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September 1, 2016

No snooze button required

Which snack food is actually the best?

Prepárate para la destrucción absoluta de tu infancia.


The tattoo appears to show a prominent symbol of the Nazi party with the word "fatherland" above it.

Filmmaker, comedian and self-proclaimed “Hobo Clown King,” Jeff Seal filmed himself repeatedly trying to hop a freight train from Queens to Montauk. Watch to see if he made it without losing any limbs.

Vote for your favorites.

♫ Got A Secret Can You Keep It Swear This One You'll save ♫

Já aconteceu de você comer pastel na feira e depois comer outro pastel no jantar. Não foi um problema.

Mark Gonzales, whose groups represent 10,000 Latino evangelical churches, joins five other leaders who informed the Trump campaign and the RNC that they will not be part of his Hispanic advisory council.

Trump is suing both the Daily Mail and a political website over allegations she worked as a high-end escort. Her lawyer is Charles Harder, who was Hulk Hogan's lawyer against Gawker.

"Hello, please remove me from this list, thank you!"

He is also suing one of two women who accused him of sexual assault for defamation.

Republicans should be prepared to try and find ways to work with Hillary Clinton if she wins the presidency, Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy said Thursday.

Advertencia: bebe agua antes de leer esta nota.

"Gonna get Beyoncé legs..."

They're Cake Boss worthy.

Dos voces discuten en tu interior, aprende a hacerlas dialogar.

You'll feel understood like never before.

Please stop asking, you weirdos.

Porque as flores sempre deveriam estar na moda.

"Você não é como o resto das meninas... com você dá para conversar."

E as brasileiras continuam na liderança.

Visual de escritório na parte de cima e de festa na parte de baixo.

Tem alguma coisa que essa garota não saiba fazer?

"I had my bags packed and everything."

Um corte de cabelo eterno em nossos corações.

Y Kylie Jenner podría ser la principal responsable de esta moda.

A partir de um vídeo que viralizou, elas criaram o canal “Estaremos Lá” para falar de inclusão e diálogo.

North, South, and Central Americans talk about being "American."

Real life ain't no High School Musical.

Massive crowds of protestors marched in Caracas's streets to demand President Nicolas Maduro's removal from office.

The Trump campaign is coming under fire from black evangelicals who say the selection of Wayne T. Jackson — the subject of a viral video of a controversial ordination ceremony — is proof the campaign is not taking their vote seriously.

Hospital reportou que paciente teve lesão que perfurou olho esquerdo, e ela afirma que perdeu a visão. Governo Alckmin diz que procura a estudante para "dar início às devidas investigações, uma vez que ela não registrou o boletim de ocorrência".

"Are you watching the same shit I'm seeing on TV every day? Because the news media is a mess," says Peter Hamby.

Her lips don't lie. Or do they?

The Facebook founder made a surprise visit to the West African country and it was lit.

The NYPD says the man arrested confessed to attempting to rob the 60-year-old Bangladeshi immigrant.

"He reaffirmed it all for me and I really think after all this that the lord is going to do something for Donald," one supporter told BuzzFeed News.

David O. Brown did not give a reason for his retirement, but called it a "difficult decision" in a statement.

Give me all the cheese and tomatoes please.

Don't lie: You're quietly singing them to yourself.


El pueblo salió a las calles pidiendo la oportunidad de elegir a un nuevo presidente.

The 49ers quarterback posted a statement about the socks, which he has worn to football practice in the past, on Instagram.

It's that time of year again. Sigh.


Aquí no hay nada que celebrar.




Pon tus instintos paternales a prueba.


Or for literally any reason.

*Smashes beauty standards into tiny pieces*

*claps 4 times*

Healthy can be delicious too.

Ah... sabe? Preguiça de explicar...

Say, "Hi" to Riz Ahmed.

What did we do to deserve pizza?

What do you use to keep your home spit spot?

The hurricane turned tropical storm is responsible for claiming at least one life, Florida Gov. Rick Scott said Friday.

Salió a buscar a personas llamadas Pedro, y en sus retratos reveló la lucha constante de miles de mexicanos del otro lado de la frontera.


Ain't no place I'd rather be...?

Are you in a ~New York state of mind~?


"It has to be their calculation that they can drive up turnout in white working-class areas of battleground states to dizzying heights. Otherwise this move makes no sense 69 days from the election."

The ACLU said they had "serious concerns" about the legality of the prison's visitation policy.

Rebirth Garments is breaking the mold as an inclusive queer fashion line.

A série atraiu grandes nomes.

Jovens negras relatam discriminação no próprio sistema de saúde do Reino Unido.

Next month, two juggernaut phone makers will fight over their interpretations of patent law, inviting a landmark ruling from the high court over the importance of product design.

Estou chorando.

"I'm wearing my pregnancy like a gown."

Preschool is the pits.

"We would like to incentivise well-educated, creative people not to come here to work in a pub," the country's deputy prime minister told BuzzFeed News during a visit to the UK.

Kick your popper game up a notch!

Desafio aceito!

Naomi Campbell, Blac Chyna, Fergie, DJ Khaled, and more bring the heat.

Sedate me.

"¿Crédito o débito?". "Sí".

How did this look so good on the hanger?

Imágenes de gatitos, planes que nunca se concretan y fotos muy cerdas.

Lindas fotos, meninas.

What is going on?

These details are seriously disgusting, and now the health department is involved.


So it's time we settle this once and for all.

Let dinner make itself.

You know the one.

"He went on a rampage with words of division, trashing people who are Mexican-American basically — saying things about them that people have said about the Irish or about the Italians or about Jews coming from Central and Eastern Europe,” Tim Kaine said in New Hampshire on Thursday.

#YouTubeIsOverParty has been trending like crazy, but it seems some people may have the wrong end of the stick.

I am BEYOND excited for the Gilmore Girls Seasons reveal on Netflix. In honor of the fact that for one entire day we will all be binge watching and binge eating, (just like our fav mommy/daughter duo) I set up some delicious wine pairings for some of our girls food picks. Because, a Gilmore Girl binge isn't complete unless you're eating like a member of the family. Bon Appetit!

When her mom said she was turning the photo into a cake, she thought she meant, like, printed on it or something...

Just how filling is ~a handful of almonds~, anyway?

Table for one, please.


Times have changed!

It me.

A little pop, a little hip-hop, a little indie rock and a little punk.

Este quiz está difícil porque dibujamos horrible.

Oubliez le maquillage... Voilà leur look ~authentique~.

Bonus: You probably already have everything you need at home.

"I thought he was kidnapped. I thought I would never see him again," one of the boys' mothers said.

All other shoes can get the boot, tbh.

«Les étudiants se sont dit qu'ils allaient faire une chorégraphie. Mais ils n'ont pas du tout imaginé ça», explique la responsable de l'IUT d'Info-com de Besançon.

Including demonstrating her secret party trick, her amazing accents, and her best piece of advice.

You have to try this!

Waschtag ist für Dich Schürzen-Entknot-Tag!!!

Dans Le Figaro, le candidat à la primaire de la droite écrit à tort que des personnages historiques comme Jules César ou Jeanne d'Arc disparaissent du programme à l'école primaire. Et ce n'est pas sa seule approximation.

Startet leicht, wird aber immer schwerer.


“0800 00…”

Como em certas áreas da sua vida, nem tudo ali está bom o suficiente, mas você tem que se virar com o que tem.

No one can keep their feelings a secret.

"I should have listened to my mom."

We're going to take you back to the late '70s and early '80s and force you to choose between The Cure and The Smiths. Apologies in advance.

Tenías que sufrir por esas rayas de zigzag en tu cabello.

À chaque âge ses préoccupations.

"News...Be...Penguin hat?"

There were appearances from some pretty illustrious people on that show.

FYI pass this quiz and you'll automatically become an actual qualified doctor.

It's the most important meal of the day!

Have you ever matched with an Olympian?


You're going to ~fall~ in love with one of these books.

Le chou kale et les vinyles appartiennent désormais aux années 2000.

Tudo porque ele não quer ser chamado de golpista.

"The dogs do not speak English / So you curse each one in French..."

The ex-frontbencher tells BuzzFeed News that Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters need to understand the importance of the parliamentary party following the EU referendum.

Do you remember?

Hora de deixar esse lanchinho ainda mais gostoso!

The South Carolina court has begun jury selection in the federal death penalty trial of Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof.

Tyrannosaurus sex-y.

You're beautiful, but I mean, come on. Look at these.


"I want the white cheese." WHICH WHITE CHEESE?

Real-time video sharing — just like Snapchat and Google Duo.

"Aquí aprendiendo a manejar más de estos chismes tecnológicos".

Tu madre te debe horas de alberca.


Get your cleaning on.

On Wednesday, it was announced Anthony Weiner's recurring segment on the Fernand Amandi Radio Show would be put on hiatus.

Falar publicamente sobre algo que te incomodou não é loucura, nem “fazer escândalo” e nem tempestade em copo d’água.

We're here to make it a little easier for you.

Say hi to some hybrids.

Anil Kapoor must feel so proud and weirded out simultaneously.

I'll have one of each, please.

"He actually came to the cafeteria during my lunch break, sat across the table and had all my Chole Bhature."

"I'm deeply disappointed to hear that SpaceX's launch failure destroyed our satellite," said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Can you make Chip and Joanna proud of you?

So your dirty mind can go back to school.

Never let it be said that the Kardashians don't bring the drama.

"What exactly is your problem with other girls? I like other girls. Fuck off."

Is this a meme or a mème?

¡Perros. Demasiado. Hermosos!

Pretend to be one of those morning people (but still hit the snooze button!)

"Ich muss mal!"

Small ways to practise self care.

They say children are the future...

Non, nous ne sommes pas des «gardiens de tableaux».

Prepare to have a little weep.

And she really wasn't that into it.

The institution sold 272 slaves in 1838 in order to pay off its debts and keep the university afloat, according to a New York Times report.

Do you know your Dacentrurus armatus from your Becklespinax altispinax?

Don't act like you don't have any opinions on vegetables.

No one will suspect a thing if you're always dressed as a Death Star.

Precious, little snowflakes.

There's enough granite to go around, no matter who you get.

Time to show off.

*does an exorcism on the entire internet*

Step your game up, LSU.


Deals from H&M, Topshop, REI, and more!

Dilma Rousseff, Brazil's first female president, lost a Senate vote Wednesday and was dismissed from office following corruption allegations.

Everybody needs some cuteness in their lives!!

Is there anything this kid can't do?

Süße Träume!

*Votre Rapeltout vire au rouge*

Can't touch this.


Flight-free holiday vibes.

This was all because I'm too chicken to actually dye my hair.

Take a deep breath. You're going to hate this.

Create your own controlled chaos.

Hurry up and eat before pumpkin spice comes and ruins literally everything.

Des verstehsd ja eh nedda.

In recordings from 1994 obtained by BuzzFeed News, Stephen Bannon refers to a woman challenging his company's safety standards as a “bimbo,” and vows to ram comments she made “down her fucking throat.”

Ni vu ni connu.

Las 17 decisiones más difíciles que tendrás que tomar hoy.

Garden City, Namma Ooru, whatever you want to call it, it’s a pretty cool place to be.

Собираемся и переезжаем

"Harry Potter gave me a friend when I felt like I had none."


Find out where your heart truly lies.

You need more snaps in your life.

Hamish Blake played a toddler. Yes, really.

The toastie with the most-ie.

The truth is out there.

"Dear diary, I hate my parents for grounding me."

Selon les règles de Twitter, «vous ne devez pas directement attaquer ni menacer d'autres personnes, ni inciter à la violence envers elles sur la base des critères suivants: race, origine ethnique, nationalité, orientation sexuelle, sexe, identité sexuelle, appartenance religieuse, âge, handicap ou maladie.»

First Rihanna, now Britney. Are there any celebrities out there that can wink successfully?

Vous êtes plutôt black metal, indé ou country?

"Ich liebe Dich…" - "Cool."

«Le mec s'arrête, il me voit, il met pas la rampe et il se casse.»

Time for a quiz, idiot hookers.

The best time of the year.

Attention les yeux.

A secretive global legal system gives corporations leverage over the countries where they operate. Everyone said the United States didn't have anything to worry about, because American laws are fair to begin with. Everyone was wrong. Part four of a BuzzFeed News Investigation.

Qué ganas de que llegue octubre para terminar con esta farsa.

Rules that come into force today make it illegal to watch a programme on BBC iPlayer without a licence, regardless of whether it is live or on catch-up.

"Despite our efforts to work with the secretary of state to resolve this dispute, the government has failed to listen, leaving us with no option but to take more industrial action," the BMA said.

Une sacrée coïncidence.

Gegen Deinen Kautrieb ist kein Nagel gewachsen.

"Ohne Brille siehst Du so viel besser aus..." - "Hm, Du mich auch."

"Sí, Ana a secas".

Reason number 472,591 to love Chrissy, the queen of Twitter.

Welcher Star ist nie in How I Met Your Mother aufgetreten?

"Will wait for 15 days for Airtel to either slash prices or send gifts, offer spas and book round trips to Paris or else fuck u Airtel."

Et c'est reparti...

«Hannah était ma meilleure amie».

Pretty sure.

The most trolled relationship in Indian cricket is over this shit.

"When I shoot, when I work, I don’t drink. But when I’m not shooting…”

It is a love based on giving and receiving as well as having and sharing. And the love that they give and have is shared and received. And through this having and giving and sharing and receiving, we too can share and love and have...and receive.


"$8.50 for a fucking pie at Perth airport? Get fucked, I'll starve."


And she's pissed AF.

The incidents happened at a primary school.

He might play the joker but he's really a king.

"Job security is increasingly something that only older Australians can understand."


Rainbow Families has asked Malcolm Turnbull for a meeting.


Told in two parts.

It's the first day of spring Down Under, which means it's #SwoopingSeason.

They loved the trip to Mexico, but were worried their beloved candidate might "soften" his views on immigration. In a speech in Arizona, Trump proved he's back where he started.


Sandeep Kumar was first fired by his party, and then fried by the world's biggest porn site.

Egg pies! Lots of egg pies.

"I can no longer remain silent as innocent men, women and children are being held in appalling circumstances."


Kashmir has been undergoing civil unrest for over 60 years now. For the past two months, it's been in turmoil.


Aboriginal children make up more than 65% of the detention population, a new report has found.


"I must've missed that while getting my degree in sport history."

Spike Jonze at it again.

Fuck asphalt playgrounds.

The perfect warm up for Rio.

Make your own for a quarter of the price! Inspired by the new Fenty x Puma fur slides!

Choose your favourites!


The singer, who was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, could face up to 18 years in state prison because of his prior felony.

O como dicen un par de encabezados, “¿en qué mierdas estaba pensando el Presidente de México?”

B.L.T. -- The holy trinity of sandwich making.

I'm personally offended.

"The most hateful debate in history."

“My first hour in office, those people are gone. You can call it whatever the hell you want, they’re gone,” Trump said Wednesday in Arizona.

Because why not?

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