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May 22, 2013

A Timeline Of The 7 Anti-Gay Attacks In NYC This Month

As Americans celebrate the life of slain activist Harvey Milk and prepare for Gay Pride Month, a rash of anti-gay hate crimes has struck New York City's LGBT community. There have been 29 anti-gay hate crimes reported in NYC so far this year compared with 14 at this point last year.

Gisele Is Forbes's Most Powerful Model

Coming in at 95 out of 100, Gisele is the only model to make the magazine's "Most Powerful Woman" list. Some may argue it's due to her innate ability to pull off thong jorts, but most likely it's because of her U.N. Environmental Program ambassador status, million business ventures, etc.

The Time Lois Lerner Failed To Investigate A Major Al Gore Fundraiser At The FEC

When heading the FEC's enforcement office in the late 90's, the beleaguered IRS official was accused of failing to investigate a Democratic fundraiser. "When it recommended not pursuing the allegations against Mr. Glicken, the FEC staff specifically cited his close ties to the Vice-President, Vice-President Gore," Dan Burton (R-IN) said at the hearing.

MS Paint A New Pikachu Face

Dear Nerds: Please use this template and your favorite photo editor to give Pikachu a facelift. Then post it in the comments. Best one wins! OK, go go go!

14 Harvey Milk Quotes That Will Inspire You

Although he only served 11 months in office, Harvey Milk left a lasting impression as the first openly gay person to be elected to office in California and a tireless voice for LGBT rights. In honor of his birthday, here's a reminder that his words are as resonant now as they were 35 years ago.

Jose Canseco Tweets That He's Been Charged With Rape

Canseco's post-baseball career continues its spiral. Update: The Clark County District Attorney's office says no charges have been filed against Canseco at this time, but police confirm an investigation to local media.

13 Fantasy Novels That Are Good Despite Their Covers

Fantasy novel cover art is often wonderful and awful and laughable in a way that is independent of the actual content of the book it's trying to sell. These are 12 of the clearest cases where you definitely shouldn't let it put you off.

5 Home Depot Hacks

Home Depot may not have Swedish meatballs, but it can be the ultimate store for affordable, durable, modern furniture if you know how to hack it. Ben Uyeda of shares his 5 favorite Home Depot hack recipes along with tips on how to get Home Depot staff to help do some of the work for you.

The Best Fake Ads Of The Year

The biggest fake ad awards show in the world — UK's Chip Shop Awards — announced their finalists. Here's the best of the bunch.

New York Fashion Week Might Have To Leave Lincoln Center

A lawsuit filed against Lincoln Center by environmental groups and residents of the surrounding neighborhood argues that Damrosch Park, where fashion week takes place, isn't supposed to be used for commercial purposes as often as it is. The suit seeks to reclaim the park from Lincoln Center to keep it from being used for "nonpark purposes." In other words, this will affect the five must-see designers who still show there. And Fiber One.

42 Web Comics You Need To Read

Update your reading list! These comics range from short funnies to novellas, from old standbys to mind-blowingly inventive GIF-scapes. They all deserve to be on your radar.

Exclusive: Abercrombie Execs Troubled By Involvement Of CEO's Partner

Matthew Smith, the life partner of Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Michael Jeffries, wields as much power and influence as any executive at the publicly traded company. Only problem is, he isn't employed by and holds no official role at A&F, which has raised corporate governance concerns among company executives.

Tumblr's David Karp Wins The Week

The business week is only half over, but 26-year-old Tumblr founder David Karp is clearly the big winner. We're pretty sure no one is going to top the reported $250 million — or just less than $10 million for each year of his life — he netted in the Yahoo deal.

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