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October 8, 2012

That Time SNL's Taran Killam Starred On "The Amanda Show"

As Amanda Bynes' Amanda Show matured along with its main character, the show incorporated a Dawson's Creek-style spoof called "Moody's Point." The male lead in said spoof was none other than Saturday Night Live's Taran Killam, who is rumored to have dated Bynes at the time of filming(!).

How To Live Your Entire Life According To Rachel Zoe

She's got a line of — or endorsement deal for — just about every product under the sun a woman could possibly ever need (or, you know, just want). She's clearly taking over the world, which can only mean one thing: a cook book of Rachel's famous baked salami recipes can't be far off!

The NFL Underdog's Creed

What do players preparing for a near-certain beatdown think about? Their impending victory, a former player says. Take heart, Jets.

Romney Wrong That Terrorism Wasn't Discussed At 2008 Debates

Romney reportedly told retired generals today "back in 2008 during the debates there was no discussion of terrorism." But the topic was brought up in at least four debates Republican primary debates, nine Democratic primary debates and two of the general election debates.

Breaking Down The Most Allen Iverson Play Of All Time, In GIFs

Apparently, Allen "AI / the Answer / that dude who played for the Nuggets and the Pistons" Iverson (Philly AI is long dead) participated in an exhibition game in China (with Jason Williams!) this weekend. In the process, he accomplished the single most AI play ever.

Every Tech Company Recruiting Video Ever

This is a promo for Thing X, which is a new... something from former Onion and Daily Show contributors. A show? A channel? An actual megacorporation??? Whatever it is, it's already funny.

Tech Confessional: The Secrets Of Second Life

A former employee of Linden Labs, the creator of the virtual world, talks about walking in on users having (virtual) sex, being a Second Life celebrity, and why it was such an inspiring job. Also, furries!

PETA Vs. Pokemon

PETA has finally weighed in on the brutal Pokemon fighting rings run by merciless trainers like the notorious Ash Ketchum. Naturally, there's a parody game, which, according to PETA's (correctly accented) press release, "encourages kids to fight for Pokémon rights." Play the game below, and please do be sure to say something po-faced in the comments.

Jay-Z Rides The Subway

HOVA, he's just like us. If we had a security entourage accompany us on every eight-stop subway ride.

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