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October 24, 2012

Worst Halloween Costumes

The latest viral buzz from

Groupon Coupons That No One Uses @

These are deals you can easily pass up.

Try On Heidi Klum's Ridiculous Halloween Costume

Heidi dresses up as something crazy every year — this year it's Cleopatra. Add a photo and try it on yourself.

5 Reasons To Be Excited For The World Series

The 108th World Series begins tonight. Here's why you should be watching.

Newly Released Emails From Day Of Benghazi Attack Show Link To Militants

Contradicting initial U.S. claims that the attack was a spontaneous movie-related protest. Meanwhile, one suspect has been killed, while another faces terrorism charges in Tunisia.

Underwater Dogs Are Adorably Terrifying

Photographer Seth Casteel explores an underwater world where dogs reveal their fierce cuteness and their general fierceness. From Casteel's new book, Underwater Dogs. WARNING: This post may contain extreme dog-shark face!

Springsteen Cat

Today is a huge day for cats. Best day for cats. Thanks, Springsteen Cat. (And thanks for the hot tip, Jamie!)

5 Signs Politics Will Be Totally Insane For The Next Two Weeks

The final weeks of the campaign have begun and the seventh seal has broken. Also, America's chickens are coming home to roost.

Pigs Trotting Around And Playing With Pumpkins

The happiest October day ever! Via the wonderland that is Farm Sanctuary.

22 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Pull these easy looks together using things you already have in your closet or lying around the house. Bonus: these are all cheap and environmentally friendly.

The Final Debate's Oddest Moment @

Many clips from the last Presidential debate ended up online, but nobody else seemed to notice this.

Get Well Soon Roadkill

It's the thought that counts?

Kanye West Looked Like A Total Dweeb In 1998

Those glasses!! He was at JD's birthday (whoever JD is) before anyone really knew who he was. [Kim Kardashian joke].

Joe Simpson Is Supposedly Dating A 20-Year-Old Guy Now

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson's dad is getting a divorce and all of his dirty laundry is about to be aired. That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

10 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

Simple, everyday activities that will get your creative juices flowing!

Portrait Of A Witch | The Awl

My grandmother was a witch: a species of santera from Havana, to be more exact. Not like she was decapitating chickens all over the place or anything, but she did speak in tongues and believe in demons, and in hell and especially, in the Devil, who…

Fired Pornstar Teacher From Oxnard Wants Her Job Back

Back in April, Stacie Halas, a shaved blonde with big naturals who taught seventh and eighth grade science. was fired from her job in Oxnard, California when her employers discovered her past as adult film actress “Tiffany Six.” A discovery that…

The Cutest Halloween Costumes

Babies, puppies, and baby hedgehogs. (Baby hedgehogs!)

Why Remix Culture Needs New Copyright Laws

Copyright law is a legal minefield. A lawyer explains how to navigate the treacherous waters of fair use so you don't end up in court. We've even created this handy guide.

California Republican And Democrat Urge Voters To Oust Colleague

Democrat Howard Berman's campaign releases new robocalls of colleagues calling Rep. Brad Sherman an "embarrassment." Just when you thought Berman-Sherman couldn't get uglier.

Democrats Urge Court To Unseal Conservative Republican's Divorce Documents

Tennessee Republican who pressured mistress to have an abortion finds himself under increased scrutiny just weeks before election.

A Handy Guide To Remixing Without Getting Sued

Want to remix other people's work? Here's how you can do it, publish your work, and protect yourself from a lawsuit.

Mystery Monkey Caught In Florida After 3 Years On The Loose

The rhesus macaque first escaped capture outside Tampa in January 2009.

15 Cool Ways To Tie Shoelaces

Amp up your sneaker style with these neat ideas.

Can You Judge A Cat By Its Color?

A study shows humans think they can.

6 Things That Are Always In Taylor Swift's Fridge

And why, in the lady's own words.

Special Olympian Writes Powerful Letter To Ann Coulter

After Coulter called President Obama a "retard" on Twitter during Monday's debate, Special Olympian John Franklin Stephens penned this eloquent response.

The 2nd Best PSA Of The Year

Powerful, beautiful commercial. And, the ending twist is simply brilliant.

Everyone Has Been On "Law And Order: SVU"

The 300th episode of SVU aired this week. And they've managed to cast half of Hollywood in their first 299.

Pumpkin Spice Pasta Exists And Other Links

There are some places this seasonal treat just doesn't belong and lasagna is one of them.

Help, Scarlett Johansson Has Fallen And She Can't Get Up

Okay, so it's for a movie but still.

33 Best Drive-Thru Customers You'll See Today

Who needs a 4-door sedan when you have a creative sense of humor? Or an electric scooter.

County In Washington Spells "United States" Wrong On Ballot

Nearly 23,000 people in Jefferson County will vote for the president of the Untied States.

Who Looks More Like A Walrus: Andy Reid Or Mike Holmgren?

It's time to settle this once and for all.

University Of Arkansas Cheerleader With A Fabulous Zebra Print Prosthetic Leg

Patience Beard was born with a proximal femoral focal deficiency (one leg was way shorter than the other) that eventually required amputation. But that didn't stop her from cheering. This year she is one of only 5 freshman to make the University Of Arkansas cheerleading team.

The Election All Comes Down To...Omaha?

If the election is a tie, Nebraska's biggest city is one of the only places that could break it.

Awesome Stuff When You Were A Kid: Expectations Vs. Reality

Aw, in the commercial it looked so much cooler!

The World's First Emergency Compliment Generator

Megs Senk's generates "a steady supply of emergency compliments to be used at times of great insecurity." Because sometimes you just need to hear that you're the best at making cereal.

A Reaction GIF For Everything Halloween

Every GIF you could possibly need to use between now and October 31st.

Lance Armstrong Tour De France

If Lance Armstrong didn't win those seven Tours de France, then who did?

10 Celebs Wearing H&M's New Weird Margiela Line

Including Kanye West, presumably just so that people could ask him, "what's that jacket?" HAR HAR.

Lana Wachowski's Moving Speech About Growing Up Transgender

The co-director of The Matrix trilogy and Cloud Atlas shares how she got past childhood trauma — including a high-school suicide attempt — in her acceptance speech for the Human Rights Campaign's Visibility Award.

What's The Raddest Halloween Costume You've Ever Worn?

In the comments, post a photo (or a description if you're camera-shy) of your proudest Halloween costume moment. We will choose the best submissions to be featured in a Halloween post next week!

Banjo The Raccoon Is Really In Love With This Grumpy Cat

The most adorable case of unrequited animal love ever. Banjo the raccoon really wants a cuddly friend. Buddy the cat isn't having it. Sorry, Banjo. Love hurts.

17 Best Salt Pigs That Are Actually Shaped Like Pigs

That headline is a trick because all salt pigs shaped like pigs are the best.

Biden To Crying Baby: "Don't Worry, Romney Won't Win"

"I don't blame that baby for crying. She just realized what it means if Romney gets elected."

Sarah Palin Says Obama Does The "Shuck And Jive"

The phrase landed Andrew Cuomo in hot water in 2008 when he used it to reference Obama.

21 Terrible Knock-Off Action Figures

They might not be officially licensed toys, but they're probably a lot cheaper!

Chris Matthews Is A Legend In His Own Mind

In an interview with Philadelphia Style magazine, MSNBC's Chris Matthews ponders what might a been.

Do We Need A Pandora For Art?

Start-up is making a play for online art market by introducing an art discovery tool. But it only pays galleries, not individual artists. What disruption does — and doesn't — look like in the art world.

Obama Says To Look At "Videotape" For His Flip-Flops

The President hit Mitt Romney for flip-flopping today on the campaign trail in Iowa saying you can look at videotape of his past positions and not see flip-flops. The President, however, has engaged in his own of political gymnastics as well.

Sixth Man Infraction Spotted 19 Years After Rockets/Sonics Game

This is one of the nuttiest sports things I have ever seen. Ethan Sherwood Strauss was rewatching a second round game from the 1993 NBA playoffs. Shawn Kemp's Seattle SuperSonics vs. Hakeem Olajuwon's Houston Rockets. Game seven. Overtime. Hakeem…

A Portrait Of Shaquille O'Neal And Hulk Hogan In New York City On 9/11

For some reason that is completely unknown, someone made a portrait of Shaquille O'Neal and Hulk Hogan in front of the World Trade Center on 9/11.

This Kid Is Really Sad The Cardinals Lost

"We were supposed to win." Yeah and your parents weren't supposed to film this and put it online, but sometimes the world disappoints.

This Squishy-Tiny Echidna Puggle Is The Squishy-Tiniest Thing Ever

Has to be. What could possibly out-squishy-tiny li'l Beau?

How To Grow A Moustache With Nick Offerman

"Get ready for the single manliest journey of your life."

4 Delicious and Creative DIY Halloween Treats

Pumpkin truffles! Candy corn Rice Krispie treats! This holiday is going to be the tastiest!

NBA Jam Is Way Better When The Announcer Swears

You haven't lived until you've heard the "Boomshakalaka" guy mixing in some salty language to his dialogue. I can't decide if this just ruined or enhanced my childhood.

Career Confidential: The Therapist In An All-Women's Prison

"My job is very stressful, but these women are not animals. They're good people who did really bad things."

23 Wildly Inappropriate Pumpkins

Think of the children! [NSFW-ish]

LED Eyelashes And Accessories Awe At Awards Ceremony

Are battery-operated accents breaking into the mainstream? The Makey Awards might not be the Oscars, but I bet this trend starts cropping up on the red carpet.

Staples Founder's Ex-Wife Blasted "Crazy" Mormonism

Maureen Stemberg is going after the Republican in court in Boston today.

Donald Trump Makes Obama An Offer He Can't Refuse, Which Obama Will Most Assuredly Refuse

He even gives a timeline for his demands, like any decent movie villain.

Here Are All The Avengers As Lions

Because of reasons, artist dyb re-imagined the Avengers in the style of The Lion King. You're welcome?

Paul Ryan's PAC Gave To Mourdock's Campaign

A $5,000 contribution to the conservative's bid in June. Since his remarks about rape Tuesday night, Republicans — and the Romney-Ryan campaign — have backed away from the Senate candidate.

El Toro Blanco - Bars - West Village

The latest from the guys behind B&B Winepub and Lure, and named for one of the partners' grandad's restos in Phoenix, El Toro Blanco is plating pan-Mexican eats amongst a modernish Southwestern vibe accomplished by cowhide barstools and plenty of…

New Britain Watches - Style

An horological homage to America's Industrial Age that's ironically (albeit "meticulously") constructed entirely in Switzerland, New Britain's luxury timepieces are modeled after classic motorcycle speedometers, symbolizing the US of A's "spirit of…

The New York Islanders Are Moving To Brooklyn

I mean, there aren't any games for them to play right now because of the lockout, but — still exciting!

22 Photos Of Alfred Hitchock Being A Big Goof

Hitchock is the king of thriller and suspense, known for Psycho and The Birds. But here he is just being super silly.

"Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham Debuts Her New Face

She looks different, but does she necessarily look better?

Republicans Lead In Spending Wars

Who's spending $880 Million on television for the presidential election.

Steve Nash's Amazing Reaction To Being On The Cover Of Sports Illustrated

The new Lakers point guard continues to show that he's one of the funniest players in the league.

This Is The Largest, Most Detailed Photo Of The Galaxy, Ever

It's a great big universe, and we're all really puny. VISTA put together this staggering nine gigapixel photo with 84 million stars and counting.

400 Pink Umbrellas In The Sky

This installation, hung over pedestrians' heads in downtown Sofia, Bulgaria, is meant to raise awareness of breast cancer.

Vintage Photos Of The NYC Subway Tops The Morning Links

Everyone was dressed to the nines but still couldn't be bothered to let an old lady have their seat.

Courtney Stodden Tries On Trashy Halloween Costumes

Like with most pictures of Courtney Stodden, they are fairly NSFW.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Frankie Muniz And Busy Philipps Try To Reason With James Van Der Beek

Some fantastic '90s reunions took place on Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23 last night.

When Did Emily VanCamp Become A Sex Bomb?

Back in her Everwood days she was pretty, but now, now she's like, "I'm Emily, hear me roar!"

The NHL Lockout Explained With Beer

The NHL is the Pabst Blue Ribbon of professional sports leagues.

Here's Yet Another Sexualized Breast Cancer Awareness Ad (NSFW)

This is exactly how not to do a breast cancer commercial. It's not about loving and saving big breasts. It's about saving lives.

How Mitt Romney Gets So Tan

A source lets BuzzFeed in on a campaign mystery: It's a spray tan. "It's not like Mitt Romney can go chill out on a beach right now; he needs a quick fix."

Ze Frank On The Third Debate

This is what it was really like.

Lil Bub Bonding With Her Distant Relatives

"BUB's more impressed with the acorn that just fell from the tree." -Facebook Bub At the non-profit Exotic Feline Rescue Center.

What It Looks Like When A Galaxy Is Born

A twisting, rolling cloud of smoke, hundreds of thousands of light years wide. Each second of this video represents 98,540,145 years.

America's Worst Travel Hubs - Travel

Air travel is a waking nightmare, mainly because airports are an unholy hybrid of every man's two least favorite places: prisons and shopping malls. Fortunately, our friends at ran the numbers and discovered the 15 airports most likely to…

Evil Never Tasted This Delicious

It's a Lord of the Rings Barad-dûr/Eye of Sauron wedding cake. It is tall and impressive.

10 Photos Of Modern-Day Suffragettes Rallying For Women's Rights

At a rally to protest anti-women legislation, some women dressed up as feminists of yore.

The First Ever .gif Festival - Entertainment

Celebrating the high-brow art medium of animated pictures of cats with cheese on their heads, Moving The Still: A Gif Festival is the "first ever large-scale, open call for original animated GIFs", the best of which'll be showcased during Miami's…

Donald Trump Announcement To Reveal 'Divorce Papers Of Michelle And Barack Obama'

Douglas Kass, a Florida-based investor who appears on CNBC’s talkshow ‘Squawkbox’ where Trump is often a commentator, tweeted to his 48,000 followers: 'High above the Alps my Gnome has heard that Donald Trump will announce that he has unearthed…

Taylor Swift Performs In Times Square On Good Morning America

The country star treats fans to a mini concert and opens up about dating, her dad and her love of cats

Third-Party Candidates Long On Substance, Short On Chances

"Neither of them talk about catastrophic climate change and neither of them talk about poverty," Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson says of Obama and Romney.

Quit Your Job (But For The Right Reason)! A Chat With Writer Jami Attenberg

Jami Attenberg's The Middlesteins, which hits bookstores today, tells the story of a Midwestern family whose matriarch is binge-eating herself to death. There's a lot of talk about the obesity crisis in the country, but it tends to happen along one…

State Department's Benghazi Emails Show Immediate Militant Claim

A report Tuesday shows the White House was informed of a militant group claiming responsibility for the attack two hours after it occurred.

Hot Topic + Lola's Halloween Editorial On Lola Blanc's Blog

Last week I teamed up with Hot Topic for this Halloween-appropriate editorial: me as some of my favorite horror movie villains! Rather less scary, more stylized versions of them, of course. I opted for looks that were inspired by Carrie, Pinhead,…

Gadgets That Lost The Most Weight

Economies aren't the only scales electronics companies care about. In today's size-obsessed culture, shedding weight is just as important to the longevity of many gadgets as it is to the morbidly obese people who become easily exhausted carrying…

Romney To Travel To Wisconsin As Desperate Obama Tries To Cling To Turf He Won In 2008

Mitt Romney is to travel to Wisconsin, a state Barack Obama won in a 25-point blowout four years ago, as the Republican candidate's surging campaign seeks to expand the 'chessboard' into previously safe Democratic territory.

Larry King At Third Party Debate: "We're On Drugs"

King was trying to get the four main third party candidates debating in Chicago on Tuesday to stay on the topic of drug policy. It came out kind of funny.

Akin Goes To War With The Press

He wants a pair of McCaskill stories covered. The Post-Dispatch assures: "If there's a story there, you can be sure we'll run with it."

BUZZNET Exclusive: 5 Things Brian Dales Loves About Josh Montgomery On Brianlogandales' Blog

In celebration of my fellow Summer Set band mate Josh Montgomery's 24th Birthday today, I wanted to share with you five reasons why I truely love him. Read below and then comment and give Josh some birthday love. 1. His obsession with his puppies, Corky and Pepper. 2. The Book of Jobe:

Obama Reveals His Plan For A Second Term @

The President's new book is a pretty quick read.

Matt Cain Hangs Out With Mythbusters, Films A Phony Viral Video

San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain hung out with some people from Mythbusters and threw fastballs at thrown objects. Dead Eye Level 3 unlocked.

Ashlee Holmes: Personal Family Portraits Photo

I've been in Texas for a little over a week now visiting some family. The other day my Daddy, Step Mom, a few of my little brothers and I went to go take some family pictures. Here's a sneak peak of some of the photos.

Colin Cowie’s Tips For Wedding Fashion And Party Etiquette

Celebrity wedding planner Colin Cowie shares the secrets to making your dream day a reality

Drunk Jeff Goldblum

One of my favorite "memes" of all time is Drunk Jeff Goldblum. The first video, a slowed-down ad for Apple from 1999, is still the best. "In ter net?! I'd say In ter net."

Does One Of Mitt Romney's Sons Really Own Electronic Voting Machines Being Used In Swing States?

Rick Ungar, Forbes contributor, questions why one of presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s sons is involved in a company that’s supplying electronic voting machines for the 2012 presidential election.

Tom Hanks Makes A Cameo In 'SNL' Debate Coverage

The 'SNL' Mitt and Barack almost descend into fisticuffs

The Final Debate Went Back To The Future

The final presidential debate may not have been the zingiest of the three, but it did give us a handful of special moments. From horses (sorry, Rafalca!) to bayonets to the '80s calling Mitt Romney and demanding their Cold War back, we round up the…

Kickstarter's First Near-Failure Shows How Honesty And Transparency Are Key

It was inevitable that, sooner or later, we would see a game funded through Kickstarter fail to see the light of day. It's a fate suffered by countless games funded through the traditional, publisher-backed model, and there's no reason games made…

Donald Trump Threatens To Drop 'Gigantic' Bombshell About President Obama On Wednesday

This billionaire real estate baron has long been a critic of the President, so much so that Trump himself threatened to run against him earlier in this election cycle.

Adele Baby: Singer 'Gives Birth To A Boy' And Said To Be 'Ecstatic' At The Arrival

A source is quoted as saying: 'Adele and Simon are ecstatic at their new arrival.   More... To Infinity And Beyond: Denise Van Outen triumphs on Strictly Come Dancing with Toy Story performance 'They're ecstatic and over the moon!' Adele 'gives birth to a baby boy'

Cat Power Is Playing Tonight, But I Won’t Be Going To See Her

Let's look on the bright side for a moment and watch this video that director Aaron Rose made for the song "Nothin But Time" from Cat Power's recent album, Sun. (Well, actually, Rose is calling this a "trailer" for a longer "short film" he will set…

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