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October 9, 2012

BUZZNET Exclusive: Cassadee Pope & I See Stars Devin Oliver Talk 'The Hardest Mistakes' On Cassadeepope's Blog

Hey everyone! I wanted to give you guys here at BUZZNET a little inside scoop on the song I sang on with I See Stars called The Hardest Mistakes . I also got an exclusive blurb from frontman Devin Oliver. Read below and take a listen to the song! Th…

Star-Studded New PSA Pushes Bill Of Reproductive Rights

The initiative calls on women and men across the country to fight against the increasingly volatile and disgusting attacks on a woman's fundamental and constitutional rights by signing the Bill of Reproductive Rights.

Meet The 14-Year-Old Girl Who Was Shot For Speaking Out Against The Taliban

Malala Yousufzai has been targeted for opening a "new chapter of obscenity" in Pakistan.

Heckler Brags About Causing CM Punk To Punch An Innocent Fan

Last night on WWE Raw, wrestler CM Punk turned around and punched a fan who he thought was hitting him, but the real heckler snuck away. And of course, the real heckler bragged about the whole thing to his friends over Twitter.

Aviva Drescher Comes Under Fire During 'Real Housewives Of New York' Reunion

Monday marked the first night of the season 5 reunion show for The Real Housewives of New York City (Mondays at 9 p.m. ET, in Bravo). And for veterans LuAnn de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer, this wasn't their first rodeo. But for season 5 …

American Music Award Nominations: Rihanna & Nicki Minaj Lead

The nominations for the 2012 American Music Awards have been announced, and they're dominated by two of pop music's most powerful ladies. Rihanna and Nicki Minaj each scored four nominations this year, though they'll be going head-to-head in only on…

The Only Presidential Candidate This Year Who Dabbled In Gay Porn

Andre Barnett, representing the party of Ross Perot, is also a "fitness model."

How Bo Obama Spent His Birthday

The DOTUS (Dog of The United States) turned 4 yesterday! Let's see how he celebrated.

Perfect Ads For Comic-Con & Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Campaign is from last December. Comic-Con starts Thursday.

U.S. Teen Birth Rate The Lowest It's Been In Seven Decades

But economists aren't celebrating just yet. Research suggests that when the economy improves, the teen birth rate could go right back up.

The Strange History Of Wesleyan University's "Rape Factory" Fraternity

A sexual assault lawsuit calls Beta Theta Pi a "Rape Factory."

12 Reasons Why Cartoon Animations Are Always Drawn By Professionals

Because every movie would look like these.

27 Nail Hacks For The Perfect DIY Manicure

If you do your nails at home, here's every tip you could possibly need to ensure a salon-quality manicure.

Stevie Nicks Hates Nicki Minaj

WOW. Here's what Stevie Nicks had to say about the Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj feud while promoting her new documentary in the Hamptons. Fake or not, this feud is getting good.

This Frida Kahlo GIF Is Not Impressed

Belgrade-based designer Valentin made this GIF from Frida Kahlo's iconic 1940 painting "Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird."

Adorable Costumes For The Kids Of Art History Majors

Oh Happy Day can help you transform your toddlers into mini artistic geniuses this Halloween. But they can't promise they'll be happy about it.

Oprah Winfrey: I Won't Judge Rihanna For Being With Chris Brown

After interviewing Rihanna last August about her relationship with Chris Brown, talk-show mogul Oprah Winfrey says she won't judge the pop star for reuniting with the man who beat her in 2009.

Reggie Bush Announced He's Having A Baby, So Kim Kardashian Butted In

Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush is not only coming off of the 1,000-rushing yard season that critics told him he’d never have in the NFL, but he’s also enjoying a nice 2012 campaign with 417 rushing yards through 5 games, which has him ranke…

Olivia Wilde Delivers A Monologue About Her Vagina, Er, "Olivia Land"

And in bad news, we will have to wait FOREVER for both Louie and Community to return. These stories and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Nicole Kidman Is On Set As Grace Kelly And Looks Gorgeous

First there was this promo photo for the upcoming film Grace Of Monaco, and now here she is in real life all done up.

Amazing Animatronic Admiral Ackbar And Other Links

The eyes blink, the mouth moves, and it even contains a fan to keep the cosplayer inside from overheating. Plus, living alone is not the same as being lonely and lots of fall cocktails.

The Sexy-Costume Industry Is The Real Danger To Sesame Street

Sure, Mitt Romney wants to cut funding to everyone's favorite PBS characters. But the people who make sexy costumes?

Demi Lovato For Teen Vogue

She looks good, but does she look like herself? You be the judge.

Andrew Sullivan's Obama Meltdown In 8 Key GIFs

The Daily Beast blogger and ardent Obama supporter has been in panic mode about the President's chances since the first debate.

10 Muppet Doppelgängers Of The 2012 Election

Make a gaffe, and they'll waka-waka it back.

23 Pictures Of Tourists With America's Giant Penis

The Washington Monument opened its doors to the public 124 years ago today. Let's pay homage by celebrating America's longest running dick joke.

Smoke & Jackal's "Fall Around" - Music World Premiere @

Rock out to music playlists from Conan's guests, cast and crew. [Powered by Rdio]

Super Sexy Women’s Halloween Costumes

Nothing makes a bigger splash than a daring headline, and nobody does daring like Newsweek! Whether it’s comparing liberals to terrorists or single mothers to other, angrier terrorists, you’re sure to get everyone’s blood boiling in this 100% recycl…

Texts From Little Women

MEG  MEG  MEG WHAT’S ALL THIS  WHAT’S ALL THIS I’M HEARING ABOUT YOUR GETTING MARRIED tell me it’s a wretched lie  Jo I don’t know how many more times we have to have this conversation I’ll have it a THOUSAND TIMES if I must but yes I am sti…

Can The Internet Catch Susie Ko's Killer?

[Updated] Three days ago, a Northern Californian woman was murdered during a robbery. Her family's taken to the web to track down the culprit.

Ridiculous Reverse High Heels Look Like Torture

Would you dare to wear them? Seriously, they look like something out of Silent Hill.

Pixar's "Monsters University" Has The Most Adorable Website Ever

I'm totally applying to the School of Liberal Arts and Monstrosities grad program.

Explaining Socialism To A Republican! If They Would Actually Listen.... // Current TV

We're a TV network available on DirecTV, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Dish Network, and more. Find us on your TV. While you are here you can watch videos from our TV shows, check our TV schedule, and participate in discussions with members of our c…

7 Easy Weeknight Dinners

Workdays can be the WORST. Dinner should be conducive to laziness.

15 Mannequins That Will Steal Your Soul

WHO MAKES THESE? Isn't the point of mannequins to entice consumers to buy clothes and not therapy?

If You Want To Win Over Tom Hanks, Send Him A Typewriter

Alternate title: Reason number 7,896 Tom Hanks is awesome.

50 Years Of James Bond In 24 Posters

Ever since he first hit movie screens in 1962, James Bond has been an iconic figure. But the stylistic evolution of the films' posters—from the bright colors and arched brows of the Sean Connery days to the grim and largely monochromatic Daniel Craig editions—is suggestive not only of the development of graphic design but also of just how much Bond's cultural role has changed over the years.

Where Are They Now: The Cast Of "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?"

Submitted for the approval, of the Midnight Society, I call this post: THE TALE OF THE FORGOTTEN CAST MEMBERS. Sorry, that was horrible, but I had to.

Manute Bol's Son Is 6'5, In Seventh Grade And Awesome At Basketball

Also his name is Bol Bol. That is some next level naming.

How Did This Happen?

Dogs imitating art imitating dogs imitating people. Has the whole world gone crazy?

Youth Groups Criticize Virginia Student Voter Questionnaire

The Board of Elections says the form has "helped thousands of students." Segal warns of "lingering paranoia."

Danny Devito's Womanizing Ways Caused His Divorce?

It turns out that Danny DeVito and wife Rhea Perlman might not have been as happy as we all thought they were. The couple of 30 years made the surprising announceme

Andrew Sullivan Is Extremely Worried About The Election

Andrew Sullivan is not a useful metric for measuring the opinions, stances or engagement of American voters slowly waking to the reality of a presidential election next month. The Daily Beast blogger and Newsweek essayist is, by any rational assessm…

Watch Red Bull Stratos Supersonic Skydive Live [VIDEO]

Weather permitting, Austrian-born skydiver Felix Baumgartner will jump out of a balloon more than 22 miles above New Mexico and into history, becoming the first human to break the sound barrier without the aid of a vehicle.

Steven Seagal Always Carries A Gun, According To Schiavello Interview

If you don’t know who Michael Schiavello is, he’s an obnoxious Australian kickboxing/MMA announcer who’s been trying to make his “goodnight Irene!” catchphrase happen for at least half a decade now. More recently, he’s displayed a talent for intervi…

Romney Press Releases Cites Tax Policy Center They Attacked As "Biased" And "Liberal"

In a press release today, the Romney campaign cites an article that ran in The Hill prominently citing the non-partisan think tank the Tax Policy Center to hit President Obama on how his policies have effected farmers. The Romney campaign, as recently as Sunday, was calling the Center "a liberal think tank" for saying Romney's tax plan would increase have to increase taxes on lower and middle income people to pay for his plan. The Romney previously called the Center's study "just another biased study from a former Obama staffer." The Center also found that Romney's plan would increase the deficit.

27 Halloween Costumes That Your Childhood Self Would Be Proud Of

Alternate title: your Halloween costumes for the next 27 years.

Australian Prime Minister Destroys Opposition Leader For Hypocrisy, Misogyny

Julia Gillard spends 15 awesome minutes of Parliament accusing a lawmaker of sexism.

Gerald Ford Had The Best Campaign Swag

Forget the iPhone cases and tote bags Obama and Romney are hawking, 1976 was the best year for campaign goodies. Ok, so Ford lost that year, but his supporters looked good.

3 Ads Obama Cut For Candidates In 2006

Laying the groundwork for a national campaign.

Wikipedia Doesn't Care About Teen Pregnancy

Somebody trolled the page description for "Teenage Pregnancy." Classy.

The Mysterious Case Of The Mona Lisa Prequel

A long-lost set of diaries could finally confirm whether a controversial Mona Lisa prequel is real. Key word: long-lost.

McDonald's Workers Sue Mega Millions Winner Wannabe For Share Of Jackpot

Fourteen McDonald’s employees from Baltimore are suing a co-worker for allegedly stealing more than $100 million in lottery winnings from a ticket that the employees say they had purchased together.

Brad Pitt Shows Off His Many Faces In "Interview" Magazine

Dear dreadlocked Brad Pitt, please stay forever.

Romney Supporters Confront Protestors Dressed As Elmo And Ernie

In Iowa, Sesame Street characters and Republicans staged dueling demonstrations.

15 Underrated Perks Of Living With Your Parents

Dreading the mere idea of moving back home? Try looking on the bright side, because contrary to popular belief it really isn't the end of the world.

Black And White...In Color

Who needs fancy post-production when you have paint? Feel free to insert your own 50 Shades Of Grey pun here.

How Lena Dunham's Book Deal Stacks Up

Memoirs by comedic women television personalities have a history of topping the best seller list. Dunham's book — with a purported $3.5 million advance — will probably be no exception.

The Greatest High Five Rejection In History

You can't high five the refs. Come on, man.

11 Essential DIY Pumpkin-Carving Hacks

Break out the cookie cutters and a power drill. This year, that Jack-O-Lantern is gonna look fly.

Stonehenge May Have Been An Art Gallery Tops The Morning Links

New 3D laser scans of the monument are unveiling old mysteries and creating new ones. Plus, 15 "real" ghosts to hunt down this Halloween and California questions its gas price spike.

Spotify Ads Are The Most Infuriating Thing In The Whole World

You'll be listening to the best part of a playlist and then that guy just shows up and ruins your hold vibe!

Amy Poehler Being Awesome Singing Katy Perry's "Firework"

It was at Glamour's "These Girls" event which took place in New York last night.

Hedgehogs Vs. Politicians: YOU Decide

The choice is yours, people. Do you really want to keep voting for the politicians who have been running this country into the ground?

What The Kid From "Air Bud" Looks Like Now

Kevin Zegers is basically the Canadian Zac Efron, in case you didn't know.

16 Reasons Hedgehogs Are Better Than Politicians

This November, 100 percent of Americans who exercise their right to vote will be voting for a politician. But is that really sensible?

The Alphabet Starring Your Favorite Movies

Spoiler Alert: K is for Kill Bill. Created by Meagan Hyland.

Rothko Defaced At Tate Modern

A 1958 Mark Rothko painting worth millions of dollars, Black On Maroon, was defaced by graffiti at the Tate Modern on Sunday. The vandalism was some sort of 'artistic statement' by a guy with a neck tattoo.

Florida Man Died After Winning Bizarre Insect Eating Contest

A Florida man died after winning a cockroach and worm eating contest, for which the top prize was a free python.

Heartwarming, Surprise Military Homecoming During Football Halftime

A South Carolina-Georgia football game = a wonderful surprise for the Faile family.

Jerry Sandusky Sentenced To At Least 30 Years In Prison, Maintains Innocence

For the 68-year-old accused child rapist, it's essentially a life sentence. For some, that's not enough.

See Some Ridiculously Adorable Photos Of David Cross And Amber Tamblyn's Wedding

This was clearly the best wedding ever. All photos and descriptions from Questlove's Instagram account.

Nun Caught Stealing Beer On Security Camera

For the love of all that's holy, I hope that's a fake nun.

Lady Gaga Visits Julian Assange

As in Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks. But why?

Make Sure Your Cat Votes This Election

As this presidential election draws closer, it's important to remember what really matters: your cat's voice meow.

Bam Margera Posts A Photo Of Him Holding A Gun To His Puppy's Head, Then Apologizes

It was a fake gun, but the message could not have been worse. He also posted more photos with him holding the gun against human heads, which is also not funny. Now he has apologized for the whole thing.

Obama Campaign Releases Strangest Presidential Election Ad We've Seen In Years

It's all about Big Bird. It's not (yet) on TV anywhere, according to the television monitoring service TVEyes, but it's getting a lot of attention anyway.

Prince Harry: Man Of The Year?

So says one British magazine.

Like Kids? You'll LOVE This Commercial

But, be prepared to have one of the worst songs possible stuck in your head ALL DAY.

Mila Kunis Named Sexiest Woman Alive By Esquire

Ashton Kutcher should be proud to know that his gorgeous girlfriend snagged the coveted title

Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Kanye West And Her Next Wedding

Kim Kardashian just can't help herself. Despite her drawn-out divorce battle with husband Kris Humphries, the reality star (now dating Kanye West) remains a die-hard romantic. In the November issue of London's Tatler magazine, Kardashian models whit…

Madeleine Albright Gets Tough On Mitt's Foreign Policy

Former secretary of state dissects Romney's foreign policy chops

Terrell Owens Is Looking For Work On Twitter

I would say this is sad, but the Jets could probably use the help.

Why Harry Reid Hates Mitt Romney

The majority leader becomes the lead attack dog. "Distaste for Romney whom he thinks lacks any foundational principles or spine."

Jim Lehrer Declared Loser Of The Presidential Debate

Debate gives SNL plenty to laugh about

Kim And Kanye Go House Hunting In Miami

Those are some nice-looking houses. It must suck to be hounded by the paparazzi while shopping for a new home, though.

'RHONJ' Reunion Part 2: Is Joe Giudice A Cheater?

Sunday night, fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey  were treated to Part 2 of the season 4 reunion, a.k.a. the "We Hate Teresa Giudice" show. In the previous episode, her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga objected to Teresa's televised accusation tha…

Inappropriate Personal Tweets Mistakenly Sent Via Corporate Accounts @

Enter for a chance to attend a CONAN taping live via webcam.

Topless Mila Kunis Proves Why She Is The Sexiest Woman Alive In Racy Esquire Photoshoot

She appears on the November issue of Esquire as the sexiest woman alive. But Mila Kunis is determined not to let the positive hype increase her ego.

The Sugar Wars: Science’s Fierce, Geeky Debate Over Soda

The debating season may be presidential, but if the spectacle of supersized pandering served with an unlimited salad bar of platitudes, slogans, and empty promises strikes you as strangely unfulfilling, there is always academia, where, sometimes, th…

Danny DeVito And Rhea Perlman Split Up

Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman are separating after 30 years of marriage. The two married back in 1982 and have 3 children together. DeVito (5’0″) and Perlman (5’1″) met in 1970 when Rhea went to see an off-Broadway play, The Shrinking Bride … whic…

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