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May 10, 2013

Google Drive Is Down

Google users across the internet are experiencing outages on desktop. The outage appears to be limited to the desktop. Update: It's fixed.

Prince Harry Honors Fallen U.S. Soldiers

Prince Harry visited Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. today to honor America's fallen soldiers. Captain Harry Wales was in full ceremonial uniform as he paid his respects to his comrades-in-arms.

Macy's Website Spoils NBC's "Fashion Star" Winner

The show's second season airs its finale tonight, but the winner already features on Macy's website. So the four people still watching Fashion Star might not want to click through, just in case.

Animal Moms Who Just Need A Break

Moms are the best and us kids like to think their patience is endless. But let's be real: kids can be annoying and Moms deserve some rX3: rest, relaxation and respect.

Republicans Ask: Where Is John Boehner?

Worried rank-and-file Republicans say the speaker seems to be "a bit checked out" as new legislative battles loom. His allies say he's working behind the scenes to move the conference forward.

8 YouTube Channels You Might Actually Pay To Watch

YouTube recently announced subscription-based channels, and you probably won't want to pay for most of them. But for a channel dedicated to '90s cartoons, or for The Rap Battle Network, you just might.

Matt Smith Has Shaved His Head

This might be tough to swallow, but the actor buzzed off his luscious locks for his role in How to Catch a Monster, directed by Ryan Gosling.

Demi Lovato Is Pretty Much Amazing At Life

From her Disney days to her graceful recovery to her incredibly successful singing career, Demi has done it all. And it turns out she's basically the best at everything she does.

Carey Mulligan Can't Read

And neither can Stephen Colbert — as we learned on the Gatsby-dedicated episode of the Colbert Report. You know who could teach them to read, though? Levar Burton.

Why Did Jodon Romero Kill Himself On Live Television?

Last September, a car chase through Arizona turned from afternoon diversion to tragedy to referendum on media ethics, but lost in the noise was any sense of who was on the run or why. This is the story behind the spectacle.

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