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October 30, 2012

Harvey Nichols' New Sensual "Love Thyself" Ads

The latest campaign from the UK retailer will raise some hackles. The ads will certainly make many men perk up.

Fighter Taunts Opponent, Gets Knocked Out

There's nothing more obnoxious than a fighter slapping his own face and screaming. Which is why this is awesome.

Aaron Sorkin Joins Twitter, Asks For Verification In The Most Self-Aggrandizing Way Ever

Let's take the self-love down a notch. You've been on Twitter for a day and haven't even gotten rid of your "egg" icon yet!

Just A Picture Of A Dog Wearing A Squirrel Costume

Halloween's not ruined after all.

16 Photos Of Superstorm Sandy Becoming A Blizzard

As Superstorm Sandy hit West Virginia, its large winds and rains became a full-on blizzard. According to recent reports, more than 2,000 people are without power due to snow, high winds, and flooding.

18 Instagrams Of New York City Returning To Life

The day after Sandy, life goes on.

Unconfirmed Contaminated Water In Greenpoint, Brooklyn

It should go without saying if your tap water looks like this, it is not safe to drink. Update! Most likely rust, not sewage.

Bill Clinton: Maybe Mitt Romney Shouldn't Be Making Fun Of Global Warming

The former president tied Mitt Romney's positon on global warming to Hurricane Sandy at an event in Minneapolis today.

5 Pieces Of Infrastructure That Are Still Spotty Thanks To Sandy

The storm has passed New York City, but services are still on the fritz in many places. (Updated.)

27 Photos Of Weird Food People Ate During The Hurricane

Not sure if this is typical behavior for these folks, but it shows strong vision and good hustle.

College Student Thinks Hurricane Sandy Is Government Ploy

Conspiracy theorist or TV-trollin' smart ass?

Atlantic City Mayor Says Christie Is "Dead Wrong" About Evacuation Warnings

Atlantic City mayor Lorenzo Langford challenged Gov. Chris Christie and the media to prove that he sent mixed messages to residents about evacuating the city in anticipation of hurricane Sandy.

Will Ferrell's New Mustache

He looks just like his Alex Trebek parody from Saturday Night Live with it!

This Costume Wins Halloween

Josh Sundquist, best-selling author, Paralympic ski racer, and a cancer survivor who lost his leg at age 9, decided to make the most of his assets and create the best Halloween costume ever.

Pets Who Got Some Help And Made It Through The Storm

Brave dogs and cats receiving the loving care that they have no doubt earned.

New Yorkers Take To The Streets, Looking For Outlets And Wi-Fi

With thousands without power, staying connected is getting difficult. Smartphones and tablets are the only news source many people have.

Will Looting Be A Problem In Sandy's Aftermath?

With some East Coast cities still flooded and 8 million left without power, reports of mayhem begin trickling in. It begins on Coney Island.

Jersey Shore Roller Coaster Swept Out To Sea

A roller coaster in Seaside Heights, NJ, spotted this morning out in the ocean. "There has been billions of dollars in damage here, I could never have imagined it," said Bill Akers, Seaside Heights mayor, this morning. Very sad.

Deceptive Twitter User Linked To Romney Events

"Comfortably Smug" a fundraising contact.

Want To See A Photo Of Zach Galifianakis Super High At A Knicks Game?

The story of the time Zach Galifianakis giggled at himself giggling at himself.

Coco Vs. Hurricane Sandy

A battle between Coco's breasts and extreme wind.

Last Patients Evacuate NYU Hospital, Destinations Unclear

After hours in the dark, their families aren't sure where they're headed. "A very long night."

Andrea Mitchell Says Red Cross "Doesn't Need Or Want" Romney's Relief Donations

"What they need is donations of blood and donations of money."

Stacey Dash Tweets A Photo Of Herself And Paul Ryan

There's not much to say about this picture with the exception of Stacey's outfit: is it or drab?

Elmo Explains Hurricane Sandy To Kids

Natural disasters can be scary to children. Luckily Sesame Street has a lot of experience talking about serious issues in ways kids can understand.

The Worst People Of Hurricane Sandy

Homes were destroyed and lives were lost, but these people worried about something else.

Sand Castle Inspired By Lindsay Lohan And Amanda Bynes

It's titled "The Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes Driving School."

Headline Of The Decade

As usual, The Reykjavik Grapevine is first on the scene with breaking news that matters. (via Christy)

The Man Behind @ComfortablySmug, Hurricane Sandy's Worst Twitter Villain

He's a former hedge fund analyst, Republican political consultant, and deliberate spreader of false information.

How You Can Help After Hurricane Sandy

Relief efforts are already underway across the East Coast and abroad to help people affected by the hurricane. Here's what you can do to aid those efforts, no matter where you live.

10 Heroic Photos Of Hurricane Sandy First Responders

Thank you! Last night across the Northeast, first responders were running toward the sounds of chaos, risking their lives to save ours.

Some Dude Smashed A $1 Million Bus During The San Francisco Giants Riots

And now the Internet is working to unmask him.

19 Photos Of Sandy's Devastation Of Atlantic City

The iconic boardwalk was destroyed.


The very best pumpkin is pretty much always going to be a Krang pumpkin, as the saying goes. (via MikeVDesign)

29 Breathtaking Photos Of Hurricane Sandy's Devastation

Monday night Hurricane Sandy touched down in New York and New Jersey and wrecked havoc, causing massive flooding and millions of dollars in damage. MTA Chairman Joseph J. Lhota said of the storm, "In 108 years, our employees have never faced a challenge like the one that confronts us now."

Twitter Is A Truth Machine

During Sandy, the Internet spread — then crushed — rumors at breakneck speed.

Jim Harbaugh Gave The Greatest Quote Ever Said By Anyone Ever

It involves the words "gobble gobble jive turkey."

12 No-Electricity Meals

Stay well-fed when the power goes out with these no-cook recipes.

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