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October 7, 2012

A New Kind Of Dog Racing

Now this I can support. Dogs pushing other dogs in strollers, dogs riding scooters, and other doggie delights.

Here's Video Of The Brutal Hit That Concussed Robert Griffin III

The Redskins' star rookie quarterback got knocked out of the game by the Atlanta Falcons during one of his signature scrambles. And based on how frequently he's been getting hit this season, it's no surprise.

Kim Kardashian In Lanvin ...Without A Bra

I didn't think it was that cold in Miami around this time of year. Fab or drab?

Ben Whishaw In British GQ

You might not recognize Ben Whishaw yet — have you seriously not watched The Hour yet? — but get acquainted: after Cloud Atlas and Skyfall are released this year, he's soon to be a household name.

The NFL's MVP Frontrunner Had A Very Derpy Moment Today

Matty Ice might've taken one too many beer-bong hits of Natty Ice while tailgating before his game against the Redskins. (I don't think Matt Ryan actually tailgates before his games.)

Watch David Blaine Get Electroshocked

David Blaine is performing from Pier 54 in NYC right now, standing in the middle of a 44-foot diameter globe without food or sleep for 3 days and nights, surrounded by 1 million volts of electricity streaming from 7 Tesla coils. At 2pm Saturday, a sleep-deprived Blaine spat water out of his mouth, which came in contact with the electrical current. Blaine said the shock to his face felt like "being hit with the force of a baseball bat."

Let's Make A Makeout Mix Together

In a lot of the U.S., this was the first weekend it started to actually feel like autumn, and cold weather = k.i.s.s.i.n.g. In the comments, add your favorite song(s) to mug down to, and make sure if flows with the person who commented before you! I'll keep adding legit contributions to an awesome collaborative makeout songs mix on Spotify.

Hybrid Car Myths

I have a confession: I don’t compost. I don't always recycle plastic bags, and I probably take longer showers than I should. In fact, two weeks ago, I didn’t know what, exactly, a hybrid car really was. That all changed when I got to test drive th…

Why President Obama Threw The First Debate

Agreed, one will notice (even Obama haters) that at the beginning and during the debate the president kept writing on his podium? I can only imagine he was writing down each contradiction from Gov. Romney to be used after the debate was over. My the…

Mila Kunis Is Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive

Quite a title! Here's the photo shoot that goes along with her new role.

Maru And His Little Pink Catillac

It's sort of a box!

George Clooney And His Little Red Corvette

The Cloonster spent his Saturday afternoon riding around his classic Chevrolet Corvette. How did you spend yours?

Big Bird Defends PBS On "Saturday Night Live"

And I'm not talking about some cast member dressed as the iconic Sesame Street character, it was the real deal!

Watch Big Bird On "Saturday Night Live"

In his first public appearance since Mitt Romney's infamous comments at the debate, Big Bird spoke with Seth Meyers on last night's SNL.

Demo Of Machine That Can Create Anything

A recently uncovered video shows the true inventors of 3D printer technology demoing their fantastic magic machine that can create ANYTHING. It appears the video has been kept hidden due to the unnerving power of this invention. Until now.

WATCH: Chris Brown Drunkenly Admits To "Loving Two People"

Chris Brown, hasn't your publicist told you that you shouldn't drink and social network? The

Official: Laws And Women Are To Be Raped

MADRID, Oct. 5 (UPI) -- A Spanish official said his resignation Friday, four days after he got the job, was not tied to his remark, "Laws are like women -- they are there to be raped."

The Unskewed Election

In 2012, facts matter less than ever. Blame the media.

Nicole Kidman Refused To Say "N" Word For 'Paperboy' Role

A movie might be a director's medium -- but in the case of Nicole Kidman, she was willing to say "no" to filmmaker Lee Daniels when he asked her to use the N-word in the controversial new drama The Paperboy.

Adele's James Bond Theme Song Skyfall: Listen Here!

The new theme song for the upcoming 007 movie Skyfall has been released, and it's just as fantastic as we'd hoped it would be when Adele's involvement in the project was announced. Hearkening back to some of the best Bond themes from the past 50 yea…

Victoria Jackson Takes Her Bizarre Conservative Comedy To A Whole New Level

Conservative former SNL cast member Victoria Jackson brought her bizarre brand of humor to the “Say Anything!” set. Here’s some of the highlights, including the appearance of her liberal alter ego, Harriet.

Words, Words, Words: Presidential Debate Word Clouds

So what did Obama and Romney actually say in the debates? We break down the responses in word clouds.

'Newsroom' Actor Olivia Munn Stumps For President Obama

“Newsroom” actor Olivia Munn gives Stephanie the skinny from the battleground state of Ohio, where she is stumping for President Obama. Munn talks about how no one should assume that everyone else is already voting for Obama. She says that despite t…

The Great Pumpkin Beer-Off

Pumpkin beer, like anchovies on pizza or shorts on men, can be a divisive topic: you either like it or you don't. If you don't, well, walk on by—nothing to see here. But if you are, like me, a devotee of the gourd-based brewing arts, you are well aw…

California Has Short-term Gasoline Crisis

SACRAMENTO, Oct. 5 (UPI) -- Gasoline stations in parts of California stopped selling fuel because of high prices, though one independent analyst said the problem was short term.

Arrested Development Cast Together For EW Reunions Issue

With Arrested Development set to hit Netflix this spring for 10 episodes leading up to the Arrested Development movie (I typed it twice for search purposes – CHA CHING!), the reunited cast put on some silly costumes and posed for Entertainment Weekl…

50 Beautiful Pieces Of Concept Art From Classic Disney Movies

These animated films didn't become masterpieces out of thin air; some of the paintings and illustrations created to inspire the creative direction of the early Disney classics are truly fine works of art in and of themselves. Mary Blair was an especially gifted illustrator whose work for Disney dictated the look of some of their most beloved classics.

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