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November 1, 2012

It makes everything better. You'll see.

Figuring out how gridiron matchups could tilt the swing states.


Nix Hydra Games is an entertainment software company focused on women gamers that's run by Lina Chen and Naomi Ladizinsky. "If I see one more misguided app designed by a bunch of old dudes with a focus test spreadsheet detailing what girls like, I'm going to throw my drink."

A return to the politics of climate, just in time for Barack Obama.

Two in the front, and two in the back. There's a (sort of) logical reason for this.

Bloomberg cited climate change as a major reason for why he's voting for Barack Obama's reelection.

Though time may ravage our bodies and line our faces o'er with worry, our tiny, novelty-sized couches will always stay tiny, and novelty-sized.

He was more preparing for his role in Punchline than delivering a well-prepared comedy monologue, but it's still pretty great.

Outside Richmond, a protester began shouting, "What about climate? That's what caused this monster storm!" The heckler, holding a sign that said "END CLIMATE SILENCE," was escorted out — as the crowd booed.

Redistricting and a national election push a House Republican to the center. "The Illinois Democrat."

Campaigning today in Ohio, Ann says she told her husband after the his 2008 run that she was "never doing this again." Romney's response: "You say that after every pregnancy!"

In a powerful moment at an Ohio rally Thursday, Ann Romney told supports she constantly hears the voices of those who need help "echoing in my head and in my heart," she said. "The only thing I can tell them is that help is on the way."

HEARTLESS HUMANS. How dare people dress up as a character from a movie that has the same name as a hurricane that made landfall around the same time as halloween.

This line doesn't look so good in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

"We are not just looking for any 'bro,' but a renaissance bro."

There are dozens of Wu solo albums, so it's easy for amazing songs to fall through the cracks. Here are some of the best.

They're blowing up users' Facebook feeds, but red flags abound. The FTC warns to be cautious of overnight charities. Updated.

As BuzzFeed reported earlier, the borough president of Staten Island is criticizing the Red Cross for their lack of assistance after Sandy. Here's a collection of 26 photos that demonstrate why he's so mad.

There's no prize for being the second most grumpy cat on the Internet, but frankly, there damn well should be. Anyway, Pokey is Grumpy's brother and he's not particularly happy about it. Or anything! Harrumph!

Baltimore's Adam Jones won the AL Gold Glove over Anaheim's Mike Trout, starting "snub season" off with a bang. Although defense can be harder to measure with concrete statistics, several metrics have been developed to try to quantify how much a player's fielding contributes to his team. Here are five inarguable reasons Mike Trout deserved the award.

Yelp is rolling out a new menus feature. For each restaurant's page, it'll link to a user-generated menu of sorts, with prices and user-submitted photos.

So, at least, they said in the final days of 2008. So don't mistake bravado for actual knowledge this time.

Half of Manhattan is bustling, while the other half struggles in the dark.

Did I mention it's eating a cucumber? Just look at his nose wiggle!

If there is any justice in the world, this painting will be hung in the main room of the National Grumpy Cat Fan Art Gallery in DC.

Toronto: "We're like Cleveland with health care." BOOM. Roasted.

Kittens and puppies are cute and all, but baby birds are totally underrated. Here's why!

Say it ain't so!

I'd love to say, "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose," but my eyes are all dusty or something. Allergies, maybe.

Questions about this video: (1) Why does the homeowner not open the door for the cute animals? They clearly want to come in. (2) Why does this cat have so many puppies?

The residents of Staten Island have yet to receive Red Cross assistance. "We are the forgotten borough."

Democrat Shelly Adler, who is running against Republican Congressman Jon Runyan for New Jersey's 3rd Congressional District, ran a radio ad in the lead up to Hurricane Sandy equating the storm's potential destruction to her opponent. "She should be embarrassed," says the Runyan campaign.

Russian cats: They're just like us.

Apparently "weed" wears pasties.

And to increase visibility for transgender and transsexual Brazilians. Like any good beauty pageant, sequins abounded.

Because abortion is "putting more violence on a woman's body." A new day, and Democrats point to another Republican making the case against abortion in the case of rape.

These Amazon orders aren't going to deliver themselves. To everyone out there working through this disaster, thank you.

An unexpected briefing. And thus, New Zealand completes its transformation from a country to a realm of Middle Earth.

Death Cab For Cutie's lead singer tries on a new persona in a new video by Tom Scharpling. It doesn't really work out for him.

One man's strange campaign has shocked Americans from Manhattan to Florida. Not, he says, racist.

It's like The Walking Dead out there.

At least I think they do, judging by their uncomfortably skinny yet muscular arms.

Run, radish. Run.

Is it just us, or has Kanye gotten 100% lamer since he and Kim got together?

Check in on older people who live alone. "It behooves neighbors to adopt a senior who is alone, and just as you provision for yourself, make sure they have food," says an expert.

Across New York and New Jersey, commuters fight staggering bus lines and fuel shortages to get back to their normal lives.

Budnick from Salute Your Shorts, duh. It would have been cool if he had just gone as himself.

Comes out swinging after a hurricane-caused truce. Obama back on the trail too.

Gisele and Heidi Klum had grand Cleopatra Halloween plans (the latter of whose was thwarted by Sandy). Though this would have been much more awkward had Heidi Klum's annual epic party gone forth, it's still medium-level awkward.

New research hints at a new kind of SEO: reverse-engineering Twitter from the inside.

Keep in mind: There are only 364 days until the next Halloween! Here are some ideas for next year!

And it would've worked too, if not for that meddling fence.

The human cost of the best coaching job in college football.

November is National Novel Writing Month ("NaNoWriMo"), a challenge to write a novel in 30 days. Twitter has suggested a few ideas for a first sentence. For the record, I'd read all of these.

Ranked from the adorable to the absurd.

And is that supposed to be the dog from Duck Hunt? There aren't any other dog-like characters in Mario, are there? If it is, I bet Duck Hunt Dog is way easier to deal with once he gets a few beers in him.

This is nuts.

You need to prepare for NaNoWriMo, even if you're not the one writing.

What a terrible way to start the month.

The Dancing With The Stars alum posted an ad on the Internet marketplace to sell her 2010 Dodge Challenger. Any takers?

The Weather Channel leans right, while Game of Thrones leans left. Using data from its Trendsetter app, Engage analyzed “likes” from thousands of Facebook users to tie consumer choices to political preference and engagement.

Tech shuttle buses have taken over San Francisco's streets, creating a transportation caste system. I wanted to know what it was like inside. So I got on.

Chad Kroeger says he wrote a song that sounds like John Lennon and it might come out on his band's next album.

With power still out to many offices in Manhattan, here's how displaced NYC workers are getting things done.

30 seconds of serenity.

Learn how to shave a corpse without a razor. It's easy, and it only costs 15¢! It's a Halloween post-mortem.

It's called "Unbelievers," and they debuted it on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. It was Halloween, so they all dressed up as skeletons. (Vampires would be too obvious.)

Full-page ad running in today's Indianapolis Star addressed to Republican U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock.

Come on, how can you not love this family?

Brown and his friends donned beards, guns, and turbans in a theme that seems to be terrorist-based. It's a pretty awful idea any way you look at it.

Everything you need to know to get ahead in candy trading. Everything.

On Brooklyn's wrecked coastline.

Chuck Todd said what few reporters, and fewer pols, have acknowledged: "It's called climate change, folks." "When the surge of water comes straight at the media capital of our home planet, it may really make a difference," says Bill McKibben.

Sergio Romo, relief pitcher for the World Series champion San Francisco Giants, sported an extremely political shirt during the Giants victory parade on Halloween.

Support for Todd Akin. A source says the decision comes as Missouri polls tighten.

Sandy may be just the beginning — the city could be looking at a 4-feet rise in sea level and a huge increase in flooding.

He backflipped off a cop car and over a cop! Can't tell if he's dressed as "Egon" or "Ray."

After running on a backup generator for two days, Bellevue Medical Center, famous for its psychiatric and prison wards, decides it can no longer care for patients.

In case you plan on staying home tonight instead.

Rachel Weisz as the green-skinned baddy. The most evil witch in all of Oz has never looked so good.

This may be the best series of sports commercials since Jordan retired.

From every league's cellar, a Bad Franchise will rise. And then trip and fall down a flight of stairs headfirst into a truck full of manure.

Less chest-thumping, more math. “This is a very tight race that’s very far from being decided," says Newhouse.

Hurricane Sandy's most malicious tweeter, Shashank Tripathi, slammed by his old boss. "Shocked and disgusted," says the candidate.

Kids in New York, New Jersey and beyond refused to change their candy-gathering plans.

I would have loved to see a photo of Katie Holmes next to a woman dressed as her in a "Free Katie!" shirt, though. That awkward run-in and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

The absolute best NBA ring ceremony story ever.


The firm likely behind the texts, ccAdvertising, makes a practice of sending emails in the form of text messages to cell phones. The "question is open in front of the Commission," says the FCC.

Jenny Odell captures a truly unique bird's eye view by stitching together images of airplanes, pools and even nuclear cooling towers from Google Satellite View. The effect is both bizarre and alluring.

The horror, the absolute horror!

"The Forgotten" is a piano ballad from the Breaking Dawn - Part 2 soundtrack. It's kinda like their answer to "November Rain."

But wherever he goes, he is always Joe Biden.

Buzzfeed submits 13 pieces of interview evidence proving the Sandman creator is the best. We sat down to talk about the Halloween book-giving tradition, but we got distracted.

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