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October 21, 2012

Why Syria's Civil War Matters To You

3 hints: nerve gas, mustard gas, and sarin. Yikes.

This Cirque Du Soleil-Esque Touchdown Is The Best Play Of The Year

The Saints' Joe Morgan impossibly avoids three tacklers to score, flipping one of them over his back. Football at its best.

Scenes From A Real-Life Reenactment Of "Alice In Wonderland"

The third annual Massive Mad Hatter Tea Party. Spotted: the Queen of Hearts, a Cheshire Cat on stilts, and a LOT of hats.

Shooting Near Brookfield, Wisconsin Mall, At Least Seven Injured [Updated]

A shooting at Brookfield Square Mall in Brookfield, Wisconsin has been described as a "mass casualty" situation. Update: At least three people are dead, and the suspected shooter, Radcliffe Haughton, has been found, dead from what police believe is a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Stefon Reveals His Halloween Plans On "Saturday Night Live"

Everyone's favorite Bill Hader cultural correspondent was back last night to talk about the hottest Halloween parties. When Stefon laughs at his own joke, the world laughs with him.

30 Best Costumes At Tompkins Square Dog Halloween Parade

Dogs are so good at dressing up for Halloween.

Five Idealistic Quotes From George McGovern

George McGovern has passed away at age 90. The former senator was earnestly devoted to liberal ideals for his entire life, even after he lost the 1972 presidential race to Richard Nixon.

Is That Larry David Or A Wizard?

It could actually be both. He's on the set of his new movie, Clear History.

In Russia, Car Crashes Have Soundtracks

This dash cam WHAM! moment brought to you by Swedish dance group, Army Of Lovers.

George Romney's Reputation

A man of principle — and politics.

Lawmaker Ready To Shoot If You Don't Vote For Him/Invade His Home

The last remaining white Democratic Congressman from the Deep South is, literally, locked and loaded for November.

Todd Akin Compares Opponent To A Dog

More sensitive phrasing from the man who brought you "legitimate rape." Claire McCaskill "fetches" government from Washington, he says. (Via PoliticMO)

Brad Pitt's Chanel Ad Just Got Even Weirder @

We had no idea Brad Pitt was such a touchy-feely kind of guy.

Tagg Romney And Romney Family Bought Voting Machines Through Bain Capital Investments // Current TV

These machines are notoriously flippable, hackable and without printout for verification. They must be stopped beore Nov 6.

Piccola Cucina Enoteca - Bars - Soho

Your date will have no choice but to be all over you in this cozy 300sqft wine bar serving homemade bechamel lasagna, Sicilian tapas including beef tartare w/ olive oil-infused artichokes on crostini or arancini w/ a ragu center that four out of…

Free Cocktails At Oh, Olive! - Entertainment

Oh, Olive! has tapped a Nellcote mixologist to whip up a creation using Tiesta Tea, and -- like five year olds named Todd who just moved from Morocco -- it's called the Tangiers Toddy, and is basically a North African spin on the classic cocktail.…

Par Bar & Grille - Bars - Loop - Thrillist Chicago

Golf and drinking have long found their share of common ground, mostly in John Daly's liver, but now also at Par Bar & Grille, a heavily links-themed watering hole whose brick walls are packed with schwag from old pictures of Arnie and Jack to…

Fritzi Dog - Food - Mid-Wilshire

Not just how Randy Jackson describes his hair on rainy days, Fritzi Dog is a Farmer's Market stand doling out fully customizable hot dogs in various iterations, all, um, iterated by insanely accoladed chef Neal Fraser, who's usually known more for…

Ann Romney Proves As Adept At Ducking Questions As Her Hubby

When Whoopi Goldberg asked if the Romneys' Mormon faith precluded Mitt and their sons from serving in the military, Ann compared service to the United States of America with serving a Mormon mission. "He [Mitt Romney] was serving his mission and my…

David Brooks’ Argument In Favor Of Partisan Obstructionism

Here is the argument David Brooks makes in his op-ed, "A Sad Green Story," in today's Times: Government legislation to curb global warming, which he supports, has failed because because Al Gore supported it so strongly. It is the "highly partisan…

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