billy Ray Cyrus, your hair called and said thanks for the memories but he's famous now and is buying a boat!

Halloween Costumes Kids Wear Without Understanding And Other Links

Sure he's cute, but what preschooler watches Mad Men? Plus, Tom Hanks drops an F-Bomb and Yelp! starts an internal sting operation.

The Saddest Moment In Twitter History

What could possibly ever top this tweet exchange between Pepsi and Taco Bell?

Orlando Magic Are Giving Away Their Playoff Spot On Craigslist

Or a smart ass Magic fan decided to vent about his team, but either way it's hilarious.

Hitch Rides - Home + Gadgets - Washington DC

The app (launched by a group of Districtites) sounds a lot like Uber, but diverges in several key ways, all of which involve you being cheap: they don't charge "surge fees" (fare spikes when there are a lot of people using the service), the charge…

Helen Hunt, 'The Sessions' Star, Wants To Be Sex Positive

When she was a young actor, Helen Hunt explains, she worked as much as she could, taking jobs for the experience as often as she did for the material; now, with an Oscar and four Emmys under her belt, along with a lifetime of syndication rights from…

It Took 330 Pounds Of YSL Lipstick To Make This Sculpture!

How many lipstick tubes did it take to build this sculpture? Honestly, we have no idea but we did find out what shade was used: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture number one....

President Barack Obama On Benghazi Attack

President Barack Obama, during an interview to be shown on Comedy Central, has responded to a question about his administration's communications after the Benghazi attack, responded by saying: 'If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal.'

Hulk Hogan's Sex Tape Partner Heather Clem -- Taped Sex With MULTIPLE Men

Hulk Hogan isn't the only guy who was caught on tape with Bubba the Love Sponge's former wife ... TMZ has learned there are multiple tapes ... with…

How Many Pumpkin Items Are In This Trader Joe’s Flyer? A Pie Chart Pie Analysis

Flipping through the October Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer, I couldn't help but notice there was a lot of pumpkin going on in there. How much pumpkin? Let's break it down.

Marlin Jumps Into Boat, Tries To Gore Fishermen To Death

The crew of the Little Audrey got much more than they bargained for when they tried to catch this 600 lb. black marlin. Also, best fishing-video soundtrack ever.

Baby Elephant Rescued And Reunited With Mom

The Amboseli Trust for Elephants came across an elephant calf who was stranded in a well in Kenya and saved him by scaring his mother a safe distance away and then pulling him out using ropes affixed to their truck. After that part, you will start crying uncontrollably at your desk.

The Many Faces Of Insane NFL Fans

Because the face paint industry will never die.

16 Animals That Are Amazing At Pumpkin Carving

And also sitting in pumpkins.

Escalated Quickly — Funny :

October 19, 2012 | In: Funny, Oh Shit

The 5 Least Necessary Cover Songs Of All Time

But there are also covers that are mad celebrations of mediocrity -- covers that add absolutely nothing new and are successes merely for the artists' ability to ape everything that was good about the originals. Here are five covers, competently…

37 Reasons Why Nancy Reagan Was The Ultimate First Lady

Every '80s kid can tell you Nancy was the best weird grandma with a killer fashion sense. Also, she hung out with Mr. T, so that.

The Smartest Smarties On Internet Dating Sites

We all want to date someone intelligent. These online daters TELL you they're smart, but....

Giant Wire Man Going Up In Flames Is Apparently The Worst Thing To Ever Happen In Dallas

An electrical fire on Friday took out Big Tex, the Texas State Fair's beloved 52-foot-tall mascot. A state mourns the 60-year-old icon.

Tea Party Group Plans Obama Phone Bank Sabotage

The Obama "call tool" allows supporters to make cold calls from home, but a local Florida Tea Party leader is using the phone list to pitch Romney. "Think of what we could do if 100 of us did this for an hour each day."

University Of Arizona Newspaper Publishes Incredibly Offensive Gay Comic

This is pretty insane. The editor-in-chief of the newspaper has since apologized.

Christina Aguilera Doesn't Like To Wear Underwear

She calls it "empowering," and said she "likes to be as free as possible at all times." TMI!

Conservative Ad Hit Former Giffords Aide With Photo From Memorial Service

Rep. Ron Barber, who served as an aide to Gabby Giffords, was injured in January 2011 attack that left six dead. The attack: "Washington insider."

Politician Who Was A Vegetarian For 35 Years Eats Chick-Fil-A To Support Family Values

Don Redman, a Jacksonville, Florida councilman, who was also A VEGETARIAN FOR 35 YEARS, decided to eat a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich because he wanted to support family values. 35 YEARS!!!!

Why Neil Young Doesn't Need To Be Well-Read

A review of the rocker's new book dismisses his work as "artless" because his lyrics aren't influenced by literature, but music isn't really about words.

21 Adult Novelty Costumes Explained

Confused by all the men's costumes you're seeing in stores and online? This handy key will clue you in to the joke.

The Rise Of The Handwritten Note On Pinterest

"In a world where one could possibly get by without ever picking up a pen," one blogger and Pinterest user says, "[the] handwritten word just seems more raw and real to me."

Kim And Kanye Took A Super Awkward Picture Together

So let's have some fun with it. Seriously, neither one of them could crack a smile?

Why Is Talking About Twitter So Awkward IRL?

There is seriously no good way to do it. None!

The Lyrics To Paul Ryan's Curious Campaign Theme Song

Paul Ryan exits the stage to the AC/DC song "Rock 'N' Roll Train" at every campaign stop. Really.

Hayden Panettiere News - Hayden Panettiere Channels Her 'Nashville' Character In Country Chic Look

The setting of Hayden Panettiere's hit show Nashville is rubbing off on her style. Though she the 23-year-old actress has been in the Big Apple promoting her new show, she channeled her alter ego's …

The Least Convincing Action Heroes In Movie History

Here’s the thing about action movies in the ’90s: they’d put just about anybody in ‘em. The fact that a former bodybuilder became the biggest movie star in the land (in spite of his total lack of any acting ability — or reasonable diction —…

'Project Runway' Finale: Nina Garcia, Tim Gunn Spill Secrets

The Project Runway season 10 winner will be revealed in Thursday night's episode, and judge Nina Garcia and mentor Tim Gunn believe that viewers won't have a reason to complain. "There was a clear and definite winner," Garcia told reporters in a conference call Wednesday. "It was very unanimous, to be honest with you. ... There wasn't so much as a disagreement, or at least I didn't think so."

Tagg Romney Jokes About Taking A 'Swing' At Obama After Heated Debate

Mitt Romney's eldest son weighed in on the second presidential debate on Wednesday, joking that the debate's contentious nature made him want to "take a swing" at President Obama.

Bodyform: British Maxi Pad Company's Brilliant Snarky Response To Facebook Critique Of Feminine-hygeiene Ads. [VIDEO]

Making fun of “feminine product” ads is entry-level ad criticism. The blue water used to demonstrate the tampon or pad’s ability to absorb “liquid” (no mention of blood, of course)? The tendency of women to spin or climb to demonstrate how freely…

John Slattery From "Mad Men" Then And Now

Now we finally know what happens to Roger Sterling in the '70s.

Britney Spears' Incredibly Dramatic Head Turn

The best 5-second Britney Spears video you will ever see.

Fun. And Designer Rachel Antonoff Launch LGBT Ally Group

The music trio and designer teamed up this week to launch The Ally Coalition, the latest celeb non-profit to encourage action in support of LGBTQ equality.

Did Britney Spears Have An "Accident"?

It's okay, she can do no wrong.

Ken Marino Dressed As Tim Curry In "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

A beautiful sight from the set of Childrens Hospital. Rob Corddry was there, too!

10 Rock Albums That Were Impossible To Follow Up

It’s a familiar experience. There’s that one mind-blowingly great album you just can’t get enough of, an album of epic proportion. Then one day you learn that this beloved artist will be releasing a new album. A sense of dread-tinged anticipation…

Men Caught Staring At Women’s Butts :

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Even women get caught staring every once in a while… 28 And again 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36

Where We’re Going, You Won’t Need Bras (55 Photos)

[...] • There is no need to wear a bra today [...]

2012 Women In Hollywood Power List

ELLE presents the 2012 power list of showbiz mavens

Kate Beckinsale: Planet Blue Shopper!

Kate Beckinsale rocks blue jeans and a t-shirt with a pair of tan heels while out shopping on Wednesday (October 17) in Santa Monica, Calif.

UFO Or Cloud Formation Tops The Morning Links

The spotter claims the UFO appeared right before ten dead birds fell from the sky. Plus, twitter is censoring users and new evidence on how the moon formed.

Horrifying Images From The Aftermath Of Beirut Bombing

At least 8 are dead and 78 injured after Beirut's first bomb attack in four years. The blast's target was not immediately clear, but it's believed to be related to Lebanese groups divided over the conflict in Syria. (WARNING: Some may find these photos disturbing.)

40 Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos From Horror Movies

Things you probably thought you'd ever see: Hannibal Lecter eating a french fry.

The Best Of Kanye Wes Anderson

Mr. Wes meets Mr. West in this blog that matches up screencaps of Wes Anderson movies with Kanye West lyrics. Look at all the Futura!

31 Inspirational Style Quotes To Live By

The next time you need to justify an uncomfortable pair of heels, you'll have these lines to draw on. From Miss Piggy, Albert Einstein, Coco Chanel and more.

High School Kid Kicks What Would Be The NFL's Longest-Ever Field Goal

So, the strongest field-goal kicker in the world is, like, 17. What have you done with your life?

Chuck Todd Takes Heat Over Latest NBC Poll On Morning Joe

NBC's chief pollster pins this cycle's "ghost in the machine" on the difficult task of factoring in the early vote.

13 Stock Images From Political Ads And Where You've Seen Them Before

If you think you've seen these images in campaign ads before, it's because you probably have.

Watch This 22-Year-Old Who Just Won 30 Million Dollars

Sandeep "Sunny" Singh was "heartbroken" when his girlfriend broke up with him, but he thinks he'll be fine now. The only thing he can think of to do with the money is pay off his mom's mortgage and maybe go back to school, he put in his two weeks notice at Best Buy, and, if you close your eyes, he sounds exactly like Jesse Pinkman.

13 Adorable Sweaters For Your Favorite Foods

Bananas taste better cuddled up in knitwear.

Joanna Krupa From "The Real Housewives Of Miami" Forgot To Wear A Bra [NSFW]

She has also been named the sexiest model in the world, so if anyone is going to forget their bra, at least it was her. Also, I don't think she forgot her bra...I think it may have been intentional.

Kim Kardashian News - Kim Kardashian Flies In Style In Heels And Fur (PHOTOS)

After calling herself out for her recent fashion “don’t,” Kim Kardashian is taking her style game up a notch. Kardashian looked way to good to be stepping off a flight when she was snapped in this glam ensemble — but that’s exactly what she was…

Campaign Moves Into Final Phase, Driven By Electoral Math

The number of up for grabs states seems to be shrinking. And while Mitt Romney has a narrow but steady lead in the polls, Obama boasts the advantage in the electoral college math.

Girls Tugging Their Clothes :

Please nobody tell these girls how their clothes are supposed to work (33 Photos)

Britney Spears -- Buys $8.5 MILLION Mansion With Jason Trawick

Britney Spears has left Calabasas ... and moved into a brand new $8.5 MILLION mansion even further away from all of the Hollywood madness. The 8,456…

Politician Tells Male Moderator He's "Prettier" Than Candy Crowley

Democrat Richard Carmona has been trying to move past allegations he doesn't work well with women. This may not help.

Tom Hanks Dropped The F-Bomb On "GMA" This Morning

"He'll bleep that out" - The Interviewer. No, no he won't.

The Wonderful Weirdness Of Comic Con

Thought Chewbacca was sexy that time he said "arrrgrrrhrhrggrh"? Well of course you did. But he's even sexier when he's a hot chick, which is why we went to the Javits Center to take all sorts of photos at Comic Con.

Gender Income Inequality: Maps By County And By State

At the second presidential debate, one of the town hall participants posed a question to the candidates that surprised some journalists: “In what new ways to you intend to rectify the inequalities in the workplace, specifically regarding females…

If Matthew Fox Starred In A Lifetime Movie About Mitt Romney would look like this. Courtesy of last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live.

How To Survive In A Tiny Dorm Room With Two Roommates

I share a 192 square-foot room with two other people. How I'm making it work.

The Most Perfect Cookie Jar Ever Crafted

Look at that face. It says, "Hi I love you and there might be chocolate chip cookies in here, I dunno, but you better find out."

Courtney Stodden Reads Her "Rill" Tweets Out Loud

In what's surely the most confusing Funny Or Die video I've seen. Do I laugh? Cry? Is she in on the joke? I don't understand.

Minnesota Bans Coursera: State Takes Bold Stand Against Free Education.

Honorable mentions go to New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission for driving out Uber’s online taxi-hailing service and to automobile dealers’ groups in four states for trying to have Tesla dealerships declared illegal. But the grand prize in…

Nicole Richie Sniffs A Hunk For Ellen DeGeneres

Nicole Richie sniffs a shirtless hunk’s chest during a segment for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which airs on Thursday (October 18).

Ann Romney Talks About Being Pro-Life, Corrects Whoopi Goldberg On 'The View'

Mitt Romney may have skipped his scheduled appearance on The View, but his wife, Ann Romney, still had a lively chat with the hosts of the daytime talk show. STORY: Mitt Romney Cancels Appearance on 'The View'

Art Is The Worst

Fuck art. Dig a hole. Take a nap. Read a magazine. Cook a steak. Wash your hands. Call your mom. Buy some paper towel. Brush your hair. Eat an apple. Make your bed. Find a job. Start a book club. Write an email. Recycle. Go outside. Stay inside.…

Chevrolet Spark | Top New Cars Of 2013

Cars are Americans' most trusted servants. For 2013, automakers are making them more efficient, yes, but also smarter: Various new models can now read e-mail, find addresses, shuffle through music,...

Inside The Howard Phillips Vault: Nine Treasures From Nintendo's History From

fter emerging from his behind-the-scenes consulting role for a fantastic Classic Gaming Expo presentation, Howard Phillips has been a busy guy. The former Nintendo rep who held the title of "Game Master" for an entire decade has recently taken to…

Emma Watson Explains The Differences Between American And English Guys

Today on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Emma Watson will stop by to chat about her good-looking new movie, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. (Or rather, she already “stopped by” but they are airing it today, so let’s pretend.) Everything that tumbles…

Courtney Stodden’s 52-Year-Old Husband Defines “Child Molester”

Doug Hutchison, the 52-year-old man who married self-proclaimed teenager, Courtney Stodden, has FINALLY broken his LEGENDARY silence on the proper usage of the term “child molester.” OH THANK GOODNESS. At a certain point I was like, is this guy even…

Retro City Rampage Review For PS3, Vita From

For the best Reviews of Retro City Rampage for PS3, Vita, check out this page on

Candy Crowley: CNN Chief Praises Moderator For Superb Job With Obama And Romney

In an email to all CNN staff, the network's managing editor Mark Whitaker congratulated his anchoron her role as moderator and washing over the controversy over her effectively siding with Obama over Romney on a question concerning the U.S.…

CNN Tries To Blunt Romney Criticism Over Candy Crowley

CNN's Managing Editor sent an email around the office today, praising Candy Crowley and trying to blunt criticism that she was unfair to Mitt Romney.The…

'Arrested Development' Meme Crossovers From TheHighpantsResistance

Get pumped for the return of 'Arrested Development' by enjoying the unholy union of the Bluth Family and the internet meme.

Romney's Pro-Palestinian Wing Riles Israel Supporters

Romney will "work with a democratic Palestine and our ally Israel," says Hawatmeh." Obama "would be pilloried" for a similar move, complains Democrat Harris.

Joy Behar Looks Back On Ann Romney’s 'View' Visit

“Majority Report” host Sam Seder and political columnist Sophia Nelson join “Say Anything!” host Joy Behar to discuss Ann Romney’s visit to “The View.” On her visit, Joy asked Ann whether access to contraception was an economic issue. Ann Romney…

7 Totally Ridiculous Halloween Costumes For Couples (Why Does The Woman Always Have To Be The Half-Naked One??)

I'll admit, I've done the ridiculously sexy Halloween costume before. And by "ridiculously sexy" I'm not saying that I was off-the-charts hot. I'm saying, actually ridiculous. Like one time, I was basically a sexy taxi cab. I don't even know. My…

Freddie Mac Notes Rates Are Low, While Home Construction Picks Up

WASHINGTON, Oct. 18 (UPI) -- Fixed mortgage rates on long-term loans in the United States held close to record lows in the week ending Thursday, the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. said.

Sports On TV: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' 20 Greatest Sports Moments

This week, Sports On TV looks at the greatest sports moments of the 1990s karate-kids-and-robots classic Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. IT'S MORPHIN' TIME~!

The 15 Funniest TV Characters Right Now

Is Andy Dwyer the funniest character on TV? We know we struggle to keep a straight face every time Chris Pratt is on the screen in Parks and Recreation, between his sweetly doofy lines and his perfectly timed pratfalls. (As our colleague Kim Gardner…

Drop The Confetti, It’s Hump Day! (69 Photos)

[...] • PHOTOS: hump day never gets old [...]

The Arrested Development Documentary Project

Take a wistful look at banner, Michael.

Android's Business Failure: Motorola Is Costing Google Big Time.

There are so many plotlines to choose from in today's Google fiasco that it's hard to know which to choose. But long story short, they released their earnings report hours too early by accident, the numbers are bad, and the stock is tanking. The…

In Virginia Senate Debate, Moderation Wins Out Over Partisanship

Former partisan warriors Allen and Kaine show off a softer side for Commonwealth voters.

Cannonball On Frozen Pool

There isn't much to say about this one except I majored in German so it was easy for me to translate "Owa, mein Arsch" to "Ow, my ass."

Ashton Kutcher News - Ashton Kutcher Crowned TV's Highest Paid Actor, Dethrones Charlie Sheen

After scooping up Charlie Sheen‘s starring berth on the hit sitcom, Ashton Kutcher has dethroned his predecessor as TV’s highest paid actor on Forbes‘s annual list. According to the publication, Kutcher pulled in an estimated $24 million between May…

The Grid - Bars - River North - Thrillist Chicago

People always talk about how difficult it is to open a restaurant, but those people are clearly just whiny, lazy losers, because the crew behind Baume & Brix is at it again with The Grid. The subterranean lounge still gets some light from windows…

UrbanX Tavern - Bars - Downtown

UrbanX is both "an annual awards ceremony to honor achievement in ethnic p**nography" (look it up!) and a Germanic-looking sports bar just steps from Staples Center, with long common tables, nine flatscreens (including a 120" monster), a 55ft-long…

60-Cent Burgers At Tops - Food - Pasadena

To celebrate their 60th anniversary, your grandparents are going to have gross old-sex and watch CSI. And while they're doing that, you'll be out at Pasadena landmark Tops celebrating their 60th anniversary Friday and Saturday by having 60c Tops…

Contemporary Log Cabins For Cozy Winter Months

We don’t need Game of Thrones to warn us that winter is coming. People are already dragging out their SAD lamps and wrapping themselves in bulky sweaters as fall temperatures take a dive. It’s one of our favorite times of the year, and we definitely…

10 Terrifying TV Episodes To Stream Now!

This month we’ve been counting down 50 Essential Horror Films, but if you’re more of a TV fan or find yourself short on time, we recommend checking out one of these terrifying episodes. Are you afraid to drive on highways at night? Do you find…

Flavorwire » The Official ‘American Horror Story

Flavorwire: Cultural news and critique from Flavorpill

Fascinating Photos Shot Inside Google’s Private Data Centers

Have you ever wondered where your data lives? We’re not speaking metaphorically. We mean the exact, physical location that houses the network of servers and fiber-optic cables that make our ever-expanding virtual lives possible. Where the Internet…

The Onion Spoofs TED Talks In Hilarious New Video Series

Flavorwire: Cultural news and critique from Flavorpill

NBC Cancels 'Animal Practice,' Adds 'Whitney' To Schedule

NBC's Animal Practice is closing its doors. The comedy, whose ratings have struggled in the 8 p.m. Wednesday slot, will be taken off the schedule, leaving a window for recently shelved Friday series Whitney. PHOTOS: The Odds on Which Fall Shows Will Survive

'American Horror Story': Get To Know The Residents Of The 'Asylum' And What's Next

Gone is the Harmons' haunted Murder House. In its place, Briarcliff Manor, an asylum for the criminally insane that's being operated by Jessica Lange's Sister Jude, who makes American Horror Story's Constance Langdon look like a lovely woman.

Uma Thurman Names Daughter Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson

Uma Thurman has just given identity thieves what may be the biggest challenge of all time. The 42-year old actress gave birth to a daughter in July, but kept the name of the baby girl -- her first child with fiance Arpad Busson -- under wraps all summer. Now, Thurman's publicist has finally revealed the bundle of joy's name: Rosalind… Or, as her family calls her, Luna.

Barbra Streisand Pens DCCC Letter Appeal

While President Obama got an assist for Bruce Springsteen on the campaign trail, Barbra Streisand sang the praise of his fellow Democrats in Congress. The singer, who is a long-time Dem activist and has performed at fundraisers for Obama, penned a note to the mailing list of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that relayed an urgent message and appeal for donations.

Watching The Second Presidential Debate–With The Sound Off

In the first ever town hall-style debate between Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush, a single visual cue changed history: Bush looked down at his watch while an audience member asked a question, which is about as taboo as having pizza delivered on…

Debate Watch: The Fact-Check Heard Round The World

We didn’t have that at the Hofstra town hall debate last night. But we did have, for one question at least, Candy Crowley.

College Is Dead. Long Live College!

Can a new breed of online megacourses finally offer a college education to more people for less money?

“Going Native” | South Park

A Butters-centered episode visits Hawaii and, despite some great moments, is ultimately a promising premise gone awry.

7 Little Things That Make Me Feel Unbelievably Healthy (What's On Your List?)

I have a list of things that, without fail, (even on days when I'm sleep-deprived and have splurged on something I wish I didn't) always make me feel healthy. And when you feel healthy and proud of your choices, your more likely to continue to make…

Weight Loss News: The Crazy Thing That's Feeding Your Body's Fat Cells

What if I told you that a certain habit of yours could be feeding your body’s fat cells, leading to weight gain? It might be happening to you if you do this......

Our Office Is All Riled Up Over This Burning Question

Over these past few months, I've gotten used to some incredibly heated debate here at Glamour HQ. No, I'm not talking Presidential (though there's always that going on, too) -- I mean Housewives. Three of our editors here talk Housewives (yes, it…

Peanut Butter Recall Now Includes Raw And Roasted Nuts

The ongoing peanut recall, which first resulted in hundreds of Trader Joe's peanut butter jars being pulled from shelves and since grew to include 14 different brands, now officially includes raw and roasted nuts. Thirty-five people across 19…

Hacktivists 'Reveal' Stalker Of Amanda Todd, Who Told Bullying Story On YouTube Before Committing Suicide

A hacktivist group claims to have identified the tormentor of Amanda Todd, the teenager who bravely shared her story of bullying and torment on YouTube weeks before she committed suicide. The 15-year-old was mercilessly bullied, taunted and driven…

Will Obama Debate Performance Shift Presidential Polls?

WASHINGTON -- In the aftermath of Tuesday night's second presidential debate, observers are speculating over whether the stronger-perceived performance by President Barack Obama will produce a shift in the polls. For the moment, the HuffPost…

Romney 'Binders Full Of Women' Debate Remark Inspires Tumblr, Facebook Page And Twitter Account

Responding to a question about equal pay during Tuesday evening's town hall style presidential debate, Mitt Romney launched into an account of the efforts he claimed to have made to include women in his cabinet when he was the governor of…

Chelsea Handler And Sarah Colonna 2012 Power List

ELLE presents the 2012 power list of showbiz mavens

Ryan Gosling & Rooney Mara: Slow Dance For ‘Terrence Malick Project’

Ryan Gosling holds Rooney Mara close as they film an intimate slow dance scene for The Untitled Terrence Malick Project on Tuesday (October 16) in Austin, Tex.

Natalie Portman: Ice Cream Tasting With Aleph!

That ice cream shop is Amy’s Ice Creams in Austin and they do sell vegan ice cream there.

Hugh Jackman & Psy Dance ‘Gangnam Wolverine Style’!

Hugh Jackman and South Korean Internet sensation Psy do the “Gangnam Style” dance together on Tuesday (October 16) on the set of Wolverine in Sydney, Australia.

Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel Throw Pre-Wedding Beach Bash In Italy

With their nuptials imminent, the pair hosted over 50 guests, including Andy Samberg, for dinner, drinks and fireworks Wednesday

Kate Gosselin Fired From CouponCabin Blogging Job

"Some nine-plus years ago, I started CouponCabin with the thought of creating a single website that had all the best coupons . . . no gimmicks, no fluff, just a site that was easy to use and that had great deals," founder Scott Kluth wrote. "A…

Nick Offerman Strips For Charity From Nick Offerman And Funny Or Die

In anticipation of Night of Too Many Stars, airing October 21st at 8pm on Comedy Central, Nick Offerman will strip for charity.

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