The 33 Stages Of Finals Week

    Grab the coffee, books, and alcohol. It's finals week.

    1. You realize that finals are only two weeks away.

    2. And that you've skipped or slept through so many lectures.

    3. So you're determined to start studying.

    4. But when you get home you're like:

    5. You let yourself watch one show on Netflix, to mentally prepare yourself.

    6. But you realize its going to be a rough week, so why not finish the whole season?

    7. Now there's only one week until finals.

    8. And you still don't know anything.

    9. So you start considering a new career path.

    10. But then you randomly get motivated to study.


    12. And coffee becomes your new friend.

    13. Your new *best* friend.

    14. And your sleep schedule crumbles.

    15. Literally everything becomes more fun than studying.

    16. And you can't really comprehend the material, anyway.

    17. Plus, you think you heard a pin drop, and it's distracting you.

    18. So you upgrade from coffee to alcohol...and crying.

    19. And you start to complain about your finals on Facebook.

    20. And your zombie-self realizes:

    21. And this somehow motivates you (again).

    22. And you finally get into a groove, with only one day to go.

    23. But then you stop studying, either out of confidence or because you just don't care anymore.

    24. You wake up after a 15-minute power nap, and it's time for your first final.

    25. You go to class, possibly accepting the fact that you'll fail.

    26. Your professor gives you the test, and you go blank.

    27. And you see questions that weren't even on the study guide.

    28. So you wish you'd studied just a little bit more.

    29. But after two hours, you finally turn in your test.

    30. And part of you feels like:

    31. But the other part of you is like:

    32. And, ultimately, you realize that you've survived finals week.

    33. Until next semester...