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October 14, 2012

Behold, The Winnie Couture Wedding Dress That Got 10,000 Instagram Likes In 3 Hours

If you've been following our Instagram feed at @glamourmag as we've been dashing to shows around New York during Bridal Market, you know we've been broadcasting showstopping wedding dresses all week. Not a single dress has stolen the hearts of our L…

5 Celebrities Who Get Way More Hate Than They Deserve

Athletes and entertainers don't always have the easiest time of it in the press. That's probably because of sites like this one and jerks like me. See, it's my job to make fun of the things that people want made fun of. But guess what, that doesn't …

Baumgartner's Jump Reenacted With Legos

This happened fast! 1:350 scale.

Wisconsin Senate Candidate's Son Says We "Have The Opportunity" To Send Obama Back To Kenya

Jason Thompson, the son of former Governor and Wisconson Senate candidate Tommy Thompson, speaking this morning at a brunch attended RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said that "we have the opportunity to send President Obama back to Chicago -- or Kenya." A woman in attendance then chimed in "we are taking donations for that Kenya trip." A spokesman for Thompson did not immediately return a request for comment. Update The Thompson campaign emails: "The Governor has addressed this with his son, just like any father would do. Jason Thompson said something he should not have, and he apologizes." The spokesperson added that Tommy Thompson himself was not in attendance at the event.

Red Bull Stratos YouTube Live Stream Attracts Record Number Of Viewers

Felix Baumgartner captured the attention of the web on Sunday when he jumped from a capsule 128,000 feet above Earth and landed safely on the ground in New Mexico. Baumgartner's leap from the stratosphere (an event dubbed "Red Bull Stratos" by its e…

Taryn Manning -- Arrested For Assaulting Makeup Artist

11:00 AM PT -- According to the criminal complaint, Taryn is accused of punching her makeup artist in the face, kicking her in the face and torso,…

The Hipster Jets Fan Meme

He has season tickets, even though he can barely pay rent.

Superman Heir Pens Letter To Fans About Fight With Warner Bros.

She's fought for many years to "terminate" the studio's control of the Man of Steel by exploiting one aspect of copyright law. In 2008, she experienced success when a federal judge in California determined that her termination notice was valid on th…

Mitt Romney Features Laughing Joe Biden Debate TV Ad

The Romney campaign unveiled a new television ad that features footage of the vice-presidential debate, contrasting the Republican running mate Paul Ryan’s serious tone while talking about the country’s economic woes and Vice President Joe Biden’s l…

Jennifer Lopez’s Wardrobe Malfunction — Nip Slip On Stage In Italy

Hot tamale -- Jennifer Lopez suffered ANOTHER wardrobe malfunction on stage on Oct. 11! See the former 'American Idol' judge's nip slip and tell us -- do YOU think Jennifer should wear more clothing? Jennifer Lopez suffered her second wardrobe malfu…

Weirdest Play Ever Features A Punt Block, Interception, And Touchdown

In today's Tampa Bay - Kansas City fiasco, this play happened, ruining football forever.

5 Weapon Myths You Probably Believe (Thanks To Movies)

We all know that war is hell: It is an unrelenting barrage of horror and tragedy, and lots of people die screaming in the mud. It's always been that way, back to the birth of man -- but hey, it sure looks cool, doesn't it? Without war, we wouldn't h…

Watch Live: Record Freefall Jump From Edge Of Space

Watch live as Felix Baumgartner jumps from a balloon more than 120,000 feet in the air.

Watch A Man Fall From Space, In GIFs

Ever wonder what it's like to jump 24 miles straight down and possibly break the sound barrier? Well, Felix Baumgartner did it so you wouldn't have to.

The World's Most Talented Handi-Capable Doggie

Tori is paralyzed in her back legs and uses a wheelchair to get around, but that doesn't stop her from enjoying adventures on the trails, trying skiing, and helping her mom with yardwork. If this little pup doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will.

Skateboarders, Police Clash At West Hollywood Premiere

An unknown number of people attending a skateboarding movie premiere clashed with police Saturday night in West Hollywood near the Vine Theater. Several people identified by local media as skateboarders threw bottles at police officers, according t…

The Best "I'm With Stupid" Sign Ever

Proving once and for all that it's not the size of the sign that matters, but how you use it. Hat tip to Reddit user modestproposal81 for snapping the pic!

Moderate Republican Former Senator Arlen Specter Dies

Specter was first elected to the Senate in 1980 and served as a moderate Republican until he left the GOP in 2009, and lost his seat in 2010. He was 82 years old.

These Realistic Cosplay Costumes Are Creepy Good

Comic Con is this weekend and you know what that means? That's right! Thousands of socially awkward people crammed into a tiny space! Here's some images to get you pumped for all the wedgies coming your way.

14 Geeky Tattoos That Are Actually Super Awesome

While it's true that some "nerd tattoos" are getting super old, if you get something original and true to yourself, it could be as awesome as these.

Derek Jeter Is Out For The Rest Of The Playoffs

An injury in the 12th inning of the Detroit Tigers' win over the Yankees, means the end of the Yankee captain's season.

Fantasy Football Score Correction Enrages 70,000 NFL Fans

The NFL correctly attributed a 13-yard TD pass to Ben Roethlisberger, which changed the results of thousands of fantasy football scores.

'SNL' Mocks Joe Biden, Paul Ryan Debate; Abused Apple Workers Mock Tech Nerds (Video)

Joe Biden struck with a vengeance on Saturday Night Live, during an episode that marked Christina Applegate’s first hosting appearance since 1993. The cold open rehashes Thursday’s vice presidential debate between Biden (Jason Sudeikis) and Rep. Pau…

Watch Live: Felix Baumgartner Attempts 23-Mile Freefall Space Jump

After strong winds and rain foiled his attempts earlier this week, today Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner will again set out to complete a record-breaking (and sound barrier-shattering) 23-mile jump.

Peter Berg Would Like Mitt Romney To Stop Using His Friday Night Lights Slogan, Please

Sensing that his campaign could use even more hubris, Mitt Romney recently adopted the campaign slogan, "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose," a phrase that represents Romney's original, very personal vision for the United States in the sense that i…

Starry-Night Manicures: Would You Wear This Nail Trend?

Yes, that’s right--time for us to discuss one more crazy-creative thing people are doing to their nails these days ......

UFC 153 Results: Anderson Silva Stops Stephan Bonnar; Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Wins (VIDEO)

RIO DE JANEIRO -- Anderson Silva stopped Stephan Bonnar with a knee to the body with 20 seconds left in the first round Saturday night, winning his 17th consecutive fight in front of his home fans at UFC 153. Silva (31-4) showed off his usual domina…

El Día De La Hispanidad: ¿Quién Lo Celebra Más Allá De España?

El 12 de octubre es un día que en el mundo se conoce con por lo menos 10 nombres. En España, desde 1981, tiene el nombre oficial de Fiesta Nacional de España y Día de la Hispanidad en el que se celebra el primer contacto de España con América en 149…

The 15 Best Examples Of Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun From Mikepattonfan (Sean Warhurst)

A bizarre trend is gripping Melbourne, Australia... I stumbled across this page on Facebook yesterday and was amazed by how it had managed to garner more likes than the actual newspaper it is mocking.

The Bachelorette's Jef Holm And Emily Maynard Have Probably Split Up

Sometimes I worry that there’s no hope for love in this cruel, cruel world. If two people who meet on a television show and get engaged after like thirty days can’t make it in the real world, then who can?? Certainly not the people who meet in more …

An Awesome Coffe Table With Built In Computer

1 Put glue on the 2×6′s 2 Clamp them all together 3 4 5 6 7 8 After a lot of sanding …

Romney Supporter Wears 'Put The White Back In The White House' T-Shirt At Ohio Campaign Event (PHOTO)

A supporter of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was spotted wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the words "Put the white back in the White House" at a campaign event this week: (Credit: Getty Images)

High School Team Starts Senior With Down Syndrome

Greg Zenas had never played varsity soccer before, even though he has been team manager for the Dexter, Michigan high school for the last six years. On October 4, his team and coach Scott Forrester surprised him with the opportunity to play.

Britney Spears Wears Short Dress With Fanned Sleeves

Spears, who bonded with Jennifer Hudson backstage, wore a gray Lever Couture mini-dress featuring fanned sleeves. She completed her age-appropriate look with YSL shoes and Neil Lane jewelry.

Lizzy Jagger Nude Atop A Dead Tuna

The oldest daughter of Mick and Jerry is the latest celebrity to join the Fishlove cause to protest unsustainable fishing.

Actor, TV Host Gary Collins Dies At 74 In Miss.

Collins, a resident of Biloxi, Miss., died of natural causes just before 1 a.m. Saturday after he was brought to Biloxi Regional Medical Center, according to Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove.

Timothy Kurek, Straight Christian Man, 'Comes Out' And Pretends To Be Gay For A Year

Thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people weren't the only ones celebrating National Coming Out Day on Thursday. A Christian man from Tennessee appeared on ABC News to talk about his own coming out experience but -- he's straight.

What Jokes Will SNL Make About Last Night's Vice Presidential Debate?

Last night’s VP debate between Joe Biden and Eddie Munster Paul Ryan finally gave us the rock ‘em sock ‘em celebrity cat fight Romney and Obama denied us because they were both too busy trying to seem “presidential.” They talked about foreign policy…

Everything You Need To Know About The Justin Bieber Nude Photo Scandal

Everyone thinks that Justin Bieber naked photos might be floating around the internet because his computer and phone got stolen. Let’s investigate.

Piers Morgan Calls Lance Armstrong A 'Bully,' 'World's Biggest Sporting Cheat'

Piers Morgan has little sympathy for Lance Armstrong, the American cycling icon who now faces being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles amid an ongoing doping investigation.  "Nice guy that Lance Armstrong -- a nasty, vengeful bully as well …

Gary Collins Dead At 74 - Actor Also Hosted Miss America Pageant

(AP) – Gary Collins, an actor, television show host, and former master of ceremonies for the Miss America Pageant, has…

You Asked For MOAR, She Delivered (18 HQ Photos)

Her friends call her Anna Banana, and she's been tearing up theCHIVE recently, closing out the DAR and generating more 'Find Her' requests than my poor inbox would care to discuss. I asked her for some more photos last night and here we go...

Tester's Young Son Finds Trunk Latch Flaw

YONKERS, N.Y., Oct. 13 (UPI) -- U.S. product review company Consumer Reports said a 4-year-old boy helped discover a flaw in a Lexus trunk escape mechanism that put consumers at risk.

10 Films That Are Stranger Than Fiction

David Cronenberg’s bizarre 1988 thriller concerned the exploits of creepily co-dependent drug-addicted identical twin gynaecologists who conspire to seduce and exploit their patients. If it was fiction, you’d consider it the invention of a very trou…

Clark Gregg To Reprise 'Avengers' Role For Joss Whedon's 'S.H.I.E.L.D.'

Joss Whedon is sticking close to home with his ABC pilot S.H.I.E.L.D. Avengers alum Clark Gregg will reprise his role as Agent Phil Coulson in the network's adaptation of the Marvel comic series, Marvel announced Saturday at New York Comic-Con.

Lea Michele & Cory Monteith Shopping Together!

Lea Michele and her boyfriend Cory Monteith doing some shopping at the Armani Exchange store on Friday (October 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Kim & Khloe Kardashian Show Off Their Legs In A Mini Skirt & Short Shorts In Miami

1 of 4Next page © 2012 Photo Credits: Latest Kim Kardashian headlines: • Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Go House Hunting In Miami In A Leather Skirt, Pink Sneakers • Kim Kardashian Is Already Thinkin…

Even Palin's Ghostwriter Questions Palin Pick

"Really not the best plan," Lynn Vincent tells The New Yorker.

Gwen Stefani Looking Swell Outside Of A Petco

Looking good for a stop at a pet supply store!

Hugh Jackman News - Hugh Jackman Turns 44

Wolverine is turning the big 4-4. Australian actor Hugh Jackman's birthday is this Friday, though many of his fans will agree that he hasn't aged one bit like his X Men character, Logan. In Sept …

Watching The Vice-Presidential Debate — With The Sound Off

I watched the first presidential debate on mute, and the candidates’ body language was telling, just like the debate experts say it should be. So I decided to not listen to anything the vice presidential candidates said either. Surely the visual cue…

5 Classic Superman Comics That Prove He Used To Be A Dick

When we see Superman flying across the universe and effortlessly pushing planets back into orbit, it's easy to forget that he was created by two Depression-era kids from Cleveland who lived most of their lives in poverty. It's not so easy, however, …

The Vice Presidential Debate, Songified

Auto-tune might be annoying in actual music, but it makes the stuff politicians say sound a lot cooler.

Kitten In A Jar

Do you guys think if I get a jar and put some toys in it, a kitten will grow inside?

Sexy Halloween

If you don't think this is scary, imagine getting someone like this pregnant.

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Relationship Photos

For the last four years, Twilight fans have speculated nonstop about the potential off-screen romance between on-screen lovebirds Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. But it wasn't until July that their relationship was confirmed, after Stewart was…

Justin Bieber Pulling A PR Stunt For Beauty And The Beat Video

Justin Bieber claims personal footage (sex tapes and naked photos) got stolen from him, but it might just be a publicity stunt.

Biden Schools Ryan: David Shuster Sums Up The VP Debate

Current TV's David Shuster calls the winner of the vice presidential debate live from Danville, Ky., in this exclusive Web video. "Biden had a remarkable debate for the Democrats ... Republicans were trying to spin afterward," he says.

Buzz Words With Biden

Twice during Thursday's vice presidential debate, Joe Biden used the word "malarkey" in response to answers given by his opponent, GOP nominee Paul Ryan.

Liam Hemsworth And Miley Cyrus’s Matching Tattoo Is Pretty Suprising

Liam Hemsworth followed girlfriend Miley Cyrus‘s example and got a quote tattooed on his arm. And they match! Both their quotes are from Teddy Roosevelt’s 1910 speech, which seems so… not stupid. Seriously. That seems like a great speech to quote.

Revealing Portraits Of American Bikers

We were instantly drawn to Sandro Miller’s portraits of American bikers, which we spotted on InspireFirst. The Chicago native and acclaimed artist attended a biker rally in 1990, which was sponsored by a local Harley-Davidson dealership to raise mon…

The 10 Most Mysterious Vanishing Acts On Film

Missing person tropes were a familiar staple of the mystery genre long before cinema, but movies have without a doubt become the ultimate medium for the thrill of a character suddenly going MIA. We love vanishing acts in all their different forms: t…

Crazy, Surreal Photos Of Pablo Escobar’s Former Mansion

Regular readers may have noticed that we’re rather fascinated by abandoned and reclaimed spaces here at Flavorpill. Imagine our delight, then, when we discovered that the abandoned mansion of late drug overlord Pablo Escobar has been turned into a t…

'Arrow' First Look: Who Is John Barrowman Playing?

Calling all Green Arrow fans! The Hollywood Reporter has your first look at Torchwood alum John Barrowman making his debut on the CW's adaptation Arrow -- but who is this Well Dressed Man playing?

'Sons Of Anarchy's' Charlie Hunnam On 'Making Out' With Ron Perlman In '3,2,1...Frankie Go Boom' (Video)

Charlie Hunnam, who stars as Jax Teller in the gritty motorcycle drama Sons of Anarchy, sheds his leather biker vest and bad-boy attitude to play Frankie, a young guy suffering from the demands of his insane parents and an older brother determined t…

Justin Bieber's Stolen Laptop: Hoax Or No Hoax?

It all started on Wednesday, when the "Boyfriend" singer tweeted to his 29 million followers, "Yesterday during the show me and my tour manager Josh had some stuff stolen. Really sucks. People should respect other's property." He was apparently refe…

Google Image Search For “Completely Wrong” Turns Up Mitt Romney Pictures

If you find yourself using Google to search for an image to accompany the phrase "completely wrong," you may be surprised by the results: Pages and pages of photos of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Here's a screenshot of the Google i…

Parks And Recreation Is Ready To Introduce You To Jerry's Wife

Parks And Recreation has been dropping hints all along that office doormat Jerry Gergich has a pretty great home life to balance all the abuse he takes at work, and now the show is ready to make that even more explicit with the casting of his oft-me…

Judge For Yourself How Accurately Jon Hamm And Adam Scott Recreated Simon & Simon’s Opening Credits

If you’re at all familiar with Adult Swim programming, you weren’t surprised to find that The Greatest Event In Television History turned out to be an 11-minute setup for a comedically mustachioed punchline. It’s a massive misdirect leading to the e…

Want Better Skin? There's An App For That!

Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, M.D., the game changing duo who brought us skincare line Proactiv, are at it again. They have developed a free Facebook and iPad app called PerSKINality that is aimed at solving skin issues, all from the comfort of home…

Demi Moore 'Not Psyched' About Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis Romance

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher split almost a year ago, but time doesn't make it any easier for Moore to see her ex moving on with "Sexiest Woman Alive" Mila Kunis.

Roger Rivard Loses Support From Wisconsin Republicans After Saying 'Some Girls Rape Easy'

Wisconsin Republicans are quickly disowning state Rep. Roger Rivard (R-Rice Lake), after he told a newspaper that "[s]ome girls rape easy."

Kellogg Mini-Wheats Recall: Millions Of Boxes Possibly Contaminated With Metal Pieces

Breakfast cereal lovers best pay attention: Kellogg's is recalling millions of boxes of Mini-Wheats cereal that may be contaminated with pieces of metal mesh. The Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday that recalled boxes of Frosted Mini-Wheats…

Geoffrey Dunn: Horror Stories: Mitt Romney's Shameful Record With Mormon Women

As Mitt Romney tries to redraw himself as a moderate in the final days of his Etch-A-Sketch candidacy, some troubling stories from his career as a Mormon leader outside of Boston can't be erased. In this excerpt from an investigative report for Metr…

James Franco Interview - James Franco On Fashion And Film

James Franco isn’t slowing down anytime soon—in the past few weeks, the scruffy stud has added fashion directing gigs (first with 7 for All Mankind and then Stuart Weitzman), music ventures (through his band Daddy), and film teaching stints to his a…

Rep. Paul Broun Says The Earth Is 9,000 Years Old. How Do Creationists Calculate The Planet’s Age?

Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., called evolution “lies from the pit of hell” in a speech last month and argued that the Earth is 9,000 years old. Scientists have determined the Earth’s age is 4.5 billion years, based on evidence from meteorites and molecula…

Doctors 'Decapitated Baby During Birth And Tried To Hide It From Parents After The Dead Infant Was Delivered By C-Section'

In a court complaint that reads like the script of a horror film, Arteisha Betts and Travis Ammonette, of Florissant, described how doctors Gilbert Webb and Susan Moore had allegedly coerced them into a vaginal delivery against their wishes, and the…

Amanda Todd: Canadian Teen Kills Herself After Desperate Video Plea Begging Bullies To Stop

A 15-year-old Canadian girl was found dead Wednesday night, just weeks after posting a video about her battle with cyber bullies.

Sofia Vergara Loves Being Confused For Son’s Sister!

Sofia Vergara Loves Being Confused for Son’s Sister!

Kourtney Kardashian Had A Wardrobe Malfunction On Her Balcony

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian in Miami. (October 11, 2012) -Photo: Bauer-Griffin, Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, WENN

How To Accidentally ‘Invent Liveblogging’

When Joe Biden and Zombie Ayn Rand Paul Ryan begin their televised debate Thursday night, hundreds of professional media employees will be "liveblogging" the proceedings for hundreds of topical websites, from the New York Times to (maybe?) PerezHilt…

New England's Most Perfect Pancakes

But the greatest gift that fall has to offer is this: it's the time of year where pancakes taste their best, and they taste their best when eaten in New England. Who knows why—Puritan historians, sound forth! But it is a truth. And in the past few y…

6 Real Cyber Attacks Straight Out Of A Bad Hacker Movie

Hollywood thinks that computers run on black magic and hackers are wizards. In movies, computers can blow up houses, shut down highways, release plagues and make Matthew Lillard appealing to women. However, our collective groaning about how laughabl…

Bad Lip Reading Parodies The Presidential Debate [VIDEO]

Before we leave behind the first presidential debate for the vice presidential showdown Thursday night, let's take one final look back at last week's debate.

Hezbollah Confirms Drone Program

BEIRUT, Lebanon, Oct. 12 (UPI) -- Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah flew an unmanned surveillance drone over Israeli territory, the organization's leader said.

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