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November 8, 2012

Architecture For Dogs

Japanese designer Kenya Hara commissioned custom-built homes for specific dog breeds from 11 renowned architects/designers. Barkitecture!

The Moment Marriage Equality Won In Maine

Another awesome reaction video from election night. *chills*

Diane Sawyer Drinking Wine And Popping Pills At The News Desk

Some things never change. Here's some vintage Diane enjoying what looks like a refreshing glass of red wine between breaks.

“American Horror Story: Asylum” Recapped With Stick Figures (ep 2.04)

Over at Queerty, they've taken to recapping a terrifying show in a very un-scary way. (Spoiler altert: stick figures can still spoil things.)

Take A Look At Who's Running For President In 2016

Time's latest edition features a gallery of glossy portraits of politicians who are destined to be very "influential" in the next four years. Oh, hello, Condi Rice and Rahm Emanuel!

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