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October 18, 2012

99 Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

I've never seen so much household organizational porn collected in one place before. Tumblr should get a Nobel Peace Prize for propagating such useful information so far and wide. A couple of examples:

Ellie Goulding "Anything Could Happen" 10/17/12 @

Ellie Goulding plays a track off her new album Halcyon

OJ Simpson Might Be Trying To Sell His Alleged Murder Weapon

As always, if a story comes from the National Enquirer and is picked up by the likes of Perez Hilton and the Daily Mail, then we need to take it with a grain of salt, but after everything that OJ Simpson has been through over the past 17 years, f*ck…

Barack Obama On Benghazi: 'If Four Americans Get Killed, It's Not OPTIMAL'

President Barack Obama, during an interview to be shown on Comedy Central, has responded to a question about his administration's communications after the Benghazi attack, responded by saying: 'If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal.'


I saw this last election when McCain and Obama spoke at this black tie dinner. It was truly amazing. It's a roast. They do standup at each others expense! You

Overpasses Takes Wildlife Over Grand Teton Highway In Wyoming

TRAPPER'S POINT, Wyo., Oct. 17 (UPI) -- New overpasses over a highway in Wyoming will safeguard both wildlife and people by preventing animal-auto accidents, conservationists say.

How Eva Longoria Turned A Teen's Tweet Into A Scandal

The actress retweeted a young follower's anti-Romney message, and then deleted it. Now critics are attacking the teenager.

Mark Hamill On Romney Repeatedly Interrupting President Obama

Actor Mark Hamill (“Star Wars,” “Sushi Girl”) joins Cenk, Jayar Jackson and Michael Shure to break down President Obama’s and Mitt Romney’s debate styles. Hamill says, “I love the idea of an open debate like in France …, but it’s almost like…

Inside New York's Last Sensory Deprivation Tank

Here's the thing to know about Sam Zeiger—the curly-haired, fifty-something hippie who owns the last sensory deprivation tank in New York: he's not going to murder you. At least he didn't murder me. Unless he did, and blogging forever is just one…

How The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Went From Plain To Insane

What used to be a straightforward presentation of lingerie has become a panty- and wing-themed rock concert full of rock hard abs, bra stuffing, and enough glitter to cover a continent.

Before Jeter: Yankee Shortstops From Hell

To see what a Jeter-less future might look like for the Yankees, the answer may be in the Jeter-less past.

The Vertical Back

Could high jumpers revolutionize short-yardage situations in the NFL?

The 21 Most Awkward Situations In History

Hey, are things getting awkward for you? Trust me, it could always be worse.

The Mystery Of The Vanishing Feature From

A look at ambitious features that went missing from final releases.

Drake Graduates From High School At 25

Good job, Drake! That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup.

50 Cringe-Inducing Attempts At Human Speech In Games

SE-GA. Video game voices in the 90s sounded more like robots learning to mimic human speech patterns.

The 20 Most Adorable Pit Bull Puppy Pictures Ever

Happy Pit Bull Awareness Month! P.S. Are you in love with pit bulls now? Adopt.

Exploding Ponies In The Name Of Art And Other Links

Pinkie Pie doesn't look so good. Plus, Halloween weddings and Will Ferrell in Sweden.

Livestrong Charity Asks For Donations Day After Scandal, Doesn't Mention Lance Armstrong

In an email, the CEO urges Livestrong's community to "pull together."

Virginia Health Commissioner Quits Over Abortion Restrictions

"My ability to fulfill my duties is compromised."

Joaquin Pheonix Thinks The Oscars Are "Bull-Sh*t"

He also comapres them to bad-tasting carrots.

Romney Voters Love Lady Gaga, Obama Voters Love "The Dark Knight"

That and other revelations from StumbleUpon's data mine. Republican and Democrats differ on pop culture, media, and entertainment as much as they do on their candidates.

10 Pieces Of Proof That Llamas Are Jerks

The petting zoo tells you not to punch the llamas. There's a reason they had to put up a sign.

Honey Boo Boo Discovers A Cupcake ATM

A story in nine pictures.

The Awesomely Geeky Artwork Of Inshoo

Amongst other things, Korean artist Inshoo has rebooted classic heroines from childhood as steampunk Art Nouveau bad-asses.

Ann Romney's Photo Problem

Ann is not photographed nearly enough or as well as Michelle Obama. She's just not as exciting, said a Times photographer.

18 Terrible Things To Get While Trick-Or-Treating

Finding any of this crap mingling with your precious Halloween haul is a total buzzkill.

12 Board Games That Should Not Exist

Internet memes, "Jersey Shore," and ESPECIALLY Zynga ripoffs-of-board-games-turned-back-into-board-games are an affront to gaming. They must be stopped.

"Wreck-It Ralph" Releases Hero's Duty Commercial

The biggest duty of all. Honestly, who wouldn't play a FPS voiced by Jane Lynch?

Sexy Fruit And Vegetable Costumes Are Apparently A Thing

These are all real costumes available for sale.

Finance Editor: Full Economic Recovery Won't Happen Until Women Are Equal

"Businesses run better when women are treated equally, when women are on the board of directors, when women are involved in startups... You can't really picture an America where the economy recovers while 50 percent of its citizens aren't treated equally."

Obama Discussed His Religion On The View In March 2008

Contrary to Fox News' current lead story, Obama has been asked about his religion on the daytime talk show. He did so in an interview in March 2008.

Bruce Springsteen Campaigns For Obama

The Boss returned to the trail for the President, talking about universal health care, Wall Street regulation, and abortion.

Nicki Minaj Looks Exactly Like Rita Repulsa From Power Rangers

Check out our definitive Nicki Minaj/Rita Repulsa facial expression chart.

Drew Gooden's Hair Is Terrifying

I don't understand what's happening here!

College Paper Cartoonist Fired Because Of "Homophobic" Strip

The Arizona Daily Wildcat has apologized.

6 Pictures That Prove Pain Au Chocolat Is SO SAD

DESPAIR, LOATHING, BREAKFAST. Putting the pain back in pain au chocolat.

Don't Kill The Messenger - Style

Making briefcases that're “wild in outlaw spirit”, BK's Gold Rush hand-constructs each of its four models from boot leather, giving them "the aesthetic traditions of the American west" and a better chance to kick ass.

D.L. Hughley: Mitt Romney Talked To President Obama 'Like A Man Talking To His Servant'

"It’s like Mitt Romney learned manners from watching '50s TV shows." —D.L. Hughley

15 Controversial Newsweek Covers

How the magazine spent its final years in print.

40 Personal DIY Details From Real Weddings

The weddings of strangers are always fun to look at – whether you're planning a wedding yourself, throwing a party, or just daydreamin'. All of these examples are from real couples who found unique ways to imbue their wedding day with personality and love.

Why Google Could Be In Serious Trouble

The company's leaked earnings have sent its stock tumbling — shares have even been halted. Google isn't losing money yet, but it is losing its main moneymaker. A dire outlook for one of the tech greats.

Photos: Gisele In Her Last Trimester

No, that's not a melon under her dress.

Quiz: Is Coco Wearing A Halloween Costume Or Not?

Because sometimes it's a little hard to tell. (We love you, Coco!!!)

New Obama Ad "Seen" Edits Out The Context Of Romney's Remarks

The ad edits out that Romney was speaking of a hypothetical situation where it was the consensus of the country to ban abortion. Romney adds "that's not where we are today. That's not where America is." Romney reiterates in the 2007 debate that his position was to return the abortion issue to states, which is also not shown in the Obama campaign ad.

X Factor Fans Furious At Fox Over Programming Error During Baseball

That’s it, the extent of my knowledge of the show in a nutshell. Oh, and now I also know that the show is on hiatus thanks to the Major League Baseball postseason, and holy hell does that have the show’s fans in a poorly-spelled uproar. Last night…

The 3 Best Photos From The 2012 Kyrgyzstan Cat Show

Kyrgyzstan cat shows are apparently the best.

Kennedy Attacked Romney For Lack Of Women At Bain In 1994 Ad: "Exclusively White And Male"

In Romney's failed 1994 bid for Senate, Ted Kennedy hit Romney for the lack of women at Bain Capital in an ad. Romney responded in a debate by mentioning the highest paid employee at Bain was a women and the chairman of the board was a women.

Don't Blame Tina Brown

The magazine cover is dead. Next: homepages?

Why Newsweek Used To Be Cool

To a high school senior in 2002, that is.

The 25 Absolute Best Pictures Of Zac Efron On The Internet

All hail Zefron on his 25th birthday. Also, hi Zac, call me.

Jeremy Evans Wants You To Be Excited For The NBA Season

And he put together one of the most impressive ten second periods the NBA has seen in a while. Now if only he could do this ever again.

Chris Christie Defends Urban Spending As Only Chris Christie Can

At a town hall, Gov. Christie pushes back against a voter who complains Newark residents are leeching her tax dollars. "Give the microphone back."

A Cash-Strapped Greek Soccer Team Is Now Sponsored By A Brothel

And the partnership gets the players some "special" benefits.

Go-To Recipe: Easy Chicken Pesto Stacks

Many cooks have a "go-to." It's usually something quick and easy — the kind of recipe you know by heart, with ingredients you don't have to measure.

Did You Know You Have Your Very Own Subreddit?

There's pretty much a subreddit for everyone. What's the top post for your subreddit? (Tread lightly, there might be some NSFW ones...)

20 Halloween Costume Tips From Comic Con

We asked a bunch of veteran cosplayers for Halloween advice. Here are their pro tips.

Fergie Looks Exactly Like Lindsay Lohan

This photo she uploaded to Instagram as a possible Halloween costume make them look like twins!

Demi Moore Is Still Not Better, Friends Worry

Sources say the actress is having a rough time coping with her ex Ashton Kutcher's new romance with Mila Kunis

Bruce Springsteen Endorses Obama With Very Springsteenian Statement

In a "message from Bruce," the Boss also urged voters toward Democratic Congressional candidates like Sherrod Brown and Elizabeth Warren.

Why The Romney Campaign Stopped Talking About Libya

A quick reversal of spin-room bravado. "You'd think an 'offensive' would include more than a web video," snipes an Obama aide.

Cats Who Look Like Pin-Up Girls

Cats That Look Like Pin-Up Girls is everything you've ever wanted in a Tumblr.

Goldfish Narrowly Escapes Being Otter Meal Tops The Morning Links

Not today, jerk! Plus things you can learn from Honey Boo Boo and dumb criminal excuses.

Katy Perry's Duet With An Autistic Girl Might Make You Misty-Eyed

Jodi DiPiazza takes the stage for "Firework."

Auden - Bars - Midtown West - Thrillist New York

Redoing the dining room and bar off the Ritz's lobby as a leather-and-wood clubhouse, the Auden's meaty menu employs ingredients literally handpicked from a farm upstate by the chefs to produce dishes like a grilled veal crown w/ roasted garlic…

"Sesame Street" Issues Cease And Desist To Sexy Big Bird Costume

Those sexy lingerie Big Bird, Elmo, et al. costumes you might have seen aren't actually endorsed by Sesame Street. In fact, they're actively trying to get the site to stop selling them.

Finally, A Chance To Name A Baby Sloth

The National Aquarium is holding a naming contest for their new baby sloth. You can submit your suggestion here and then voting on the final four chosen will begin on November 2nd.

Nothing To See Here, Just A Dog Getting Ready For The Day

Seriously, your dog don't know SIT.

Many In Romney's "Binder Full Of Women" Were Campaign Donors

The former Massachusetts Governor touted hiring "binders full of women" for his cabinet, but many were donors to his gubernatorial campaign.

Lena Dunham Apologizes For Her Tweet About Dressing Up As Murderers

After a joke on twitter about dressing up as The Ken and Barbie Killers for Halloween, Lena came under fire for what some called her offensive and unfunny humor. Personally, I kinda thought it was funny.

Twitter Censors Its First Account

Twitter has closed countless accounts for breaking its own rules, but the blocking of a neo-Nazi account within Germany (it will continue to be visible in other countries) is a first. Twitter won't break much of a sweat defending this one; the first real test of its "witholding" policy will come when a politically repressive country attempts to censor something widely seen as good. When, not if.

9 Moving Photos Of A "March Of Brides"

Every year, women dressed as brides march in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to protest against domestic violence.

Green Party Candidate Jill Stein Arrested Outside Hofstra Debate

Green party candidates denied access to debates, arrested at Hofstra

Ask Polly: Should I Quit My Job To Be An Artist?

Appearing here Wednesdays, Turning The Screw provides existential crisis counseling for the faint of heart. "Like an app that deals with your big, looming questions, only not nearly that good!"

Brandy Has Been Looking Really Good Lately!

In case you didn't know, as evidenced below. But why does she keep looking down?

Snooty, Urbane Zombies Love "The Walking Dead" @

It's kinda racist to call them "zombies." The undead upper-class prefer "Decaying Americans."

Shocking Video Of Drunken U.S. Military Contractors

Getting wasted on the front lines in Afghanistan.

Johnson Allies Reject Spending Charges

Anonymous attack roils Libertarian circles.

Romney Son Wanted To "Take A Swing" At Obama During Debate

Tagg took serious issue with the president calling his dad a liar.

Public Takes More Notice Of Romney's Lies In Second Debate

An analysis of truth telling and lies in the second debate shows an increase in opinions saying Romney is lying.

Kim Kardashian Is See-through, Full Figured

Kim Kardashians big square ass was on full display yesterday when she wore a see-through skirt to go to dinner with Kanye west in Miami yesterday. There should be a law that makes people like Winona Ryder and Lindsay Lohan wear see-through clothes…

Romney's Libya Fail: Crowley Confirms Obama Said 'Act Of Terror'

Romney could have walked away from the question at that point. He did not. The candidate insisted that Obama did not refer to the attack as an "act of terror" until 14 days after the event. It wasn't until moderator Candy Crowley stepped in that…

Demand That Clear Channel Remove Racist Billboards That Threaten Jail Time For Nonexistent Voter Fraud

Epic guest host Michael Shure talks to Rashad Robinson, executive director of Color of Change, and Tricia Rose, Current contributor and Brown University professor, about billboards in Cleveland that threaten jail time for so-called voter fraud.…

Kathleen Turner's Message To Mitt Romney: I'm Tired Of Rich White Men Telling Me What To Do

Actress and activist Kathleen Turner has a few choice words for Mitt Romney. She also tells “Say Anything!” host Joy Behar why she is supporting Obama and thinks he will do fine in tonight’s presidential debate.

Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton Meme: Romney Still Uses Binders? // Current TV

Yes, apparently Mitt Romney does still use binders, according to his own reference in tonight's debate

A Review Of “Binders Full Of Women” Instant Websites

Americans watch presidential debates to serve many different goals. Older people need shameless pandering, because they are lonely. Corporate ladder-climbers need "water cooler talk." And the nation's much-maligned "undecided voters" want to put a…

Inception Cinematographer Wally Pfister Calls Avengers 'Appalling'

Wally Pfister, when he’s not selling faucets, is a long-time Christopher Nolan collaborator who’s worked as cinematographer on such films as Dark Knight Rises, Inception, The Prestige, Batman Begins, as well as Moneyball, Marley, and The Italian…

Actual U.S. Senate Debate Question: "Have You Read Fifty Shades Of Grey?"

This was a real question posed to Kirsten Gillibrand and Wendy Long, two women running for U.S. senate in New York, during their only debate.

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