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October 7, 2012

'SNL' Recap: Daniel Craig Honors His Victims; President Obama's Inner Monologue Revealed (Video)

Daniel Craig killed as SNL host—at least in his opening monologue, where he remembered all the on-screen bad guys he’s dispatched over the years.

A New Kind Of Dog Racing

Now this I can support. Dogs pushing other dogs in strollers, dogs riding scooters, and other doggie delights.

Discovery Channel Crashes A Jet Plane — On Purpose

The documentary, narrated by actor Josh Charles (The Good Wife), will use video footage from inside the plane to show what exactly happens in a serious but survivable airline crash. The crash occurred in a remote part of the Sonoran Desert of Baja C…

Jay-Z Playfully Spanks Beyonce On Stage In Surprise Brooklyn Appearance

On Saturday Beyonce joined her husband Jay-Z in Brooklyn, New York, on stage for a surprise performance.   It was the last night of his eight-night residency at the new Barclays Center sports arena. Jay-Z performed the majority of shows completely s…

Here's Video Of The Brutal Hit That Concussed Robert Griffin III

The Redskins' star rookie quarterback got knocked out of the game by the Atlanta Falcons during one of his signature scrambles. And based on how frequently he's been getting hit this season, it's no surprise.

Kim Kardashian In Lanvin ...Without A Bra

I didn't think it was that cold in Miami around this time of year. Fab or drab?

Ben Whishaw In British GQ

You might not recognize Ben Whishaw yet — have you seriously not watched The Hour yet? — but get acquainted: after Cloud Atlas and Skyfall are released this year, he's soon to be a household name.

10 Essential Books For Book Nerds

What makes a book nerd? Reading a lot of books — and liking to talk about said books — is a major requirement, of course, but there’s often something a little more nebulous involved: book nerds are the kinds of people who get a little thrill when wa…

Mark Hamill: Mitt Romney Is A 'Snake Oil Salesman' Who 'Must Be Defeated'

"Star Wars" legend Mark Hamill is doubling down on his criticism of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The NFL's MVP Frontrunner Had A Very Derpy Moment Today

Matty Ice might've taken one too many beer-bong hits of Natty Ice while tailgating before his game against the Redskins. (I don't think Matt Ryan actually tailgates before his games.)

Hardly Working: Porky Piggin' It

The gang is exposed to some new fashion. Watch "Hardly Working: Porky Piggin' It" and more funny videos on CollegeHumor

Ron Livingston Defends Jennifer Livingston, News Anchor Sister Criticized For Her Weight

Hollywood generally doesn't concern itself with the affairs of local news anchors in Wisconsin, but Ron Livingston had a vested interest in the hoopla surrounding La Crosse, Wisconsin, journalist Jennifer Livingston. She is, as you might have guess…

Osama Bin Laden TV Movie Set To Air On Sunday Before U.S. Election

A movie about the killing of Osama Bin Laden will air on American television two days before the presidential election in November.  National Geographic Channel has set Sunday, Nov. 4 as the air date for Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden. …

'Big Bang Theory': LeVar Burton, Wil Wheaton Return For 'Star Trek' Special

The Big Bang Theory boldly going back to revisit Sheldon's "Fun With Flags." The CBS comedy will welcome back Star Trek alums LeVar Burton and Wil Wheaton for a November episode in which Jim Parsons' neurotic nerd tapes a very special episode of "Sh…

'Fairly Legal' Star Sarah Shahi Tops Maxim's 'TVs Hottest Girls' List

Former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader turned actress Sarah Shahi sizzles in her spread for Maxim magazine's October "TV's Hottest Girls" issue. The gorgeous 32-year-old was named TV's Sexiest Star for her role on the USA Newtork's drama Fairly Legal. …

Ice-T To Obama: 'No Weed Before The Next Debate'

Following Barack Obama's lackluster performance in the first presidential debate, Ice-T took to Twitter to offer some simple advice the president, which we'll present without comment:

Watch David Blaine Get Electroshocked

David Blaine is performing from Pier 54 in NYC right now, standing in the middle of a 44-foot diameter globe without food or sleep for 3 days and nights, surrounded by 1 million volts of electricity streaming from 7 Tesla coils. At 2pm Saturday, a sleep-deprived Blaine spat water out of his mouth, which came in contact with the electrical current. Blaine said the shock to his face felt like "being hit with the force of a baseball bat."

Lifetime Special Tells Story Behind Abducted

My relatively positive perception of the movie was compromised when I watched the hour-long documentary Lifetime aired after the film. The special, titled Beyond the Headlines: The Carlina White Story, examined the real story on which the movie was …

The 5 Most Surreal Financial Apocalypses From History

Nothing in the world is more taken for granted than money -- our only concern is whether we have enough of it, not whether it will work at all. Nobody puts in ten hours of overtime and spends the whole time praying that by payday the grocery store w…

The 5 Weirdest Patron Saints Of The Internet

When you're online all the time, you'll run into certain people and things that seem to be beloved by all and you may not understand why, but they'll have just short of no real-world influence at all offline. Just think of Ron Paul during the 2008 e…

Let's Make A Makeout Mix Together

In a lot of the U.S., this was the first weekend it started to actually feel like autumn, and cold weather = k.i.s.s.i.n.g. In the comments, add your favorite song(s) to mug down to, and make sure if flows with the person who commented before you! I'll keep adding legit contributions to an awesome collaborative makeout songs mix on Spotify.

The Hollywood Sign Is Getting A Face-Lift

Tinseltown's most iconic landmark is having some work done. The legendary, if faded, white Hollywood sign set in the hills of Los Angeles is getting its first makeover in roughly 35 years this week as crews have started an eight to 10 week effort to…

Hybrid Car Myths

I have a confession: I don’t compost. I don't always recycle plastic bags, and I probably take longer showers than I should. In fact, two weeks ago, I didn’t know what, exactly, a hybrid car really was. That all changed when I got to test drive th…

Why President Obama Threw The First Debate

Agreed, one will notice (even Obama haters) that at the beginning and during the debate the president kept writing on his podium? I can only imagine he was writing down each contradiction from Gov. Romney to be used after the debate was over. My the…

Amazing Photos :

Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

Mila Kunis Is Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive

Quite a title! Here's the photo shoot that goes along with her new role.

Maru And His Little Pink Catillac

It's sort of a box!

Watch Anna Kendrick Do Her Reddit "Cups" Trick From Pitch Perfect

Now, I still can’t find Anna’s account, but in this interview with David Letterman she reveals that she’s been a Redditor for quite some time. See, in Pitch Perfect her anti-establishment character Beca attends the a capella audition, but instead of…

George Clooney And His Little Red Corvette

The Cloonster spent his Saturday afternoon riding around his classic Chevrolet Corvette. How did you spend yours?

Big Bird Defends PBS On "Saturday Night Live"

And I'm not talking about some cast member dressed as the iconic Sesame Street character, it was the real deal!

Watch Big Bird On "Saturday Night Live"

In his first public appearance since Mitt Romney's infamous comments at the debate, Big Bird spoke with Seth Meyers on last night's SNL.

Obama Flying To LA To Reassure Hollywood Donors

President Barack Obama returns to Los Angeles Sunday for a star-bedecked celebrity concert and fundraising dinner. In the wake of his Denver debate troubles, however, the long scheduled visit has acquired another, equally urgent purpose—reassuring h…

Jack Osbourne News - Jack Osbourne And Lisa Stelly To Marry This Weekend In Hawaii (EXCLUSIVE)

Jack Osbourne will marry his fiancé Lisa Stelly this weekend -- in the same state where his parents married 30 years ago. The 26-year-old -- who starred in MTV's reality series The Osbournes, …

Hulk Hogan Sex Tape: Wrestler Threatens Lawsuit Over Gawker Video

Hogan's lawyer David R. Houston quickly responded, issuing the following statement to TMZ: "The tape was made secretly without Hulk's knowledge or permission. We are going to do everything in our power to figure out who did it. Anyone displaying the…

Kim Kardashian Is Already Thinking About Her Next Wedding

Kim recently made headlines for comparing her divorce to Humphries to someone who is battling cancer. She later clarified her comments by writing on her website, "In no way was I comparing my own experiences to that of a cancer patient. I was merel…

Demo Of Machine That Can Create Anything

A recently uncovered video shows the true inventors of 3D printer technology demoing their fantastic magic machine that can create ANYTHING. It appears the video has been kept hidden due to the unnerving power of this invention. Until now.

Miley Cyrus News - This Week In Celebrity Twitpics (PHOTOS)

It was all about family for some celebrities this week, and they weren't shy about sharing their quality time on Twitter. Miley Cyrus hung out with her mom Trish while the Kardashian clan was spott …

Some Things Get Better With Time (22 Photos)

Mac likes cats and he thinks Ryan Seacrest has gotten better with time. Seriously, it's time to get rid of the douche once and for all.

WATCH: Chris Brown Drunkenly Admits To "Loving Two People"

Chris Brown, hasn't your publicist told you that you shouldn't drink and social network? The

Happy 29th Birthday Hooters [108 PHOTOS]

You might not have been aware that October 4th marks the anniversary of Hooters, but that’s alright because you’ve always got us. 29 years of beers, wings, and wives questioning their husband’s credit card bills. Perhaps those same husbands will app…

10 Of The Most Bizarre Gowns We’ve Ever Seen

Here at Flavorpill, we tend to like our fashion with a healthy dash of surreality — at least when we’re daydreaming about our ideal wardrobes. Crazy, absurd gowns, whether created as fine art or for genuine wearability, are nothing new (Austen Scarl…

Bill O'Reilly, Jon Stewart Debate: 10 Best Moments

Basic cable frenemies Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart squared off Saturday night in a debate streamed online from George Washington University. Dubbed “The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium,” the Fox News Channel and Comedy Central personalitie…

Bending At The Waist Is My Favorite :

My my, what an awesome thread!

Official: Laws And Women Are To Be Raped

MADRID, Oct. 5 (UPI) -- A Spanish official said his resignation Friday, four days after he got the job, was not tied to his remark, "Laws are like women -- they are there to be raped."

The Unskewed Election

In 2012, facts matter less than ever. Blame the media.

Chris Matthews To Jack Welch On Jobs Conspiracy

Welch tweeted on Friday morning, "Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can't debate so change numbers." Following an outcry, he went on a mini-media tour to defend his comment. Matthews, who worked for GE for many years as…

Ascent Of The A-Word By Geoffrey Nunberg And Assholes A Theory By Aaron James, Reviewed.

A friend of mine who grew up in Los Angeles once declared that transplants to Gotham only truly become New Yorkers when they exchange the exhortation "motherfucker," which, to be sure, has a satisfying sting, for "cocksucker"—a designation more mell…

Octomom Vs. Tanning Mom: Patricia Krentcil Challenges Nadya Suleman To Boxing Match, Finally

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the main event! In the red corner, topping out at 270 pounds in pregnancy, the bionic baby-maker, a 14-round champ on the birthing table -- eight times in one amazing swoop -- Nadya "The Octomom" Suleman!

Honest Internet Explorer Commercial

The latest viral buzz from

Nicole Kidman Refused To Say "N" Word For 'Paperboy' Role

A movie might be a director's medium -- but in the case of Nicole Kidman, she was willing to say "no" to filmmaker Lee Daniels when he asked her to use the N-word in the controversial new drama The Paperboy.

Adele's James Bond Theme Song Skyfall: Listen Here!

The new theme song for the upcoming 007 movie Skyfall has been released, and it's just as fantastic as we'd hoped it would be when Adele's involvement in the project was announced. Hearkening back to some of the best Bond themes from the past 50 yea…

Justin Bieber News - Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Match In Heart-Adorned Tops For Date (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez struck a similar fashion note in L.A. on Thursday, when they wore each wore edgy tops adorned with hearts. Arriving solo to Sky High Sports in Woodland Hills, Bieber paired a bleeding-heart tee — bearing the…

Victoria Jackson Takes Her Bizarre Conservative Comedy To A Whole New Level

Conservative former SNL cast member Victoria Jackson brought her bizarre brand of humor to the “Say Anything!” set. Here’s some of the highlights, including the appearance of her liberal alter ego, Harriet.

Words, Words, Words: Presidential Debate Word Clouds

So what did Obama and Romney actually say in the debates? We break down the responses in word clouds.

'Newsroom' Actor Olivia Munn Stumps For President Obama

“Newsroom” actor Olivia Munn gives Stephanie the skinny from the battleground state of Ohio, where she is stumping for President Obama. Munn talks about how no one should assume that everyone else is already voting for Obama. She says that despite t…

Tyra Banks Tweets A Photo Of Her "Juicy Muffintop"

Tyra Banks is working on her #AssMaintainence and tweeting photos of her “juicy muffintop.”

Abstract Animated GIF Illustrations Of Inspirational Quotes

In need of some creative inspiration? Rafaël Rozendaal’s series Happy Mondays, which he created for the UK-based Abandon Normal Devices (AND) festival, reinterprets famous quotes from cultural icons like Pablo Picasso, Bruce Lee, and Walt Disney, as…

Intensely Detailed Drawings Of Secret Rooms And Complex Mazes

Our favorite art is that which expands infinitely off the page, infecting our minds and inspiring imaginary additions for days. Canadian illustrator Mathew Borrett’s incredible, mysterious drawings of mazes within scraps of building, secret compartm…

'The Bachelor' Stars Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson Split

It probably comes as no surprise to most fans of the The Bachelor to learn that last season's couple, Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson, just couldn't make things work. The couple confirmed their breakup on Friday in a statement to In Touch Weekly…

Actually, There Will Be A Hungry Hungry Hippos Movie, Smartass

There are some who would say that the critical and commercial indifference and/or outright mocking that greeted Battleship means that it's time for Hasbro to put its movie toys away and go to bed, and also to stop giving us that face. And yet, Hasbr…

Found: This Is The Chicest Bun EVER!: Girls In The Beauty Department

Are you in the market for a knock-him-dead hairstyle that's elegant but easy to DIY? You're in luck—I think I may have happened upon the most perfect bun on the face of the Earth. Take a look:

The 5 Best Outfits Of The Week: From The Chanel Show & More!

This week's top looks come courtesy of Hollywood's most stylish women. Which outfit would you love to hit the town in this weekend?

We Played Sleepover Party Games With The Girls From Jersey Shore (Trust Us, You Want To See This!)

I don't know what's a bigger surprise—the fact that Anna and I met with Jenni, Sammi, and Deena from Jersey Shore before 9:30 in the morning, or that we all played a good ol' round of M.A.S.H. together (without a doubt, one of the best sleepover gam…

Bill O'Reilly, Jon Stewart Debate In 'Rumble In The Air-Conditioned Auditorium' (LIVE UPDATES)

Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart are facing off in their first-ever debate. Though the "Rumble In The Air-Conditioned Auditorium" is far from the first time the two men have duked it out, the debate will, at 90 minutes, last much longer than any of the…

Nikki Reed & Ashley Greene: Extra, Extra!

Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene make separate appearances on Extra at the Grove on Tuesday (October 2) in Los Angeles.

Mariah Carey Told Barbara Walters Nicki Minaj Threatened To Shoot Her

Mariah Carey just made it clear -- TMZ was dead on when we reported Nicki Minaj threatened to shoot her.Barbara Walters reported on "The View" today she…

Model Cut Off, Wore Lover's Testicles: Lawyer

(Newser) – A Portuguese male model admits to killing his lover in a fit of rage—but says he wore the man's severed tes…

The Great Pumpkin Beer-Off

Pumpkin beer, like anchovies on pizza or shorts on men, can be a divisive topic: you either like it or you don't. If you don't, well, walk on by—nothing to see here. But if you are, like me, a devotee of the gourd-based brewing arts, you are well aw…

California Has Short-term Gasoline Crisis

SACRAMENTO, Oct. 5 (UPI) -- Gasoline stations in parts of California stopped selling fuel because of high prices, though one independent analyst said the problem was short term.

Arrested Development Cast Together For EW Reunions Issue

With Arrested Development set to hit Netflix this spring for 10 episodes leading up to the Arrested Development movie (I typed it twice for search purposes – CHA CHING!), the reunited cast put on some silly costumes and posed for Entertainment Weekl…

Linda Hogan Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI

Linda Hogan was arrested early Thursday morning in Malibu, Calif. on suspicion of DUI, TMZ reports. Hulk Hogan's 54-year-old ex-wife was booked and put behind bars, but released several hours later on $5,000 bail.

50 Beautiful Pieces Of Concept Art From Classic Disney Movies

These animated films didn't become masterpieces out of thin air; some of the paintings and illustrations created to inspire the creative direction of the early Disney classics are truly fine works of art in and of themselves. Mary Blair was an especially gifted illustrator whose work for Disney dictated the look of some of their most beloved classics.

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