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May 12, 2013

"Space Oddity" From Space Is Just Plain Beautiful

Just when we thought Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield was done providing the world with videos from the International Space Station he gives us one last masterpiece. Chris leaves the ISS tomorrow after nearly five months in space.

Sir Richard Branson Dressed Like A Lady

After losing a bet to AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandez, Sir Richard Branson boarded a flght today dressed as one of his female flight attendants and it wasn't a pretty sight. You'll see what I mean. Branson and Fernandes bet in 2010 that their respective Formula One racing teams would out perform the other.

Now This Is A Tattoo

In fact, this is the only tattoo I've ever seen that I've liked (excepting my Dad's faded anchor tattoo he got in the Navy in the 50s).

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