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October 4, 2012

Lehrer's Frustration: He Only Had 90 Minutes

In a statement, debate moderator Jim Lehrer defends his 36th debate, but wanted more time. "My only real personal frustration was discovering that ninety minutes was not enough."

Obama: "Uh"

Even the president's most loyal fans have got to be getting annoyed with this.

11 Shades Of Mitt Romney

Many have speculated about the presidential candidate's tan. The cause of his changing televised color — makeup, lighting, or something else — remains unclear. But, different shades of foundation seem like a likely culprit.

Let's Make Pro-Hedgehog Propaganda Together

Hedghogs are the next big thing because of how awesome they are, but the Internet doesn't know it yet. This is where the BuzzFeed Community comes in: Add your best hedgehog propaganda below - posters, slogans, videos - whatever you like, and we will collect the best ideas and deploy them in the next stage of our campaign. Add yours in the comments! For the hedgehogs!

Anderson Cooper Basically Hates Star Jones

Star Jones beware, because you have officially been COOPERED (is that a thing?). Anderson told Star off when Andy Cohen was co-hosting with him on his daytime show and asked if Cooper felt different now that "it [coming out] was all behind him."

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