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May 1, 2013

Kate Middleton's baby bump is, in all likelihood, just going to keep growing until she is no longer pregnant, so why are we thinking about it so much?

Kate Middleton seems like a very pleasant person, but I’m not sure why. Sure, she dresses nicely and is often smiling, but I haven’t the faintest idea why I instinctively feel she is probably great to hang out with. Hell, maybe I’m just extremely…

Showtime sends The Big C off with a four-episode final season, subtitled Hereafter, that will mark somewhat of a departure for the dramedy about a woman (Laura Linney) fighting, living and potentially dying after a battle with cancer. With Hereafter, the series from executive producers Darlene Hunt and Jenny Bicks will shift from 30-minute episodes to four hour-long installments (and compete in the miniseries Emmy category) as Cathy Jamison's final chapter unfolds.

Here's a pic of Ashley-Greene-as-Alice-Cullen serving as Kristen-Stewart-as-Bella-Swan's bridesmaid in Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1, as a teaser. What, you didn't think I was going to give up the goods right away, did you?!

As has happened before, I didn't even recognize who Emilia Clarke was when I saw this photo of the Game of Thrones star at last night's Actors Fund Gala. But I did instantly fixate on this lipstick.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon celebrated their five-year anniversary in a MAJOR way last night: The couple dressed up like a prince and princess (their twins, Moroccan and Monroe, had matching outfits) and said "I do" all over again at Disneyland in…

Remember that time Lexi told you about how Jake Gyllenhaal met his new girlfriend at spin class? Well, it seems you all took Lexi's advice to get thee to a gym to heart—because Jake's favorite SoulCycle class (10:30 A.M. on Tuesdays and Thursdays at…

This Alfred Angelo wedding dress was one of my Top 10 Favorite Dresses from last season, so I was just DYING to see it on a real bride. I

I just love it when wedding dress designers surprise me—and Jenny Packham sure did this season! I'm still loving this dress from her fall 212 collection, which to me is quintessential Jenny Packham: a little whimsical, a little free-spirited, a LOT…

I am proud to say that I am a sunscreen devotee, yet I can't say I've fully embraced my pale skin. Come this time of year, I still experience the urge to be a little bit more sunshiney—read: bronzed. So when I found out which brand of self-tanner…

Cue the Queen B jokes, as Beyonce reportedly had quite an awkward moment with an actual British royal at one of her six London concerts. As is customary at her shows, the singer called upon audience members to sing the "to the left, to the left"…

Understanding how to deal with criticism can be hard, but it’s a little less hard with this handy chart by hater expert Ann Friedman, posted yesterday to her blog and highlighted below with her permission. It’s remarkably simple, but full of wisdom:…

James Franco famously used a Gucci sponsorship to film himself walking around Paris with a dick strapped to his nose for a piece entitled Dicknose in Paris, so why shouldn’t he get a birthday cake with vibrators and ball gags and anal beads on it?…

It's not easy being a billionaire, genius, superhero, but I'll show you how!

The Wolverine trailer shown at CinemaCon last month was uploaded to YouTube today. It contains a lot of new footage including a better look at Silver Samurai

Multimedia media critic Howard Kurtz and his trusty sidekick Lauren Ashburn are attempting to conquer the internet one YouTube video at a time.

As brilliantly stated by Jon Stewart.

Time to dig through the attic because that old lunch box might be worth more than you think. Also, I need that Osmonds lunch box in my life.

Breaking down the true wizardry of pitchers.

Pono Burger's a ground-beef palace from a lauded Hawaiian chef, housed in a location with an unexpected history... meaning: no, that thing you're looking at isn't a grow-house. Find out more by clicking on the image and starting up the glorious…

Like many carbon-based lifeforms, you perhaps think that bankers are driven only by naked greed. But that is just because you don't understand them: They actually have a deep psychological need for that money.

Don't pretend like you didn't fantasize about Gaston's meaty biceps wrapped around your body.

The host of CNN's Reliable Sources tried to call out the media's positive coverage of the first openly gay NBA player. He failed.

You can only be kicked and pushed around so much before you snap.

CBS's first quarter earnings, released today, shined in part because it doesn't own a major movie studio. At least not yet.

Here's what happened on celeb twitter today!

It's not called The Search for nothing. Mike DiMartino co-creator of both the show and graphic novel promised answers eventually, for now make do with some exclusive pages featuring the mysterious lady.

People who draw are often painfully self-conscious. These moments do not help.

Plus a really terrible tattoo offer, Jon Hamm the comedy nerd, and a ranking of everything Wes Anderson has ever directed.

We are all shifting for you, Goorgen.

As I said, I am pretty confident most of you appreciate Disney and from my last Disney post, I think I am right!  Here are some really cool drawings of what your favorite villains would look like if they were "beautiful"! This one is my faveeee! Hello handsome pirate..le sigh! She looks so fabbbb! SOOO

Jake Puckerman, your time is now. With regionals rapidly approaching, Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) is calling in some reinforcements to help the New Directions prepare for the big competition, and they're coming armed with the truth. PHOTOS: 'Glee' Season 4 in Pictures

And also adorable.

Dun dun dun.

The comedian and star of the new IFC show, Maron, talks about the place where the magic happens.

Everyone from J. Crew to Victoria's Secret to the Kardashian empire. If you don't shop at one of these stores, you probably know someone who does.

Another time: "We got to the dinner and by then Dorothy was in tears, and I left her with Justin and went inside." But he raised a million bucks.

The internet does what Dr. Robotnik never could.

Two women were removed from a compound that the Saudi embassy says belongs to the Saudi armed forces. The Department of Homeland Security is looking into it.

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

President Obama said he is unaware of longstanding efforts by Republican lawmakers to question survivors of the Benghazi attacks but pledged to investigate the issue.

To celebrate National Masturbation Month, groups in Philadelphia are hosting a month-long Masturbate-A-Thon to raise pride and awareness for self pleasure.

Iggy and the Stooges were in cracking form on The Colbert Report last night, making them the latest in a long line of bands who’ve appeared as guests on Stephen Colbert’s long-running satirical chat show. Of all the late-night hosts on TV, Colbert…

It was called What Happens in Vegas. In 2007, screenwriters Jon Lucas and Scott Moore came up with a novel pitch: a bachelor party comedy that would play out as a mystery, with increasingly bizarre reveals leading to the location of the missing…

Learn why exfoliation can be bad for your complexion and learn the right way to do it so you don't damage your skin.

If you’re a human being who enjoys fun things, you’ve been looking forward to beach season all year. Not only are trips to the water a great excuse to leave work early on Fridays, your girlfriends have been looking to show off their new bathing…

From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Angel, Darla was one of the most consistently vicious vamps to stir things up. In honor of Julie Benz's 41st birthday, here's a look at Darla's most impressive attributes.

And seven times as much as users from the "rest of the world."

The first time anyone outside of Florida’s Space Coast heard of Rep. Bill Posey, he was talking about Barack Obama’s birth certificate. It was March 2009. Posey had been in office for two months, and he was the first to propose a bill requiring…

It seems we may have turned a corner with this whole Amanda Bynes is a paranoid, batshit stoner who puts doll clothes on her cat Drake and accuses him of being a government spy narrative. Seen above is what I would submit to any psychiatric review…

A tiny "alien" skeleton known as the "Atacama Humanoid" has been a mystery for a decade, but it turns out it's human.

HUFFLEPUFF Joe Biden Jimmy Carter Bo Obama* Buddy Clinton* RAVENCLAW Barack Obama Michelle Obama SLYTHERIN Dick Cheney Hillary Clinton ("the good kind of Slytherin") Socks Clinton**  GRYFFINDOR Rahm Emanuel Nancy Pelosi Bill Clinton SQUIB George W. Bush DEMENTOR Newt Gingrich TROLL Glenn Beck REPUBLICAN PARTY'S PATRONUS Ronald Reagan HORCRUX Mitt Romney MITT ROMNEY'S HOUSE-ELF Paul Ryan * All dogs are Hufflepuffs. ** All cats are Slytherins. While this list was in progress, the group agreed that it was one of the most DC conversations ever. Also, that Lincoln is Dumbledore

This is a very, very odd story about a woman who allegedly made anonymous threats against herself on Facebook.

Earth, man.

Sure, listening to Bright Eyes made you sad sometimes. But more often, it just made you feel completely understood.

According to the wise movie mantras of Jaws, Now And Then, and Heavyweights.

This Cinco de Mayo is going to be the best ever. Viva la tortilla!

Shane Battier is either really bored or auditioning for the eighth Police Academy movie.

A 1938 Popular Mechanics article tried to prove that cats could make excellent nannies.

Or, When Good Ideas Go Bad. This video seemed like it was going to be so much fun to make.

I love you, S.F., never change.

In 2003, Amanda Bynes would stop at nothing to find the man of her dreams — her dad, Colin Firth. And it wasn't weird at all.

Step aside, Pit Crew.

This is just a test post to see how this turns out.

President Obama is not Mitt Romney. And on the 100th day of his second term in office, that seems to be his cardinal virtue among members of his political base.

Last month, we brought you the news that Teen Mom‘s Farrah Abraham and James Deen had shot a porn. While it certainly seemed like an odd combination, which we noted at the time, it wasn’t a particularly big story. People have sex all the time;…

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Words seem so much more powerful when someone has taken the time to pour them out in paint.

Or at least a best friend who loves you.

(Newser) – Federal authorities arrested three 19-year-old college students today in connection with the Boston Marathon bombings, the Boston Globe reports. Two, Azamat Tazhayakov and Dias…

She was beautiful then, too.

Grouper is an app that sets you up on a blind date — in groups.

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