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May 22, 2013

Happy World Goth Day

May 22 is World Goth Day (look it up, jerk). Here's hoping yours is gloomy and black, just like your soul.

Heroic Mom Talked Down Woolwich Killers Seconds After They Beheaded A Soldier

Updated: Ingrid Loyau-Kennet calmly talked to the soldier's murderers, distracting them from the fact that they were slowly being surrounded by police. The two men were subsequently shot, and then taken into custody.

Celebs Demonstrate The Many And Varied Uses For Baguettes

Thanks to a new Tumblr called Baguette-me-nots, you'll know exactly what to do with that loaf. It's a little weird, not gonna lie.

Benedict Cumberbatch In Great Works Of Art

The Let's Draw Sherlock project is one of the most creative things to happen on Tumblr in recent memory. Fans of BBC's Sherlock have shared their artistic talent by inserting the show's star in famous works of art.

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