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October 8, 2012

Dating A Model

One dude opens up about being a "normal person" dating a fashion model in her late 20s.

VIDEO Jon Stewart Bill O'Reilly Rumble In Mock Debate In Air-conditioned Auditorium

The much-hyped mock debate between Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly billed as the Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium saw the two longtime frenemies face off before a packed auditorium at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Saturday n…

That Time SNL's Taran Killam Starred On "The Amanda Show"

As Amanda Bynes' Amanda Show matured along with its main character, the show incorporated a Dawson's Creek-style spoof called "Moody's Point." The male lead in said spoof was none other than Saturday Night Live's Taran Killam, who is rumored to have dated Bynes at the time of filming(!).

Katy Perry Has An Obama-Themed Manicure

Mini Baracks for your fingertips.

Rugby Player Paul Wood Has Testicle Removed, Jokes With Fans About It

However, that’s not the case with Warrington Wolves prop Paul Wood, whom I had never heard of before today because I am an ignorant American when it comes to rugby, but now consider a much, much braver and more grizzled man than I. During his team’s…

Obama Photographer Souza On Documenting Presidency In Digital Era

In a TIME exclusive, Chief White House photographer Pete Souza offers his personal edit and recollections on President Obama's first term.

Larry Pressler: Republican Senator, Vietnam Veteran Endorses President Obama

That's the difference in this election. In word and deed anywhere and every time, President Obama never forgets that standing by those who serve is the heart, soul and core value of this country. As a life-long Republican, I stand by him as he stand…

10 Women Who Beat Lena Dunham To "Not That Kind Of Girl"

The Girls star and creator reportedly received a $3.5 million advance for her new book, which has the working title Not That Kind of Girl: Advice from Lena Dunham. But the chances of it actually coming out with that title seem slim given that tons of people have already used it.

Paul Ryan Gets Testy And Ends Interview

When asked about guns and taxes in an interview with ABC12 in Flint, Michigan. Campaign: "Eventually you’re going to see a local reporter embarrass himself."

Where Barack Obama Lost The Debate

Laid-back days in the desert led to the first real crisis of the president's re-election campaign. Behind the scenes at debate prep in Las Vegas.

Thank You, Brooklyn, For The Ultimate Hipster Beard Porn Video

Is this a Portlandia skit? This will either make you want to touch beards all day or gouge your eyes out.

How To Live Your Entire Life According To Rachel Zoe

She's got a line of — or endorsement deal for — just about every product under the sun a woman could possibly ever need (or, you know, just want). She's clearly taking over the world, which can only mean one thing: a cook book of Rachel's famous baked salami recipes can't be far off!

Meet Gollum The Adorable Dancing Gibbon

Wildlife photographer Ashley Vincent came across Gollum at Khao Kheow Zoo in Thailand, where she spends her days being very fluffy. And disco dancing.

6 Of The Coolest Pieces Of Yankee World Series Memorabilia Explained

The Baseball Hall Of Fame comes to BuzzFeed!

Awful Pants Are Funny :

October 8, 2012 | In: FAIL, Funny, Idiot

Scott Speedman: Still Hot

Remember when he played Ben on Felicity? Well now he's on ABC's Last Resort and he's still looking reallllll good.

Pokemon Black/White 2 Review For DS From

For the best Reviews of Pokemon Black/White 2 for DS, check out this page on

Robert Pattinson: New York City Solo Stroll!

Robert Pattinson goes for a solo stroll through the Manhattan streets on Monday (October 8) in New York City.

25 Reminders That Fraternities Are The Worst

Straight from one of the most popular fraternity-based humor sites/Twitter accounts online.

Nun Caught Stealing 4-Loko

Can't blame her. If I was a nun I'd probably be doing the same.

22 Lost Photos From The '80s L.A. Hardcore Scene

We Got Power is a new coffee table book featuring never before seen photographs from the L.A. early '80s hardcore scene including Black Flag, The Circle Jerks, The Go-Gos, Social Distortion, and more.

What Is The Deal With Muse?

Help me out here, I'm trying to get a handle on what their music is all about.

Aaron Paul Watching Radiohead With James Bond

Everything about this picture is amazing, especially the guy next to them. Yeah bitch!!

Kelly Osbourne News - Kelly Osbourne Spotted In Neon Bikini As Brother Jack Marries In Hawaii (PHOTOS & POLL)

Kelly Osbourne definitely isn't afraid of color. In addition to rocking purple hair, the Fashion Police c0-host sported a neon green bikini in Hawaii this weekend while relaxing poolside between w …

Gaby Scanlon, British Teen Who Drank Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail, Has Stomach Surgically Removed

A British teenager had to undergo emergency surgery last week to get her stomach removed after she drank a liquid nitrogen cocktail at a wine bar.

10 Female Electronic Music Pioneers You Should Know

Of all the great albums due out this month, we’re perhaps the most excited about the return of Gudrun Gut. Her new record Wildlife is a fantastic piece of work, and the latest installment in a career that’s spanned three decades and a seemingly endl…

Burger King Is Slowest Fast Food Drive-Thru, Says Study

According to a study commissioned by QSR magazine (that’s short-hand for “quick-service restaurants,” by the way), it takes 201.33 seconds – about 3 minutes 20 seconds – on average to get through a Burger King drive-thru. That might not seem like mu…

Charlie Fuqua, Arkansas Legislative Candidate, Endorses Death Penalty For Rebellious Children In Book

In "God's Law," Fuqua's 2012 book, the candidate wrote that while parents love their children, a process could be set up to allow for the institution of the death penalty for "rebellious children," according to the Arkansas Times. Fuqua, who is anti…

The 6 Most Mind-Blowing (And Pointless) Gaming Achievements

We've told you before about the guy who managed to get a perfect score at Pac-Man by playing the same level over 200 times for six hours. You didn't think that was the most extreme example of video game dedication we could find, did you? For you see…

Kristen Stewart Calls Herself "A Miserable C**t"

I know, I know: she took the words right out of your mouths! That lovely quote and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup.

Tiger Cub Chilling In A Nursey

This is a very cute picture. You may carry on now.

The NFL Underdog's Creed

What do players preparing for a near-certain beatdown think about? Their impending victory, a former player says. Take heart, Jets.

If Food Were Pokemon

I choose you, Frytato!

Romney Is Winning Major New Poll

A massive shift after the debate in the Pew Poll. Other polling remains mixed.

Romney Wrong That Terrorism Wasn't Discussed At 2008 Debates

Romney reportedly told retired generals today "back in 2008 during the debates there was no discussion of terrorism." But the topic was brought up in at least four debates Republican primary debates, nine Democratic primary debates and two of the general election debates.

The Best/Worst Thing About Thanksgiving And Other Links

Holidays are always better in your rose-tinted memories. Plus the awful realities of first person shooters and breakfast cereal muffins.

22 Things That Are Better Than Sex

According to the Pinterest community, that is.

Bees Eat Too Much Candy, Barf Up Brightly Colored Honey

M&M's, depending on your perspective, are either ruining nature or making it awesomer. Residue from a plant that processes M&M's in France may be turning local beehives' honey different colors.

John Romaniello's Rules: Part 3

Here's the final chapter of John Romaniello's rules for living.

The Internet Did Not Respond Well To The Hulk Hogan Sex Tape

When not wrestling for TNA, Hulk Hogan spends his days pulling a Jose Canseco and shamelessly retweeting fans who think he should be in The Expendables 3, because he is apparently such an awesome actor. And Hogan is simply so devoted to the craft th…

Jon Meacham: What Nixon-Kennedy Debate Tells Us About Obama’s Chances

Even Richard Nixon‘s mother thought he was sick. After the first televised presidential debate in American history on Monday, Sept. 26, 1960 — a contest in which a legendarily tanned and cool John F. Kennedy appeared to best a legendarily wan and pe…

‘Star Wars’ Exhibit Comes To The Louvre

An exhibit of movie memorabilia is far, far away from what you'd expect to find in one of the world's most famous art institutions.

Girls Gone Too Wild: Halloween Edition 2012 [48 PHOTOS]

Halloween is known for being one of crazier nights of the year. While we’re all too familiar with the drunk girls who get drunk dress slutty, what about the truly wild ones who can’t even make it out of the house?

Beyonce's Bootylicious Outfits Distract Jay-Z At Barclays Center Concert (PHOTOS)

Whether casually rocking a pair of printed pants or all dolled up for dinner with the President, there's no denying that Beyonce is bootylicious.

Yankees Game 1 In Review, Soriano And The Infamous Infield Fly

Greetings from chilly Baltimore. Here is my column off last night’s exciting Yankees playoff opener.

VIDEO: Paul Broun Calls Evolution Big Bang Theory Lies Straight From The Pit Of Hell

Rep. Paul Broun, who serves on the House Science Committee, told a church-sponsored banquet in his home state of Georgia that the theories of evolution and the big bang are “lies straight from the pit of hell.” Broun has long been known as one of th…

Kristen Stewart: Florence + The Machine Concert With Father!

Kristen Stewart dons a “Nuns with Guns, Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition” hoodie while attending the Florence + The Machine concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday (October 7) in Hollywood.

Romney's New Freedom Agenda Draws Praise From Bushworld

"Terrific," says Rumsfeld. Kristol: A "kinder, gentler neocon."

The 4 Best Moments In PETA's Pokemon Parody

PETA has become self aware. Be very afraid. (Warning: Jokes suitable for nerds only.)

Michael Fassbender May Be In Ryan Gosling's New Movie

As if there weren't already enough stars in the Untitled Terrence Malick Project now we get Fassbender in a scene with Gosling? Good day!

The Weird, Weird History Of TLC

The history of TLC may blow your mind.

Tim Tebow Tweets About Playing In The 666th Monday Night Football Game

If anyone can protect us from Satan, it's Timothy Richard Tebow.

Protesters In Awful Big Bird Costumes

You can't just dress someone up in a chicken suit and call it "Sesame Street."

Justin Bieber Sprouts Wings

This basically makes him an angel now, right? From his show at the Los Angeles Staples Center over the weekend.


Behold, the best "Facebook is like chairs" parody yet/ever. (via Ze)

10 Great Performances In Truly Terrible Movies

There was little reason to expect that a jukebox musical filled with so-bad-they’re-good ‘80s pop songs was going to be any good whatsoever, and true to prediction, Rock of Ages was one of the summer’s biggest dogs. It’s out tomorrow on DVD and Blu-…

Jennifer Aniston's Engagement Ring: I FINALLY Have A Photo, And It Is Massive!

The first photo of Jennifer Aniston's engagement ring doesn't tell us much—other than that it could double as a door knob!

Elizabeth Escalona, Texas Mom Who Glued Daughter's Hands To A Wall, Faces Up To Life In Prison

DALLAS — A doctor has testified that a Texas mother who glued her 2-year-old daughter's hands to a wall also beat the toddler so badly that she suffered significant brain trauma and bleeding inside her skull. Elizabeth Escalona pleaded guilty July 1…

Breaking Down The Most Allen Iverson Play Of All Time, In GIFs

Apparently, Allen "AI / the Answer / that dude who played for the Nuggets and the Pistons" Iverson (Philly AI is long dead) participated in an exhibition game in China (with Jason Williams!) this weekend. In the process, he accomplished the single most AI play ever.

5 Terrifying Things Found In The Last Place You'd Expect

If life were perfect, the terrifying things of the world would live in their own remote part of the planet so the rest of us could avoid them entirely. But life isn't perfect, and sometimes horror seems to just materialize out of nowhere. Unfortunat…

Mythbusters Titanic Episode Says Jack Couldn't Have Fit

Mythbusters Titanic episode says Jack couldn't have fit. Mythbusters finally addresses Titanic ending controversy, saying Jack would've sunk Rose's plank, unless she tied a life jacket underneath.

What Did Lady Gaga Wear Today? (The Sun Edition)

At the launch of her "Fame" fragrance at Harrods in London. Fab or drab?

The Pug Avengers Are Here To Save The Day!

Check out the Earth's mightiest (and most adorable) heroes.

Every Tech Company Recruiting Video Ever

This is a promo for Thing X, which is a new... something from former Onion and Daily Show contributors. A show? A channel? An actual megacorporation??? Whatever it is, it's already funny.

Republican Representative From Washington Makes Pro-Gay Marriage PSA

Representative Maureen Walsh nails it again.

The Coolest Nightlight Ever

It even looks awesome turned off. Too bad it's already sold. :(

OSU Marching Band Tribute To Classic Video Games

The halftime show of the OSU vs Nebraska football game featured the OSU Marching Band's tribute to classic video games. This is a 9 minute video, and I surprised myself by watching the whole thing. Tetris at 1:25 is fantastic, and the running horse …

Obama, Clinton Powwow With Donors At Jeffrey Katzenberg's House

President Barack Obama arrived Sunday in Los Angeles and went directly to the Beverly Hills home of DreamWorks Animation Chief Jeffrey Katzenberg, where he joined former President Bill Clinton in a private meeting with 12 deep-pocketed Democratic do…

Bear Grylls Returns To U.S. TV In NBC Reality Show

After being let go last year from Discovery, British adventurer Bear Grylls will return to U.S. television in a new Survivor-esque reality show for NBC. Get Out Alive (working title) will "test teams of two beyond their most extreme imaginations," …

These Students Are Really Upset They Have School On Columbus Day

Unfortunately it looks like they could use all the class time they can get.

You Need A Colorful Crossbody Bag! Here Are 10 Irresistible Picks Under $100

If you’re in the market for a new purse this season, allow me to make the case for a colorful crossbody bag....

Obama Makes Fun Of Own Debate Performance At Fundraiser

Speaking at a celebrity-led fundraiser at the Nokia Theatre, Obama came on stage after performances by such singers as Katy Perry, Jon Bon Jovi and Stevie Wonder and remarks by actor George Clooney. He marveled at how they are able to perform flawle…

WATCH: Ohio State Marching Band Performs Video Game Music Halftime Show

The Ohio State marching band channeled their inner gamers during halftime of Saturday’s game against Nebraska.

Tech Confessional: The Secrets Of Second Life

A former employee of Linden Labs, the creator of the virtual world, talks about walking in on users having (virtual) sex, being a Second Life celebrity, and why it was such an inspiring job. Also, furries!

Man Dies In Massive Wedding Brawl

(Newser) – Two Philadelphia weddings ended with three guests arrested and one of the bride's uncles dead of a heart attack after a mas…

Mila Kunis Named Sexiest Woman Alive By Esquire

"What I do and who I am are two different things. And they always will be," she told magazine. "What happens with people is they lose sight of who they are, and they become either who they want to be or who they are perceived to be. But whatever it …

100 Barbies In Burkas

A new installation by German artist Sabine Reyer.

Miss "Lovely Eyes" Contest

Looks more like Miss "Swimsuit Cannibal." Early 1930s, Florida.

Joker Returns In "Death Of The Family"

Batman #13 is ready to traumatize you just in time for Halloween. Buzzfeed got exclusive access inside this terrifying new Batman story.

Archie Comics Is Giving Away $50,000 At NYCC

In swag. Archie doesn't believe in skimping when it comes to showing fans their appreciation.

This Is What #SorryFeminists Is All About

It started with a tweet from T magazine's new editor, apologizing for calling writer Katie Roiphe "sexy." Cue the Sorry Feminists Tumblr!

Romney's Not Mad At Obama, He's Just Disappointed

"I know the President hopes for a safer, freer, and a more prosperous Middle East."

How To Ride A Roller Coaster Like Mariah Carey

No one rides a roller coaster like Mariah Carey rides a roller coaster. NO ONE.

Courtney Stodden And Doug Hutchinson Defend Their Weird Love On "Access Hollywood Live"

Since this odd couple is currently starring on a reality show, they're back in the spotlight again! Here's Courtney and Doug defending their marriage to a pretty judgmental Billy Bush.

Watch An Old-Timey Commercial For "Fix-It Felix Jr."

Ah, this makes us miss the golden age of arcade games. A very clever ad for Wreck-It Ralph.

Gaddafi Whacked To Keep Damaging Information Secret?

Was the October, 2011 killing of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi amid a crowd of insurgents in fact a professional hit by French intelligence services — with an assist from Syrian strongman Bashar al Assad? That’s the speculation that has emerged fr…

Joran Van Der Sloot, Stephany Flores Killer, Impregnates Woman While In Prison

AMSTERDAM — A newspaper said Monday that Joran van der Sloot, a Dutch man who is serving a 28-year-sentence for murdering a young Peruvian woman, has impregnated a woman while imprisoned in Lima. The Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf cited Van der Sloot'…

What If All The Ice Cream In The World Turned Into Bruce Willis?

Blogger Chris Menning has posed this question to the world. AND IT IS VERY, VERY IMPORTANT TO THINK ABOUT.

Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Lionel Messi Is The Biggest Rivalry In Sports

Ronaldo or Messi? There is no wrong answer.

Vintage Potato Chip Bra

A contestant in the National Potato Chip Institute convention of 1948.

Chiefs Tackle Eric Winston's Powerful Statement Against Fans

When unpopular Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel got knocked out of Sunday's game with a concussion, Kansas City's fans cheered. Chiefs tackle Eric Winston had a beautiful, emotional reaction.

Mitt Romney's Childhood In Pictures

In archived photos newly released by LIFE, baby Romney sits on his father's knee and serves his mother birthday cake.

Why It's Hard Being A Grammar Nazi

The only thing more annoying than having your grammar corrected is having to be the one constantly correcting everyone's grammar.

Danny DeVito And Rhea Perlman Are Separating

Love is dead!!! Again!!! This famous pint-sized Hollywood duo is calling it quits after 30 years of marriage.

Mila Kunis News - Mila Kunis Goes Topless For ‘Esquire’ Cover

The magazine has crowned the 29-year-old actress as the “Sexiest Woman Alive,” and to celebrate the title, Kunis is featured in a sultry spread shot by Cliff Watts, whose previous muses have included Heidi Klum, Rachel Weisz and Anne Hathaway.

Mila Kunis Crowned Sexiest Woman Alive By Esquire Magazine

Once a major magazine names you "Sexiest Something Alive" - as People does with men, and Esquire does with women - you have always been one of the sexiest people alive. It might not be an Oscar, but for actors, it's almost as good -  making producer…

The Battle For Ohio: Can Obama Keep His Lead?

As have four bumpy years and a long, joyless campaign. As the presidential race enters the home stretch, Obama isn’t trying to replicate the poetry of his 2008 run. The President’s re-election bid is all gritty prose, a tactical battle to out-organi…

Mitt Romney Closes In On Obama After Debate, Poll Shows

* Obama leads Romney 47 percent to 45 percent * Romney post-debate 'bump' solidifies * 84 percent say "definitely" decided on their candidate By Alina Selyukh WASHINGTON, Oct 7 (Reuters…

Mitt Romney Closes Gap In Presidential Polls

WASHINGTON -- The surprisingly strong debate performance by Republican nominee Mitt Romney against President Barack Obama last week has resulted in a dramatic tightening in the presidential race, according to tracking surveys conducted since Wednesd…

Is The Republican Party Racist? How The Racial Attitudes Of Southern Voters Bolster Its Chances.

Now that Romney supporters have sought to make race, once again, an issue against Obama with an "explosive" five-year-old video reminding voters that Obama (yes, it's true!) consorts with black people, perhaps it's time to remind people of the real …

Tiffany Webb: High School Guidance Counselor Fired Over Racy Lingerie Photos

Tiffany Webb, 37, was a respected educator in New York City public schools for 12 years before she lost her job last December.

Kendra Wilkinson -- 2-Year-Old Son Hospitalized

Cops and firefighters rushed to the L.A. home of Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson this week ... after her 2-year-old son mysteriously passed out -- TMZ has…

French Bees Accidentally Make Blue Honey

Beekeepers don't think it's such a sweet surprise. You can blame M&Ms for the unnatural tint.

The Best Marching Band In The World Takes On Video Games, Blows Minds

They don't call Ohio State's band "The Best Damn Band In The Land" for nothing.

Joran Van Der Sloot's Girlfriend Pregnant

LIMA, Oct. 8 (UPI) -- The girlfriend of Joran van der Sloot, a convicted murderer in Peru and a suspect in the death of a U.S. teen, is three months pregnant, his lawyer said.

Romney Backs An Independent Palestine

Echoes of George W. Bush, and criticism of withdrawal from Iraq. "Our friends and allies across the globe do not want less American leadership. They want more."

Hero Hedgehog With Broken Leg Gives Birth To Triplets

Breaking: A hedgehog mama (hedgehogs are so hot right now) just gave birth to a triple threat of hoglets despite having a broken pelvis and leg. She and her brood are recovering and having some well-earned R&R at Tiggywinkles wildlife hospital in Cambridgeshire. Tiggywinkles! (via L. Yaps!)

Beyonce Surprised Everyone By Joining Jay Z On Stage In Brooklyn

If you weren't there basically you missed out on the event of this CENTURY.

30 Outrageous Reactions To Expedia's New Commercial

Another day, another group of people threatening to boycott a company for supporting gays. Oh, 2012.

An NBA Player Attacked His Wife's WNBA Team On Twitter

Shelden Williams was not happy with how Candace Parker's coaches handled the end of the Sparks' conference finals loss.

John Cusack Brought A Boombox Onstage At A Peter Gabriel Concert

The actor reenacted his iconic "Say Anything" scene at the Hollywood Bowl before the singer performed "In Your Eyes." (Via Vulture)

Matthew McConaughey Is A Skeleton

The 42-year-old actor is slimming down his upcoming role in The Dallas Buyer’s Club, but has he taken his dieting too far?

What Is Wrong With Peyton Manning's Forehead?

Does anyone know what is happening here? Is this a side effect of neck surgeries?

PETA Vs. Pokemon

PETA has finally weighed in on the brutal Pokemon fighting rings run by merciless trainers like the notorious Ash Ketchum. Naturally, there's a parody game, which, according to PETA's (correctly accented) press release, "encourages kids to fight for Pokémon rights." Play the game below, and please do be sure to say something po-faced in the comments.

13 Brilliant Science Museum Billboards

Science! Each one is better than the last.

Contortionists On The Subway Tops The Morning Links

When taking public transit, it helps to be flexible. Also, celebrate getting through Monday with some vodka cocktails and NBA players who need a style intervention.

Nicole Kidman Poses With Monster Trucks For Harper's Bazaar

Shot by Terry Richardson. Fab or drab?

WSJ: The Advertorial's Best Friend

October 8, 2012 – "Jonah Peretti is building a business around helping advertisers craft messages that people will share with their friends." -WSJ

Nicole Kidman As Grace Kelly: First Look

Though some critics balked at the casting of Nicole Kidman as Princess Grace -- Kidman looks nothing like her -- the Australian actress still holds her own in a gorgeous promotional photo from "Grace of Monaco."

Jessica Biel In Studded Leather: Fab Or Drab?

Sure, it's Fendi, but is it cute?

Jay-Z Rides The Subway

HOVA, he's just like us. If we had a security entourage accompany us on every eight-stop subway ride.

The Difference Between Men's And Women's Costumes

It seems like men's costumes are often made with more fabric...

How The Candidates Put Their Faces On

It's disguised in public documents as "media production" and "decoration." Don't touch Joe Biden's hair!

Coldplay's New Video Is Also A Comic Book

The clip for "Hurts Like Heaven" is an animated version of their Mylo Xyloto comic. The story is a bit hokey, but this is one of their best songs.

The Internet Reacts To Christina Aguilera's New Album Cover

I mean, the "Lotus" cover is practically begging to be photoshopped. Add yours!

Christina Hendricks: Don't Call Me "Full-Figured"

Christina Hendricks might love her curves, but be careful how you ask her about them. The fashion editor from Sydney, Australia's Sun-Herald made the mistake of broaching the topic by called Hendricks "full-figured" (not once, but twice!), and the M…

James Holmes Halloween Mask Listed On eBay For $500 (PHOTOS)

Every Halloween, a costume that inevitably incites outrage makes its way into stores. But the World War II Evacuee and "Anna Rexia" outfits are nothing compared to the soullessness of a James Holmes latex mask that was listed on eBay for $500.

Taking On The Debates

Not wanting to “ruffle any feathers,” Big Bird remained non-partisan. He did, however, share a topical political joke: ”You know who loves debates? De-fishes. It’s a thinker.”

Israel Shoots Down Drone That May Have Been Made By Iran, Launched From Lebanon.

The widely reported downing of an unmanned aerial vehicle that entered Israeli airspace on Oct. 6 demonstrates, in stark terms, how UAVs have the potential to upend long-held assumptions regarding the nature of Iran’s reach in the Middle East. For I…

Death Metal Singer Sings To His Cat

His cat's name is Bill Murray. His bandmates uploaded the video.

30 DIY Ways To Jazz Up Your Converse Sneakers

It doesn't matter how old, dirty or hole-y your Chuck Taylors are. You can fix them right up like new designer shoes in no time.

iPhone 5 Review: Marveling At The Existence Of The Greatest Phone Ever Made.

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 last month, many tech pundits called it “boring.” I was one of them. In fact, I was so bored that I called the iPhone boring way back in July, on the basis of the lackluster new mobile operating system that Apple ann…

Lady Gaga Puked On Stage In Spain

First Bieber, now Mother Monster. Is vomiting while performing on stage becoming a thing? And if so, was G.G. Allin just way ahead of his time?

The Navy’s New Class Of Warships: Big Bucks, Little Bang

The Navy’s new Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) is not only staggeringly overpriced and chronically unreliable but — even if it were to work perfectly — cannot match the combat power of similar sized foreign warships costing only a fraction as much. Let’s…

Jessica Alba Bent Over In The Rain

Jessica Alba in New York City. (October 4, 2012) -Photo: Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, Splash News

Jake Evans 911 Call: Texas Teen Who Gunned Down Mother And Sister Was 'Planning On Killing' (VIDEO)

ALEDO, Texas -- A chilling recording of a 911 call captured a 17-year-old Texas boy telling the operator in a calm, monotone voice that he had just shot his mother and sister multiple times. Jake Evans, 17, has been charged with capital murder in th…

Banker Chooses Life Despite Winning Right To Die

(Newser) – She won the right to die, but now she apparently wants to live. Grace Sun Eun Lee, a Manhattan banker with …

Dishonored Review For PC, PS3, 360 From

For the best Reviews of Dishonored for PC, PS3, 360, check out this page on

SNL Explains Obama's Weak Debate Showing [VIDEO]

Many a husband can surely identify with the panic the president must have felt when, two minutes into Wednesday's debate, he realized he'd forgotten to buy Michelle a 20th anniversary gift.

Hugo Chavez Wins Re-Election (Again)

A lot has happend since he first took office... in 1999.

Snooki News - Snooki Shares Adorable Childhood Picture On Instagram

It’s time for another edition of . . . what did Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi post on Instragram today? On Saturday, the 24-year-old reality TV star shared an adorable childhood photo of herself, w …

Big Bird Visits SNL's Weekend Update With Seth Meyers (VIDEO)

While word on the street was that Big Bird would NOT be doing any television appearances following his unexpected mention during Wednesday's presidential debate, 'SNL' apparently made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Despite it being seven hours pas…

Red Bulls Youth Coach Stabbed To Death

Youth soccer coach Mike Jones Mike Jones was killed in a brutal stabbing in the West Village early this morning that left his severed ear lying in a pool of blood on a 14th Street sidewalk.

Friday Hair Porn: Kate Beckinsale's Swingy Locks Out On A Walk

Seriously, I’m starting to think Kate Beckinsale has the hair of 14 people....

Drone Retaliation: Israeli Jets Buzz Lebanon

(Newser) – Israeli fighter planes flew low over Lebanese towns today in apparent retaliation for a mysterious drone th…

Lena Dunham: It's 'Not Elegant' To Respond To Some Criticism

On the brink of a major book deal, Dunham presents herself not as one of the messy millennials she writes and plays on TV, but as a burgeoning mogul.

6 Terrifying Experiments Parents Did On Their Own Kids

Given all the complaining people do about animal experimentation these days, it's easy to forget that up until fairly recently, scientific experimentation on humans was considered perfectly acceptable. While most of our scientific forefathers stuck …

How To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally, Without Medication

Play soothing background music while you’re puttering at home or driving around getting errands done and you’ll trim seven points off your blood pressure in one month, say researchers at Italy’s University of Florence. “Soothing music helps slow bre…

Lady Gaga News - Lady Gaga Goes Topless In Photo With Donatella Versace (PHOTO)

During her recent hangout with famed designer Donatella Versace, the Born This Way singer posed topless for a photo taken by none other than Terry Richardson. The photo, which was subsequently posted on her website, shows Gaga with her right arm aro…

Emma Watson News - Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman And More

In a recent interview, Emma Watson admitted she's ready to shed her Hermione Granger alter ego from the hit Harry Potter film franchise -- even if it means going nude. The Brit, 22, told Hello  …

I Know What Obama Was Writing Last Night

For all of you teeth-gnashing, hand-wringing, the-world-is-ending liberals who watched last night’s debate and wondered why President Obama was taking notes instead of confronting Mittens directly on his lies, half-truths, distortions and disturbing…

JWOWW Ignites New Plastic Surgery Rumors

Jersey Shore‘s Jenni Farley AKA JWOWW is one of the few reality TV stars we’ve ever thought redeemable. She is also slowly becoming someone else, per the internet. Though she’s openly admitted to having breast implants, she’s denied any plastic surg…

Exquisite Bohemian Fairy Tale Illustrations By Artuš Scheiner

We can always count on our friends over at 50 Watts to introduce us to gorgeous vintage illustration from around the world, so it’s no surprise that it was there that we stumbled over the sublime fairy tale illustration work of Artuš Scheiner, a Boh…

The Pop Cultural Landscape (According To Books)

Flavorwire: Cultural news and critique from Flavorpill

10 Reality Shows That Have Exceeded Their Expiration Date

In Season 6 of Jersey Shore, Snooki is pregnant. On last night’s two-hour premiere, we watched Nicole Polizzi waddle out to Seaside in a valiant attempt to enjoy the shore — and, more to the point, earn a six-figure-per-episode salary — without alco…

10 YA Novel To Film Adaptations That Kept Their Edge

The Perks of Being A Wallflower, the film adaptation of the ’90s cult young adult novel by Stephen Chbosky, is out in wide release today, and we couldn’t be more excited. While some of its critics are saying the film packs in more issues then the en…

10 Of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Most Genuinely Spooky Albums

As mentioned earlier this week in our roundup of albums you need to hear in October, one of our favorite discoveries for the month is the self-titled debut by Brooklyn band ERAAS. If you like your rock ‘n’ roll laden with lots of heavy percussion an…

The Movie Alphabet: An Amazing Series Of Typographic Film Posters

As you may have noticed, we’re suckers for awesome interpretations of movie posters and typography in all its forms, so we’re positively tickled by Meagan’s Movie Alphabet, an A-to-Z of movies by artist Meagan Hyland, which we spotted over at Explor…

The 10 Most Lovable Movie Monsters Of All Time

This past Friday marked the theatrical release of Frankenweenie, Tim Burton’s full-length animated adaptation of his 1984 live-action short of the same name (which he was fired from Disney for making). We loved the original (we’re pretty sure we wor…

'Not Fade Away,' Reunion Of 'Sopranos' Creator And Star, Unveiled At New York Film Fest (Analysis)

The New York Film Festival marked the mid-point of its 50th installment last night with its annual centerpiece gala screening at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall, which this year was Paramount's Not Fade Away. The film, a 1960s period piece drama t…

Box Office Report: 'Taken 2' Dazzles With $105 Mil Worldwide, Among Top October Debuts

Sequel Taken 2 stormed to the top of the North American box office with a record-breaking $50 million debut, more than double the original 2009 film and marking more good news for Liam Neeson. It also helped drive up ticket sales 43 percent over the…

Sam Champion Is Gay, Getting Married: 'Good Morning America' Weather Anchor Comes Out

More good news for the Good Morning America family: They're gaining a new member.

NKorean Soldier Defects To SKorea Across Border

(SEOUL, South Korea) — A North Korean soldier killed two of his superiors Saturday and defected to South Korea across the countries’ heavily armed border in a rare crossing that prompted South Korean troops to immediately beef up their border patrol…

TIME Europe Editor Discusses Her Story On Ireland’s Prime Minister

When Enda Kenny became Prime Minister of Ireland in February 2011 he inherited a mess. The country was staggering under an enormous debt load and facing rising unemployment. Kenny took over from Fianna Fail, the party that had been in power for 14 y…

One Year After Steve Jobs’ Death, Apple Continues To Thrive

But would it be too confusing if I questioned the whole concept of judging the post-Jobs Apple after only a year?

Hugo Chávez’s Re-Election Bid: Is The Latin American Left Stumbling?

Venezuela's firebrand socialist president is no longer a shoo-in to win re-election on Oct. 7—for reasons that are also haunting other leaders on the Latin American left, whose power in the region is ebbing after a decade of resurgence

The Chicest Outfit Ideas From Paris Fashion Week Are Right Here On "What Are You Wearing?" (VIDEO)

Glamour's Susan Cernek visits the City of Light at the chicest time of year--Paris Fashion Week--to round up some seriously inspiring street style.

Bachelor Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson Are Donzo

Oh, girls. Remember that time we all spent two months getting furious with ourselves for being so invested in Bachelor Ben Flajnik, his inexplicable hair and his MORE INEXPLICABLE undying love for one Courtney Robertson?...

Tamon Robinson's Mother, Laverne Dobbinson, Owes NYPD $710 For Damages To Police Car That Killed Son

In April 2012, Tamon Robinson was struck and killed by an NYPD police car after Robinson was allegedly caught stealing cobblestones from a public housing complex.

Paul Krugman Blasts Media Over Presidential Debate

Paul Krugman hammered the media over its handling of the first presidential debate, specifically what he said was its failure to fact-check Mitt Romney.

Infield Fly Rule Controversy: Braves Vs. Cardinals Wild Card Game Includes Disputed Call (VIDEO)

A security official shouts to fans to not throw trash on the field during the eighth inning of the National League wild card playoff baseball game between the Atlanta Braves and the St. Louis Cardinals, Friday, Oct. 5, 2012, in Atlanta. The Cardinal…

Heartbroken Dog Makes Amazing Two-Mile Journey To Find Owner, John Dolan, In Hospital (VIDEO)

Zander, a 7-year-old husky, was able to track down his owner John Dolan, who had checked into New York's Good Samaritan Medical Center for a skin condition, according to Fox News. The dog traveled two miles, under a busy parkway, by a stream and acr…

The Phallus: A Collection Of Articles About Broken, Removed, Stolen, And Reattached Genitals

Every weekend, Longform shares a collection of great stories from its archive with Slate. For daily picks of new and classic nonfiction, check out Longform or follow @longform on Twitter. Have an iPad? Download Longform’s app to read the latest pick…

Obama’s Denver Debate Performance: Introverted Personalities Are Misunderstood.

When I started a new job at a newspaper in the late 1990s, I noticed that one of my editors had four seemingly random letters taped above her computer monitor. “That’s my type,” she explained, and said that I’d soon have my own. Sure enough, after a…

Magnum Photos: These Images Of A Potato Chip Bra And Dali Demand To Stand On Their Own.

For seven years, Slate featured a different gallery created from Magnum’s archive every single weekday. I was the person digging through the archive and piecing these Today’s Pictures galleries together since March of 2011. In that time, I worked wi…

Romney Gets Boost In Fundraising And Polls After Debate Victory As Campaign Raises $12million Online In Just Two Days

The Republican candidate has raised $12million in online donations over the last couple of days, and has also received a two point boost in the respected Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

'Insensitive Bordering On Cruel': Sky News Presenter Kay Burley Slammed For Breaking News Of April Jones' 'Murder' Live On Air

But as the news broke Burley, 51, who has been reporting from Machynlleth since April was reported missing, asked two members of the community for their reaction.

Cee Lo Green -- Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj's Beef Is BOGUS

"The Voice" judge Cee Lo Green is calling BS on Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj's fiery feud -- telling TMZ, we're in L.A. ... practically EVERYTHING is fake…

Chris Brown -- I LOVE RIHANNA ... (And Also Karrueche)

Chris Brown just released a hyper-produced propaganda break-up video ... in which he drunkenly says he loves BOTH Rihanna and his ex-GF Karrueche Tran…

Thousands Of Students Protest Across Italy

(Newser) – Thousands of angry students protested government austerity measures across Italy today and injured up to si…

It Wasn't A Burglar Calling, Just His Dog

(AP) – Police in Orem, Utah, say a man who thought he was getting a call from a burglar had actually gotten one from h…

2 Suspects Held In Attack That Killed Chris Stevens

(Newser) – Turkish police have detained two suspects in the attack that killed Chris Stevens, the US ambassador to Lib…

The Paperboy Has Efron Pee, Cusack Semen

Nicole Kidman. Hoo boy. All right, so whatever your thoughts about Nicole Kidman—I think she’s a terrific actress; some find her too chilly; some just think it’s terrifying that she was once married to Tom Cruise—she certainly goes, to paraphrase Tr…

Hulk Hogan Mistaken For Daughter Brooke In Sex Tape From HollywoodLeek

Singer Brooke Hogan confirmed today that she has been mistaken for her father, Hulk Hogan, in a sex tape Gawker released today.

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