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October 4, 2012

15 Things That Have Happened Since The Last Time Baseball Had A Triple Crown

Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera finished the regular season leading the league in batting average, home runs, and RBIs. That's something no one's done in a long, long time. How long? Well...

Things To Ban Instead Of Commonly Banned Books

Commonly Banned: Bridge To Terabithia, by Katherine Paterson. Ban Instead: Rope swings over rain-swollen creeks; heartbreak. Commonly Banned: A Wrinkle In Time, by Madeleine L’Engle. Ban Instead: Any doubts that you are powerful and that Calvin O’K…

For Some, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz Goes Too Glam

Critics call her "almost unrecognizable" in a Vogue profile. So what?

Lehrer's Frustration: He Only Had 90 Minutes

In a statement, debate moderator Jim Lehrer defends his 36th debate, but wanted more time. "My only real personal frustration was discovering that ninety minutes was not enough."

Stop Blaming Lena Dunham's Success On "Nepotism"

Her parents aren't even that famous. What we're talking about here is actually privilege.

A Beautiful Baseball Story That Will Make You Cry

Why you should be cheering for the A's in the playoffs.

Cookie Monster Finally Discovered The Cookie Source

Cookies come from the store? And you can just buy them whenever you want?!

Taylor Swift's Time-Travelling Wardrobe

According to her clothes, mostly she thinks she lives in the 1950s, but some other days she time travels.

Disney Redefines Princess

Well, sort of.


So I made numerous trips to the area for job interviews and to see Shannon. I finally got a job a year after she left and moved there, living separately from her. Over the next two and a half years, she broke up with me three times. I would continue…

Help This Chimp With His Work!

Go ahead, he won't mind.

Ask Polly: I Can’t Get Over This Crush

Appearing here Wednesdays, Turning The Screw provides existential crisis counseling for the faint of heart. "Vibrant confirmations of your worst fears!"

Royce White Is Willing To Fight For His Mental Health

A potential NBA star won't report to camp until his team agrees to take measures to help him deal with his crippling anxiety disorder.

What Baby Shoes Look Like To Snooki

Leopard and zebra print.

Obama: "Uh"

Even the president's most loyal fans have got to be getting annoyed with this.

PBS Fires Back At Romney With Twitter Ad Buy

Public broadcasting taking Romney at his word. "PBS is trusted, valued and essential."

Barack Obama Takes Beyonce's Fashion Advice

Unlike Mitt Romney, Barack remembered the all-important, Beyoncé-endorsed tie dimple.

The Strange And Somewhat Sad Post-Debate Google Searches

The day after, as pundits argued over how badly Obama bombed, ordinary people were asking who won — and whether Obama eats dog.

33 Chairs That Can Be Compared To Facebook

So Facebook thinks it's a chair. This is actually starting to make a lot of sense.

BUZZNET Exclusive: Cassadee Pope Talks All Time Low's 'Backseat Serenade' On Cassadeepope's Blog

My good friends in All Time Low had me sing on a track for their upcoming album Don't Panic and I LOVE how it turned out! I'm singing harmonies with Alex on Backseat Serenade. It has an explosive chorus and that's really why I was so excited to be a…

Jerry Seinfeld REALLY Loves The Word "Really"

So much that he wrote an op-ed to the New York Times writer who called it "lazy." That and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Nicki Minaj Curses Out Mariah Carey On 'American Idol'

All is not well in American Idol land. There had been reports last month that Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj were feuding, but both went on to deny those claims. It seems like they weren't so far off after all. A video showing Minaj snapping at fe…

Presidential Debate 2012: Mitt Romney Celebrates As Obama Aide Admits Defeat

Mitt Romney beamed as he boarding his campaign plane today in the wake of his massive victory in the first presidential debate - but Barack Obama's campaign team was fighting to press the reset button.

Why Girl Geeks & Gamers Aren't Faking It

BlackNerdComedy nailed it. Yep, ladies have to pretend to like nerd culture because otherwise they'd never get attention from guys, right?

8 Fake "Louie" Episodes That Haven't Happened Yet

The Twitter Fake Louie Episodes is so spot on in coming up with episodes of one of TV's best shows that it might as well be run by the man himself.

TreadWall Takes Treadmills To Their Horrifying, Logical Conclusion

You'll either think this is brilliant or hell. All the fun of rock climbing without all that pesky risk of death.

Romney Contradicts Himself On Cutting Taxes Of The Wealthy From Earlier Debate

The Republican presidential nominee said he wouldn't lower the share of the burden higher income people pay in taxes at the debate Wednesday night. In a February Republican primary debate, Romney said he would cut taxes for everybody "including the top one percent."

27 Reasons Why A Billion People Should Not Be Allowed To Use Facebook

There are now one billion people on Facebook. It might seem like a good thing, but trust me: it just means more of THIS.

Pressure To Be Thin May Come From Genes More Than Environment

A new study finds that girls' desire to look like skinny models in magazines may be influenced more by their genes than by their exposure to the magazines themselves.

Chicago Cops Uncover Urban Cannabis Forest And Other Links

The farm was almost as big as two football fields. Plus, scary South American monsters and bizarre cookie ingredients.

Biden Says He And Obama "Want To Raise Taxes By A Trillion Dollars"

"In one regard" — letting the Bush tax cuts expire. Straight talk from the Vice President in Iowa.

Downhill Skateboarder Hits Deer

Videos of downhill skateboard racing make me nervous, here's one reason why. "Oh, deer." "That skateboarder deer

A Woman Showed Her Loyalty To Dale Earnhardt With Two Giant Tattoos

In a Tweet to a Yahoo! writer, a female NASCAR fan showed off two enormous Dale Earnhardt tattoos that she recently had done.

The Terrible, Fascinating World Of Hate-Blogs

Jessica Grose: We're here to talk about hate-blogs. In my novel, Sad Desk Salad (shameless self promotion alert), the heroine and her coworkers at a women's website called Chick Habit are plagued by a hate-blogger who reblogs their posts and puts up…

The Most Inspiring Photos From Pet Fit Club

Congrats to all of you! Now keep it up!

Liam Neeson Goes On SportsCenter, Curses On The Air

Plus he says he knows nothing about football, and the anchor still asks him about Tim Tebow. We get it, ESPN. You love Tim Tebow.

SuperPAC Attacks Romney With 12 Sad Sesame Street Images

In a new online ad campaign from the pro-Obama SuperPAC American Bridge 21st Century, it's not just Big Bird who's pissed at Romney. "No wedding bells for Bert and Ernie after 43 years."

The Greatest Hits Of The Hulk Hogan Sex Tape

This one will kick you right in the childhood. WARNING: We've scrubbed the naughtiest bits, but salty language ahoy!

What Happens When You Try To Visit Dawson's Creek

A dear friend of mine made the trek down to Wilmington, North Carolina and was met by a scary man with a gun. In other words, DON'T BOTHER!

Emma Stone Thinks Deep Thoughts In The Park

What's on your mind Emma??

Who's Snaking Miley Cyrus' Style On Patty's Blog

Miley Cyrus is best known for her edgy, trendy style and taking risks along with it. After all, this is the gal who chopped off her signature long locks and is currently rocking a super-short 'do. While most girls wouldn't dare pull such a drastic m…

Female Marine Passes Day 1 Of Tough, Secretive Officer Course

The U.S. Marine Corps is allowing women to take its Infantry Officer Course for the first time. Of the two women enrolled in the inaugural mixed-gender class, one passed the first of 86 days.

The Five Biggest Resident Evil Rip-Offs From

Carrier wants to be Resident Evil so bad that a disembodied and ominous voice growls its title before you can even start a new game -- it's actually kind of cute. Though Jaleco does a lousy job at hiding their inspiration, Carrier contains one notab…

U.S. Presidential Debate 2012: Mitt Romney Celebrates As Obama Aide Admits Defeat

Mitt Romney beamed as he boarding his campaign plane today in the wake of his massive victory in the first presidential debate - but Barack Obama's campaign team was fighting to press the reset button.

10 Warm Halloween Costumes For Lazy Geeks

Correction: WEALTHY, lazy geeks. Full zip hoodies were disqualified on the basis of being soooo 2011.

Tyra Banks Clearly Has No Idea What A "Muffin Top" Is

You can't call a back that's attached to a washboard stomach a muffin top. Plus, a back muffin top is NOT A THING. That's just back fat.

PBS Grows Increasingly Hostile Toward Mitt Romney

The reaction goes from playful to blistering.

Dumb Interviewer Calls Christina Hendricks "Full-Figured" To Her Face

During an interview with the Australian Sun-Herald, Christina Hendricks refused to answer a question about being an "inspiration to full-figured women." Off camera, Christina replied, "I think calling me full-figured is just rude."

Bobby Valentine And The Red Sox: A Season In Grimaces

The Red Sox announced on Twitter that the unpopular manager had gotten the axe today. But body language says Bobby knew this was coming.

How To Wear Boots

So many types of men's boots, so many mistakes. Here's how to chose one that's right for you.

Most Football Snaps Of A Frozen Turkey Taken By Lingerie Football League Players On A Morning Radio Show

Tags: most, wildcard, turkey, Thanksgiving, snap, lingerie, Lingerie Football League, morning show, LFL

Blogger-Turned-Author Says Women Get "Pilloried" More Than Men On The Internet

Jessica Grose talks about her new novel about a women's blog, and how it relates to the real, sometimes stressful life of a woman writing on the internet.

11 Shades Of Mitt Romney

Many have speculated about the presidential candidate's tan. The cause of his changing televised color — makeup, lighting, or something else — remains unclear. But, different shades of foundation seem like a likely culprit.

Stop What You're Doing And Watch The New Lil Bub Video

The world's most adorable freak of nature is back!

Murder Vicariously With "Choose Your Own Revenge"

Word to the wise, don't steal Naomi's pizza. The only downside to this interactive YouTube video is you only get to make one choice.

Meet Jamani Love, 4'5" Tall Basketball Superstar

Respect, respect, respect. This guy is a total badass.

How To Get Babes Into Your Floating Hot Tub

The Hot Tug is a hot tub/boat made in the Netherlands, and it's the ultimate pick up artist tool.

7 Beautiful Vintage-fied Tech Logos

What a difference a font makes. Via Gizmodo.

Beyonce Lets Blue Ivy Have $798 Ruthie Davis Shoes

After seeing the crazy first birthday haul that Mariah Carey's twins Monroe and Moroccan pulled in (think red, pint-size Ferrari), we weren't all that surprised when People reported that 8-month-old Blue Ivy already owns a $798 pair of designer kick…

Sports On TV: The Simpsons' 20 Greatest Golden Age Sports Moments

Key line: "Cheer up! So you're not good at sports: it's a very small part of life." "Sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, sports ... Marge, Bart rides up in the front seat today because he's a good guy at sports."

Let's Make Pro-Hedgehog Propaganda Together

Hedghogs are the next big thing because of how awesome they are, but the Internet doesn't know it yet. This is where the BuzzFeed Community comes in: Add your best hedgehog propaganda below - posters, slogans, videos - whatever you like, and we will collect the best ideas and deploy them in the next stage of our campaign. Add yours in the comments! For the hedgehogs!

K-Stew Shows Her K-Boobs In Her New Movie

The flick is called "On The Road" which is based off the book by Jack Kerouac of the same name. [NSFW]

The 50 Hottest, Most Glamorous Photos Of Tommy Lee In The '80s

Tommy Lee turned 50-YEARS-OLD yesterday. 50!!!! Let's reminisce about how pretty he was back then.

Presidential Debate Questions That Should Be Asked (But Won't Be) @

The American people deserve answers to these vital questions.

Ann Coulter On Having Dated Liberals: 'I'm Horrified But It Was A Long Time Ago'

Controversial conservative author Ann Coulter tells “Say Anything!” host Joy Behar that she regrets having dated liberals in her younger years. She also tells Joy that Playboy once asked her to pose in the nude.

Does World Of Warcraft Disqualify This Woman From Maine's State Senate?

Colleen Lachowicz is a State Senate candidate by day, "orc assassination rogue" by night. Or does facing off with troglodytes and balancing a life and a raid schedule make her MORE qualified?

Encumbrance Value: Finding The Horror In Limited Inventory From

evelopers still ponder how to best handle inventory systems. With the numerous tools that games throw at players to help them come quandaries about what limits to place on these tools. Allowing players to hold as much as they want is convenient, but…

Honey Boo Boo Meets "South Park"

Time for some 'sketti wrestling. Oh, and Michelle Obama was there, too!

A Guide To The Social Media Lifecycle Of All Major News Events

These 16 things are guaranteed to happen every time.

Harry Potter Astrology

Everyone break out the horoscopes to see whose Fan Fic is in line with the stars.

11 Adorable Cats With Horribly Depressing News

"Sometimes the truth doesn't have to hurt. Mostly it does though."

Kool Aid Comic That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Never trust a giant talking jug of fruit drink that breaks through your living room wall.

Swing State Newspapers Declare Romney Winner

What the voters who actually matter are reading.

Anderson Cooper Basically Hates Star Jones

Star Jones beware, because you have officially been COOPERED (is that a thing?). Anderson told Star off when Andy Cohen was co-hosting with him on his daytime show and asked if Cooper felt different now that "it [coming out] was all behind him."

Honey Boo Boo Is Always Watching

Is this what keeps Anderson Cooper motivated?

43 DIY Ways To Add Some Much-Needed Sparkle To Your Life

They call glitter "the herpes of crafting supplies." It's sticky as hell, yes, but I say: May it never go away. Glitter is forever.

Endangered Foods Tops The Morning Links

Bacon isn't the only thing we're eating into extinction. Plus, Netflix stock is on the rebound and brides can be crazy or cool.

31 Dogs Who Are Totally Stoned Right Now

Colorado vets say since weed has become legalized in their state they've seen a rise in stoner dogs. How bad could it be?

Professional Boxing Has Its First Openly Gay Man

Orlando Cruz, a Puerto Rican featherweight, could also have a shot at a title soon.

21 Faces Of Pure Joy

This is what happiness looks like.

Here Are The Blades You Need For The Zombie Apocalypse

We tested out an arsenal of weapons featured on The Walking Dead to see which ones would work best for fighting zombies. Get ready.

It's Official, Rihanna And Chris Brown Are Hanging Out Again

They are hanging out. Who knows what they are doing while hanging out, but they are definitely hanging out.

Obama Vs. Romney Presidential Debate Fact-Check

Romney’s figure for the rise in health-care costs was wrong. Obama’s $4 trillion number was inaccurate. The Daily Beast turns to the Internet's most

Facebook's First Major Ad Is Wickedly Overdramatic

Facebook says Facebook is like a chair. A doorbell. A dance floor. A great nation. Facebook is EVERYTHING.

16 Kids Who Are Not Excited For Halloween

Someone dressed them up in these ridiculous costumes and now they are so sad.

Anne Hathaway Wedding Photos

A movie princess gets her happily ever after! Actress Anne Hathaway married her longtime beau, actor and jewelry designer Adam Shulman, on Sept. 29 in Big Sur, Calif. According to People, the Dark Knight Rises star, 29, wore a custom-designed Valent…

The Big Debate Loser Was KitchenAid

Their social team tweeted a horribly tasteless non-joke about Barack Obama's dead grandmother.

Survival History: A Resident Evil Retrospective From

However, many fans from the earlier era view RE4 as the beginning of the death of RE as a minimal-action survival horror series. Even in 2012, RE4 and its successors are hot topics among series fans that remain attached to the earlier gameplay style…

The Internet Responds To The Presidential Debate

The first debate was declared not a victory for either Obama or Romney, but for silly memes. The internet had a field day with Big Bird, but their efforts were aimed at multiple targets.

Mitt Romney Is Finally Running For President

A pivot to the center ends his long and painful campaign to win over the Republican party. Government — it's not so bad after all!

The Whole Presidential Debate In 121 Seconds

Pretend you saw all 90 minutes by watching this.

All The Times Jim Lehrer Got Steamrolled By Mitt Romney

Romney apparently had two opponents during the first debate: the President and the moderator. Watch Lehrer struggle to get a word in.

The Internet Responds To Mitt Romney's "Big Bird" Moment

During Wednesday's Presidential debate, Mitt Romney said that he loved Big Bird, while also saying that he planned on cutting funding to PBS. The Internet had a field day.

The Romneys Are "Friday Night Lights" Fans

The campaign takes a cue from the Dillon Panthers.

Capitol Hill Democrats Reject Romney Overture

“You can take the 'Pants on Fire' rating to the bank on that one,” says Schumer's spokesman.

Republicans Loved Jim Lehrer

"The mark of a good moderator here is to not be a part of the story."

The Obama Campaign's "Testy" Spin Flops

In the spin room, Obama officials try to make the "testy" charge stick. Reporters aren't buying it.

Close-Reading Your Boss' Brief Emails: A Guide For The Anxious

"What do you do / with a B.A. in English? / What is my life going to be?" -Avenue Q Yay, thank you! You are crushing it. Or your boss is 22 years old, but you're probably still crushing it. Thank you!! Your boss is very happy with you, but is al…

11 Great Tweets From The First Presidential Debate

"Y'all stop making fun of Jim Lehrer, this is his Make-A-Wish."

The Press Watches The Debate From The Worst Seats In The Country

Where the Wi-Fi is $175, and it sometimes works.

President Obama's Debate Summed Up In Three Photos

Of all the photos coming out of Wednesday's Presidential debate, three seemed to define how the night went for President Obama.

Chris Matthews Unloads On Obama: "Where Was Obama Tonight...What Was He Doing?"

The MSNBC host said Obama can't handle another two more debate performances like his debate tonight.

PlayStation Mobile For Vita Shows Promise Thanks To Super Crate Box

You can now find a variety of cheap games from independent developers on Vita.

TV Rivals Pan Jim Lehrer At First Debate

The longtime presidential debate moderator let the candidates push him around repeatedly on Wednesday.

9 Reasons "Just For Men" Is Trending In The U.S. Tonight

Twitter picks the true star of the debate — men's haircoloring.

Obama Praises RomneyCare: "Governor Romney Did A Good Thing"

The President praised the Massachusetts plan that served as a model for ObamaCare.

Ann Romney Vs. Michelle Obama: Battle Of The Skirt Suits

Ann Romney may have looked slightly trendier than bona fide fashion icon Michelle in her all-white ensemble (it's a bold move, this many days after Labor Day). Whose debate look do you prefer?

Presidential Debate Drinking Games: A Guide

We round up the best Obama vs. Romney debate drinking games circulating the web. [WARNING: Please drink legally and responsibly]

How Mitt Romney Won The First Debate

By standing on the stage with the president as an equal.

Conservatives, Obamans, Occupiers And Freaks Mix Outside Debate

"If I was contacted by the Gary Johnson people I would have gone with them."

Great Halloween Costumes For Babies

You might have two toddlers with a zillion costume ideas between them or maybe it's your first baby's first Halloween. No matter your costume conundrum, here are our picks for the season's cutest (and easiest-to-conjure) costumes. Baby

Beer, Bourbon And Lowered Expectations

The latest viral buzz from

Holly Valance Wedding: A Dress With A 15ft Veil, Katy Perry Flown In To Sing And A £3m Bill

Happy ever afters come in all shapes and sizes, and when you have spent £2 million and rising on your big day, there is bound to be a sense that every last stop — however vulgar — has been pulled out.

How To Make 17th-Century Delights: Curd Cakes

As 17th-century delights go, curd cakes sounded good. Kinda like comfort food. When the two of us first came across the recipe, we placed bets on where curd cakes might fall on the Elegance-Meter. Were they dukes or peasants? Might (Dame) Maggie Smi…

Mitt Romney Enjoying A Game Of Jenga Before The Debate

He didn't join in on camera, because we all remember what happened last time...

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