The 33 Stages Of Finals Week

Grab the coffee, books, and alcohol. It’s finals week.

1. You realize that finals are only two weeks away.

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2. And that you’ve skipped or slept through so many lectures.

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3. So you’re determined to start studying.

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4. But when you get home you’re like:

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5. You let yourself watch one show on Netflix, to mentally prepare yourself.

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6. But you realize its going to be a rough week, so why not finish the whole season?

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7. Now there’s only one week until finals.

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8. And you still don’t know anything.

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9. So you start considering a new career path.

10. But then you randomly get motivated to study.

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12. And coffee becomes your new friend.

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13. Your new *best* friend.

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14. And your sleep schedule crumbles.

15. Literally everything becomes more fun than studying.

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16. And you can’t really comprehend the material, anyway.

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17. Plus, you think you heard a pin drop, and it’s distracting you.

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18. So you upgrade from coffee to alcohol…and crying.

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19. And you start to complain about your finals on Facebook.

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20. And your zombie-self realizes:

21. And this somehow motivates you (again).

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22. And you finally get into a groove, with only one day to go.

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23. But then you stop studying, either out of confidence or because you just don’t care anymore.

24. You wake up after a 15-minute power nap, and it’s time for your first final.

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25. You go to class, possibly accepting the fact that you’ll fail.

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26. Your professor gives you the test, and you go blank.

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27. And you see questions that weren’t even on the study guide.

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28. So you wish you’d studied just a little bit more.

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29. But after two hours, you finally turn in your test.

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30. And part of you feels like:

31. But the other part of you is like:

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32. And, ultimately, you realize that you’ve survived finals week.

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33. Until next semester…

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